The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2367: Conspiracy (1)

Chapter 2367: Conspiracy (1)

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Chu Yang had an extremely bewildered look on his face as he stared fixedly at Xiao Luo, “The Crystal fragments… they’re missing.”

“Eh???” Xiao Luo was so shocked she almost jumped up.

The truth was that, aside from Su Luo, all of the members of this team knew the purpose of entering the Temple of Abyss this time was actually to improve Xiao Luo’s abilities! It was not to condense the crystal fragments to make the Eternal Heart and hand it over for the mission reward!

At this time, everyone—not only Xiao Luo—looked blankly at their team leader.

“How could the crystal fragments have disappeared? Didn't we spend 15 million points to buy it over from Su Luo earlier?”

“Could it be that we lost it on the road here?”

“Boss, why don't you look again?”

Even after talking back and forth, they did not touch on the main point.

Truthfully, they all wanted to suspect if Boss had kept the fragments for himself. However, everyone knew the crystal fragments were for Xiao Luo—Chu Yang’s sister—to use, so there was no chance Boss would keep the fragments for himself.

Chu Yang's brows were furrowed together tightly, but he said with a confident voice: ”You guys don't need to guess anymore. The Crystal fragments were likely stolen by Su Luo.”

“Su Luo?” Everyone gasped.

“Didn't Su Luo get poisoned?? How could it be her?”

“Exactly. She might not even be able to escape if she runs away now. How could she come back and steal the crystal fragments?”

“Furthermore, Boss, your abilities are so strong, how could Su Luo steal them from you?

Facing the constant stream of questions, Chu Yang was starting to be overwhelmed.

“Ah! I got it!“ Xiao Luo’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Previously, when Su Luo tried to kill Big Brother but was stopped by me, her goal was not to kill him but to steal the crystal fragments!!!”

It was only after hearing Xiao Luo’s statement that everyone finally understood what had happened.

Xiao Luo angrily stomped the ground: “This Su Luo is really toooo detestable! She hid her true strength on the journey here and tricked us the whole time. She played us for fools!”

“Precisely, Boss already paid her for these crystal fragments. Yet she not only took the points but also came back and stole what she had sold off. How vile!”

Chu Yang silently listened and gave a long sigh.

Seeing his chaotic 1 teammates, he couldn't help but speak up out of fairness: “Well to be fair, we were deceiving her right from the start. What she has done is just paying us back for what we did to her.”

“Big Brother! Why are you standing up for her?!” Xiao Luo stomped her feet in anger.

Chu Yang’s face was full of fighting spirit as he ruffled his younger sister’s hair: “Don't worry. Big Brother will definitely help you get back your crystal fragments.”

“I don't believe you!” Xiao Luo scoffed. “Earlier, when Su Luo was pretending to be dead, she heard everything we said. What if she secretly used the crystal fragments to cultivate?“

“So what if she heard us? She has the Wood and Fire elements, not the Light element.” Chu Yang smiled. ”Since she doesn't have the Light element, she can only gather 10 pieces of crystal shards and condense them to make the Eternal Heart for the purpose of being exchanged for points.”

Senior Sister Yu also consoled Xiao Luo: “By then, we would already be waiting for her at the exit, so wouldn't Su Luo’s crystal fragments be back in our possession?”

“What do we do if Su Luo also has the Light attribute?” Xiao Luo furrowed her brows tightly.

Immediately following her question, the other three members all laughed out loudly. “Pft!“

“You silly little girl, aren't you a bit too paranoid? Su Luo is a genuine Fire and Wood elements user. How could she also have the Light element? How many people could there be in this world who possess the Light element? Can’t you have some confidence in yourself?” Senior Sister Yu said.

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