The Demon's Soul

Chapter 79 Epilogue- Part 1

Luke stood in front of the opened coffin where Lillian's body now rested peacefully in his room.

It was a ritual to cleanse the body and sew any open wounds before burying the dead body, and Luke had taken the responsibility of doing it instead of any maids help.

He had washed her as he removed the evidence of stains of blood or dirt on her. Then he had untangled her hair and brushed it neatly with care. Once done, he had gotten her into a red dress. She looked pale as a ghost lying in the coffin but to Luke she was beautiful, even after death had taken her away.

Once he placed her in the coffin he went to pull the pillow as he sat on the bed to only find a piece of paper that lied underneath it. As his hand reached the paper, a knock was heard and he turned to walk towards the door to open it.

"It's time, Luke," Canrart informed him softly, "Are you okay with the location?" he asked Luke to which he nodded.

"Yes. It's fine if that's where her soul will find peace," replied Luke looking at the servants who stood at the door ready to carry the coffin out. He looked at the piece of paper in his hand, "Why don't you guys go ahead. I have something to do and I'll be right behind you," he said, making Canrart frown but his brother didn't comment on it.

"Alright, we'll be leaving in five minutes. See you in the demon kingdom brother," Canrart said leaving the room as the servants got in to pick the coffin.

Previously it was said that Lillian's body would be buried in the vampire kingdom but later on it was decided that it was better to bury her in the demons kingdom as that was her true origin. They hoped for Lillian's afterlife and putting her back to the land she was born would hopefully bring her peace.

As the coffin was loaded into the back of the truck, everyone stood there looking at it, family, friends and people of the vampire Kingdom. The mood that hung around the kingdom was dark and it didn't help that the dark clouds had made their appearance.

When Lillian's family and friends left with the coffin Luke headed back to his room and sat down on his bed, leaning back as he closed his eyes. Seconds passed by before he reopened his eyes with bright emerald eyes.

"Merol," he spoke the name of the dark creature.

"Yes, master Lucian," the dark creature replied instantly who was hiding near his door now.

The dark creature had just appeared few minutes ago before the body was taken away from the castle. It had come there to give its last regards to the young master's wife.

"I have a task for you and it needs to be done right away," Luke ordered the creature to which it listened intently as he spoke.

Once Luke was done giving orders to Merol, he stepped out of the castle and headed towards the deep dark forest alone. Lightning struck the ground, far from where he was and clouds rumbled with the thunderous sound.

Reaching an old, tall and wide bark of tree that had creepers running across it. Placing his hand on it, he muttered a curse under his breath as the tree let him pass through.

"Home sweet home," Luke said dryly to himself as he opened his emerald eyes, drinking and relishing in the environment he was in at the moment.

The huge pillars had fire burning in the bowls it held on top, emitting light and filling up with the faint crackling sound. No matter how much he denied, this is where he actually belonged but he would never admit it to his father. The dead silence soothed his ears as he walked past the pillars to meet the man who owned this place. The large doors that were closed before he arrived opened for him to enter to see his father sitting on the throne and leisurely sipping blood from his crystal glass.

The Hell God's eyes shone with pride as his eyes fell upon his dangerously, beautiful son.

On one side Lucian Knight had gone to visit his father in Hell and on the other side of life, in the demon kingdom Lillian's family stood at the cemetery while the coffin was lowered down the truck.

"Where's Luke?" Lillian's father asked the Knight's family.

"On the way I believe. He said he would be here soon," Canrart replied as he checked his phone and Lillian's father nodded in response.

"Shall we begin with the rituals?" The young priest asked standing in front of the vacant grave, "The time to start has already begun and if it's delayed, we'll have to wait for five more days to send her soul in peace," he explained holding the black book in his hands.

"You can start with the ritual," Lillian's father replied softly.

Gwen, Rick, Sam and Marc were present there too to attend their best-friend's funeral. Elvis had successfully saved Marc's life thanks to his crossbreeds blood running in his veins. But when one life was saved another one was lost.

"Place the coffin in here," the priest ordered the guards, gesturing his hand towards the buried ground. The guardsmen carried the coffin where the priest stood and placed it on the ground that was buried for it, "Open the seal, please," he said as he opened the book and turned pages, getting ready to read from it.

When the priest moved his gaze to the coffin his expression turned pale while Luke's and Lillian's family and friends gave a questionable look as they stood away from the coffin.

"What's the matter father Maprin?" Elvis asked as the priest and the guards stared at the coffin.

Julie who was standing next to her twin, ran towards the coffin to look what was going on. When she reached there she let out a giggle, "Uncle Canrart there's nothing in here."

Elvis walked to see if it was true and when he looked inside he closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. He then turned back to Canrart and asked,

"Do you have any idea where the body vanished to?"

"Hmm...I think I might," was the vampire's reply and a grin broke into his face. It was possible that his brother had taken Lillian's body with him and if luck was on their side, bringing Lillian back from the dead would be easy.

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