The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2633: Little Dragon (6)

Chapter 2633: Little Dragon (6)

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What did three times mean?

For example, if Su Luo’s original space gravity technique could only affect her enemies for one second, then now, she could actually keep her opponent confined for three seconds!

When experts exchange blows, one second was enough to make a difference in life and death, not to mention three seconds.

“Essence of Nether White Tiger's Phantom Gravity Technique” was really a good thing, allowing Su Luo’s overall cultivation to advance greatly.

However, Su Luo’s eyes remained unopened.

The dantian in her body was still slowly opening, quietly, but yet it brought about a sense of delight.

When Su Luo opened her eyes once again, she realized that her cultivation had advanced to the peak of Saint Rank seven-stars!

That was practically a two-star leap!

One had to know, the further one went, the harder it was to advance!

But what about Su Luo? Before she had departed, she advanced to Saint Rank six-stars under the help of the Lion King. How long ago was that? And now she was at Saint Rank seven-stars!

Advancing at such speed was practically unprecedented, and only Nangong Liuyun’s speed could be comparable.

If one had to mention from the start, there was a huge gap between Fairy Bingqing, who was part of the Top 5 in the dragon list, and Su Luo. The gap was so big that she was despised by the other party.

But now, Su Luo, who was about to step into the Saint Rank eight-stars, was Fairy Bingqing’s opponent; someone Fairy Bingqing had to look at differently.

She already had the qualifications to become Fairy Bingqing’s opponent. At least, Su Luo believed that if she used up all her trump cards… Perhaps even Fairy Bingqing who was Top 5 in the Dragon List would not necessarily be able to defeat her!

Thinking about this, Su Luo suddenly felt a sense of pride and excitement.

She had the impulse to show off and act arrogant!

Su Luo’s advancing speed was already very, very fast, but due to the environment she was in, there were always a bunch of experts blocking her way. So, each time, when she was at the bottom layer, she would surpass them, leaving them far behind her.

If one had to blame it on something, it could only be that Su Luo started too late. However, even if she started too late, she was stronger than many people.

Those who cultivated had long lives.

After being promoted to Saint Rank, their lives would be extended to 500 years.

So to cultivators, for Su Luo’s age of under 20, was no different than being in her adolescent stage.

However, Su Luo’s current cultivation was enough to totally destroy those at the adolescent stage and stand shoulder to shoulder with those at middle age stage.

This was innate talent!

After Su Luo was done, she slowly opened her eyes.

“Eh?!” Where was the little dragon god? Why did it disappear?

Su Luo put away the Battle God Puppet back into her space and then started to search for the little dragon god.

Because they had an equal contract, her mind could lock onto the little dragon god’s existence, but—

Who was this little doll before her eyes?

All she saw was a little doll of about three or four years old, sitting on the head of a huge dragon elephant basking under the sun.

The little doll had a small head, a slender little body, exquisite features on its jade sculptured little face. Especially his eyes, his lashes were long and thick, and one could easily imagine how beautiful those eyes would be when he opened them.

Under the dazzling sunlight, he sat on the head of the big dragon elephant and his head was bobbing up and down, dozing off like a little chick pecking rice, extremely adorable.

Su Luo’s movements suddenly awakened him.

He opened his drowsy, large eyes and used his adorable chubby little arms that looked like lotus to rub his eyes.

He was dressed in a set of loose, coarse clothing, holding onto his sleeves and pants, revealing his white, plump, little hands.

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