The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2426: Interrogation (4)

Chapter 2426: Interrogation (4)

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With a sweep of her hand, Su Luo showered it with the top-grade Celestial Spirit Water like a heavy downpour of rain.

The fragrant incense pot was instantly extinguished by the top-grade Celestial Spirit Water.

That’s right! The top-grade Celestial Spirit Water was the nemesis of the Phantom Cold Rosemary.

At this moment, though the Elders were not present in the hall, they could nevertheless see this scene in the hall clearly through the crystal ball.

When the Fifth Elder saw Su Luo spray out the water, he snickered: "Overestimating your abilities."

Nevertheless, who would have thought that the moment Su Luo made a move, the Phantom Cold Rosemary incense would actually be extinguished?

The Fifth Elder's snicker had yet to fade when his face stiffened like iron, utterly dumbfounded like someone had walked up and slapped him. Coming back to his senses, he flew into a rage out of humiliation.

The Phantom Cold Rosemary was the work he prided in most!

He was confident that no one could solve it except himself. Who would have thought that Su Luo would easily break it with a wave of her hand?

Looking at the Fifth Elder's choked-up appearance, the Eighth Elder suddenly couldn't help but break into laughter: "Old Fifth, it seems that your abilities aren’t that great."

The Fifth Elder glared viciously at the Eighth Elder: "What the hell do you know!"

The Eighth Elder stroked the white beard on his chin: "I might not know squat, but can you admit that you don't know squat as well?"

The Fifth Elder went ballistic, wishing to cross swords with the Eighth Elder at the very moment.

The Fourth Elder pulled the two elders apart, one to the left and one right: "What are you doing? Let’s stop the fuss. Calm down. You are both at this age, yet still so impulsive.”

In the Genius Training Camp, the Fourth Elder was well regarded and quite respected by everyone.

"Hmph!" The FIfth Elder waved his sleeve heavily and turned around with a huff.

"Since the Phantom Cold Rosemary Incense has been extinguished, there is no need to wait any longer. Someone, bring that girl up here." The Fourth Elder's expression became serious.

When Su Luo was escorted up into the room, she found it to be an ordinary room. However, the people seated in the room were anything but ordinary.

The Fifth Elder, Li Luo Ming's master.

The Seventh Elder, Fairy Wu You’s master.

The Eighth Elder, whose soul was under Su Luo’s control.

There was also a fair-skinned bearded elder with a face of righteousness. As to whether he was really righteous, Su Luo could not tell at the moment.

These four elderly men were seated in a row with a long log table in front of them. Meanwhile, Su Luo calmly stood alone in front of them, allowing them to evaluate her.

At this moment, Su Luo actually felt like she was being interviewed.

"State your name." The Fifth Elder stared at Su Luo with a cold sneer; his malice was clear as day.

His stance was clear; he was against Su Luo.

"Su Luo."

"Who is your teacher?"

"Rong Yun." Su Luo smiled faintly.

"Grandmaster Rong Yun?" The Fifth Elder almost jumped high in the air when he heard that!

"You're lying!" The Fifth Elder slapped the table and roared angrily, "Master Rong Yun doesn't even accept attendants. Why would he accept an apprentice?"

Su Luo looked at the Fifth Elder with a grin and shrugged nonchalantly, "How do you know that my master isn't accepting attendants anymore? Could it be that the Fifth Elder has applied to be my master's attendant?"

Fifth Elder: "……"

His throat felt like it was being pinched. His face turned red and then white, colored by both embarrassment and anger.

He was the overseer of the Pill Refining Tower in the majestic Purgatory City, yet he failed to get enlisted as Master Rong Yun's attendant—certainly a matter worthy of shame. Momentarily, he was left speechless with anger.

Su Luo glanced at the Fifth Elder. Displeased, she dropped a sentence with a frown: "What is there to be ashamed of? My master's attendants must be at least at the Grandmaster level. It's only natural that you weren’t accepted for the job."

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