The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2322: Flaunting Wealth (6)

Chapter 2322: Flaunting Wealth (6)

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“Old Eighth, you’re here too?” The Fifth Elder’s attitude was neutral, neither lukewarm nor cold.

He has always been in charge of the Pill Refining Tower, and specialized in Apothecary. The rest of the Elders had to come to him if they wanted any pills; therefore, he was used to act however he liked.

With a pleasant demeanor, the Eighth Elder found a place to sit beside the Fifth Elder, and said stiffly, “I am here to watch the excitement unfold. This is where the fun begins.”

"Old Eighth, you're not here to have fun, but to help the thief, right?" The Fifth Elder was testing the waters while being suspicious.

“If the Old Fifth is impartial, then this younger brother will just be here to watch the fun and won’t get involved.” The Eighth Elder curled his lips.

The underlying meaning was that if the Fifth Elder handled things unfairly, then he should not blame him for interfering.

The Fifth Elder was furious for a moment. He just wanted to convict Su Luo right there. However, with the presence of the Eighth Elder, he couldn’t do it arbitrarily.

The Fifth Elder glanced at Su Luo and softly said: “ Girl, do you plead guilty?”

Su Luo stood proudly, said with confidence: “ No!”

The Fifth Elder sneered: “Both testimonial evidence and physical evidence are here, you can’t deny it!”

“Testimonial evidence and physical evidence?” Su Luo didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry at this moment.

She hadn’t done anything, and there was evidence? This sure was the biggest farce in the world.

“Then where is the evidence? I am curious about who in the world had such a heinous heart to dare frame me for stealing without rhyme or reason?” Su Luo sneered coldly.

Soon after Su Luo said this, the so-called evidence showed up. The first witness to come up was a strong, sturdy man with scratches on his forehead. In fact, Su Luo had dealt with him indirectly before. He was the one who had controlled the Earth Fire in the small dark room.

Once the burly man got up, as soon as he saw Su Luo, he angrily cursed: “Stinky girl, it’s you! I saw you stole Master Li’s prescription with my own eyes. Because I saw you at the time, you then beat me up like this!”

Su Luo: “…”

Su Luo silently praised this burly man's best actor performance, with his righteous indignation as he cried out in pain and lost his voice.

Then, the rest of the witnesses also came up to accuse Su Luo. Some said they happened to pass by and had seen it at that time. Some said they were threatened by Su Luo, thus they did not dare to speak out. Some said they had moments of weakness seeing how beautiful she was… The general statement was: Su Luo did steal Li Luoming’s Elite Marrow-cleansing Pill prescription.

Under many people’s unanimous accusations, if they are just bystanders, even without shivering, they will surely be flushed with anger, right? Nonetheless, Su Luo did not. She stood there indifferently, with her simple-colored dress swaying in the wind, looking majestic and dignified.

Su Luo smiled faintly: “What you guys are talking about, is it really an Elite Marrow-cleansing Pill prescription?”

Su Luo emphasized this term again.

“It’s the Elite Marrow-cleansing Pill prescription.”

“Yes, this is it!”

“I swear, it is the Elite Marrow-cleansing Pill prescription!”

Su Luo smiled and looked at Li Luoming: “What do you think?”

“It was indeed the Elite Marrow-cleansing Pill prescription. Su Luo, if you still don’t believe me, then let’s show the physical evidence to see how you quibble!” Li Luoming was very proud.

“There is physical evidence? Then quickly, let’s take them all out. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.” Su Luo’s smile caught many people off guard.

Was this really the thief who had been scolded by the public? She seemed very delighted from her looks alone. What the hell was going on? What’s wrong with this world?!!!

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