The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2421: Parting (6)

Chapter 2421: Parting (6)

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There were rumors that the auction house had recently auctioned off a near-death Ancient Crystal Tree for the lowest price ever. This Memory Crystal Fruit couldn't have been born from that tree, could it? Impossible, impossible, absolutely impossible… That Ancient Crystal Tree was on the brink of death. Even if it were a normal Ancient Crystal Tree, it definitely would not be able to produce this type of fruit without ten years of effort.

“This is a Memory Crystal Fruit.” Su Luo’s faint voice carried a hint of chilliness to it, “Whatever Chu Yang did is all recorded clearly in here; do you guys want to see?”

After saying this, Su Luo went to the extent of sweeping a meaningful glance at Wang Xiaoyi from the corners of her eyes.

Su Luo never treated her friends unfairly, but she also never let off her enemies. Just for Fairy Wuyou, Wang Xiaoyi had secretly swapped the missions, causing Su Luo to almost die in the Temple of the Abyss. Due to this, Su Luo wouldn't let off Wang Xiaoyi no matter what.

Being gazed at through Su Luo’s peripheral vision, Wang Xiaoyi shuddered inside. That couldn't be possible? Could Chu Yang really have colluded with members of the Thorn? Or could it be that this devious girl was just bluffing?

With just one glance at this matter, Manager Wang knew his grandson was in hot waters this time; thus, he quickly followed up with a smile, “Everyone has heard of Memory Crystal Fruits but hasn’t seen it before. Who knows if yours is real or fake? Just forget about it.”

Su Luo raised her eyebrows and looked at Wang Xiaoyi provokingly, with the corners of her lips curling upwards.

Wang Xiaoyi became flabbergasted, and he suddenly asked the Eighth Elder, “If the things in here proves that it was fake, could it be possible to raise the severity of the punishment by another notch? Such as death without an intact corpse?”

The Eighth Elder’s cold gaze shot towards him, frightening Wang Xiaoyi into instinctively jumping a step backwards.

Seeing that, the Eight Elder gave a cold snort but nodded anyway.

“I would rather like to see exactly how Chu Yang colluded with the Thorn members!” Wang Xiaoyi was full of confidence because he was very clear.

After Chu Yang’s father had died to the Thorn, he would never collaborate with members of the Thorn. Thus, as long as he proved that the evidence within was false, then Su Luo would be dead for sure!

He wanted Su Luo dead!

Thus, the Memory Crystal Fruit was uploaded onto the Optical tablet. Soon, a full video clip showed up on the big screen behind.

The visual in the clip, was Chu Yang negotiating with black-clothed members of the Thorn, and it even included the audio of their voices. The content of their discussion was very clear, it was about how to team up together to murder Su Luo, and even how to chase her to death was clearly planned out.

Su Luo wore an indifferent expression.

However, Wang Xiaoyi: “…”

Wang Xiaoyi’s body trembled. How could this be? How could Chu Yang be colluding with the Thorn members? And he even mentioned Fairy Wuyou, and also mentioned that it was him, Wang Xiaoyi, who had purposely assigned the wrong mission. This was impossible!


Wang Xiaoyi's body wavered for a moment! What did this mean? It meant that he had smashed a rock onto his own foot, ending up harming himself! It was him, Wang Xiaoyi, who had insisted on betting with Su Luo, and insisted that Su Luo play the recording in the Memory Crystal Fruit!

“This is fake! It is certainly fake! Definitely fake! Chu Yang and others, those four would have been enough to kill Su Luo, how could they have requested for outside reinforcements?” Wang Xiaoyi charged up and grabbed the Memory Crystal Fruit with one hand, fiercely slamming it onto the ground!

The Memory Crystal Fruit shattered into fragments.

At that moment, Su Luo, who had kept her gaze on Wang Xiaoyi, sneered, “Finally admitting that you deliberately arranged Chu Yang and the others to come and kill me?”

Wang Xiaoyi insisted stubbornly: “I didn't admit it! “

Su Luo gave a faint smile, “Want me to take out my Memory Crystal Fruit from back when the mission was accepted?”

Su Luo’s right fist opened up, and soon after, another Memory Crystal Fruit appeared in her palm.

Truthfully, although the visuals in the recording just now were correct, the audio had been edited on. It was Nangong Liuyun who had helped her with it, which was why other people could not tell a difference.

Looking at the Memory Crystal Fruit in Su Luo’s hands, Wang Xiaoyi shrank back.

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