The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2423: Questioning (1)

Chapter 2423: Questioning (1)

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Fairy Wuyou had already known about this long ago. Yet she was still beyond furious when she saw Wang Xiaoyi looking for her!

So she showed Wang Xiaoyi no mercy.

Three days later, Wang Xiaoyi's body was found in the Magical Beast Zone.

After receiving the news, Su Luo was silent for a moment. Then the corners of her mouth raised into a cold, nonchalant smile.

By disposing of Wang Xiaoyi in this way, was Fairy Wuyou unafraid of others thinking coldly of her? Wang Xiaoyi had done those things for her after all.

However, Su Luo couldn’t care less at the moment. She had more important things to do.

Although Su Luo dealt with Wang Xiaoyi, it was not that no one had any criticisms towards her. There were not many people in the Upstream Mountain to start with. In an instant, five people that involved themselves with Su Luo were lost.

Four people from Chu Yang’s side and Wang Xiaoyi.

The death of these five champions would be impossible to leave unnoticed regardless of the true story.

Hence, the rumors spiraled.

When she came back, Su Luo first returned her massive wealth of points to the Sixth Elder, then checked Zi Yan and the others’ abilities.

One month of training in the Gravity Chamber was worth several years of experience outside. Thus, Ziyan and the others progressed rapidly. She and Beichen Ying had already reached three-star Commander Rank.

The progress of Anye and Lan Xuan was even more remarkable. They had now hit the peak of the 10th Rank and were just short of being able to enter the Commander Rank.

However, in the Upstream Mountain where there were Saint Rank powerhouses all over, their strengths were still much too weak. Since Su Luo had made many enemies here, she was afraid that Fairy Wuyou would make moves toward Zi Yan and the others.

The only way out was to put them in the Gravity Chamber. This way, they could avoid the risk of encountering Fairy Wuyou while advancing their skills.

Su Luo counted the points in her hand.

Earlier, she had spent a day with Nangong Liuyun in the Magical Beast area and scored a bounty of points. In addition, she later teamed up with Flame Magical Beast and easily collected more than 300 million points.

Subtracting recent expenditures, Su Luo still had more than 300 million points at her disposal.

Beichen Ying and the three of them, ah, plus Big Sister Wei. That’s five of them in total. Each month, they would need 50 million points…

Su Luo looked at the sky.

She had thought she was already very rich. Nonetheless, who would know that those points she had before could only pay for six or seven months of cultivation for the five of them?

The Gravity Chamber was too good at swallowing points!

Su Luo’s heart ached a little, but she still happily paid six months’ worth of points for them.

Fifty times six. Three hundred million points slipped through Su Luo's fingers.

But Su Luo was looking forward to seeing how much stronger her friends would be in that time period.

Only Su Luo would make such a bold move, pouring in all her points to pile up their strength.

Returning to Wuchen Mountain, Su Luo heard the rumors through Li Manman.

After Li Manman used Su Luo’s Spirit Absorption pill and went through the Marrow Cleansing process, she jumped from her original one-star Saint rank to the second-star Saint rank.

Senior Brother Luo Qing and the others also broke through their cultivation blockages and were promoted by a rank.

Although it was only one rank, realistically, it was very difficult to advance that much at their level. Not everyone could rise as quickly as Su Luo.

Li Manman muttered to Su Luo, "Why didn’t you go participate in this month's assessment?"

"What's wrong?" Su Luo asked, unconcerned.

“Now everyone is questioning your strength. On top of that, the Upstream Mountain lost five masters at once, and they were all connected to you. This caused the higher-ups to have a very poor impression of you."

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