The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2298: Nouveau Riche (3)

Chapter 2298: Nouveau Riche (3)

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With an air of mystery, Lin Hongyi lowered her voice to whisper to Su Luo: "Miss Su, I just went out to inquire, and it turns out that Li Luoming came on his master's order to buy the Dragon Slaying Grass."

Despite it being a short sentence, Su Luo got a lot of information from it. Since Li Luoming came on his master’s order, he must have brought a lot of points. Moreover, he was arrogant and domineering…

Su Luo raised the corner of her mouth, a plan already forming in her mind, indicated by the gleam in her eyes.

With Li Luoming already hating her, Su Luo believed that he would definitely challenge her for whatever she wanted to bid. In that case, why not let Li Luoming spend a lot of points in this round? Let him spend away his points to the extent of tiring out his hand.

At this time, the sound of bidding had become more intense.

"Two million three hundred thousand!"

"Two million four hundred thousand!"

"Three million!" Li Luoming fiercely raised the price again!

He was playing psychological warfare, showing an imposing air of ‘I am very rich, who dares to fight against me’, to make people give up quickly. Sure enough, who would dare to compete with him the moment this three million offer emerged?

The intense atmosphere subsided promptly. There was silence. No one offered again.

The chief appraiser waited for a while and didn’t hear anyone’s offer, so he said, "Three million points going once…"

Li Luoming felt immensely proud of himself. Three million points was right around his limit for it because the price of the Dragon Slaying Grass was really approximately this.

"Three million points going twice…"

Li Luoming had already stood up. Just when he was at the peak of his jubilation, a young girl’s clear voice suddenly rang out.

"Four million points."

This person—who else could it be but Su Luo?

As soon as he heard this offer, Li Luoming was dumbfounded on the spot, while the onlookers were boiling with excitement.

The guest in VIP Room 6 was a big cash cow! She unexpectedly raised the bid by one million points the moment she put out her first bid for this item! What a nouveau riche!

For a while, everyone stared quietly at Li Luoming in VIP Room 1, looking forward to hearing his bid.

They, however, were shaking their heads and smiling bitterly. With such high bids, they were no longer able to participate in this round of bidding. However, Li Luoming, who was so competitive, was unlikely to give up easily. They would have a good show to watch now.

At this moment, Li Luoming was utterly furious! His hatred for Su Luo became even more intense. Four million points… Four million points had exceeded the value of the Dragon Slaying Grass itself! Even if he managed to obtain it, there would be no profit at this price.


Li Luoming clenched his fist furiously. He had assured his master that he would definitely bring back the Dragon Slaying Grass. Therefore, in order to save face in front of his master, he had to buy it, no matter how expensive it was!

"Four million one hundred thousand points." Li Luoming's cold voice rang out.

"Four million two hundred thousand points." Su Luo smiled and raised the price.

"Four million three hundred thousand points." Li Luoming gritted his teeth!

"Four and a half million points." Su Luo was still smiling.

Li Luoming: "……"

He took a deep breath and shouted angrily, "Five million points!!!"

He thought this bid was almost enough to buy two Dragon Slaying Herbs. That wretched girl shouldn’t compete with him anymore, right?

However, he was utterly wrong. He should not have taken the initiative to provoke Su Luo. With the support of Senior Brother Luo and Seventh Elder, she now had a big fat wallet.

After waiting for Li Luoming to let out a sigh of relief, Su Luo slowly snapped her fingers again and said with a smile, "Five million one hundred thousand points."

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