The Devilish Immortal

Chapter 366 - Friendship

Chapter 366 Friendship

When they arrived at the Mu Mansion, Wen Xiaojing and Lin Qiangu were undoubtedly led to the core area in the cave residence as honored guests. And Lyu Liang, accompanied by Mu Yi and Yan Ming, headed to the Marrow Purifying Pool, a great place for cultivation, which the Mu Family felt most proud of.

The three of them were chatting happily on their way there, talking about everything in the Heaven Realm. Surely, Lyu Liang would never tell them his final goal.

Yan Ming had the greatest excitement, as he had gotten a brother and also become friends with such a powerful man in just one day. No matter what, he had also shown his emotion in a restrained way, because as sensitive as he was, he found that a sense of depression appeared on Mu Yi’s face from time to time.

“Thank you for bringing me here! This is a really good place!” Upon seeing that blue pool with thick Spiritual Qi and smelling the fragrance of medicine, Lyu Liang just couldn’t wait to go in to recover.

They generally knew that Lyu Liang was eager to go inside, so Mu Yi smiled and said, “Please go in, Brother Lyu. If you need anything, you can tap the small bell on the side, and someone will come and serve you.”

Lyu Liang bowed again, and then quickly jumped into the pool. Soon, he was just enjoying it there with his face full of satisfaction.

Mu Yi and Yan Ming looked at each other and left. At the same time, the powerful restriction formation for that place was also restored.

“Brother Yi, you… Is there something bothering you? Are you still thinking about the Miss from the Wen Clan?” Yan Ming was now truly treating Mu Yi as his brother, so he’d like to help him.

However, Mu Yi gave him an unexpected answer. He said, “Wen Xiaojing? Only a talent like Brother Lyu is a match for her!”

“What? You’re giving her up now?” Yan Ming was stunned.

“Give up? That’s impossible! Like I said, at the first sight of her, I already knew that I would follow her for the rest of my life, no matter what I’ve experienced before!” Mu Yi’s eyes were shining with a light of resolve.

“Well…” Yan Ming rubbed his head, still unclear about what Mu Yi had really meant.

“Haha, I’m just no longer insisting on making her my Taoist companion, but my heart will always be with her! Aside from Brother Lyu, maybe there will be some more guardians appearing at her side. What I’ll do is be number one among them!” Mu Yi clutched his fists and said.

“You are amazing, Brother Yi! I’ll guard her together with you then!” Yan Ming said in admiration. Then he asked, “So what are you really upset about?”

“Let me ask you, what do you think about the fact that Lyu Liang and Xiaojing treat us as their best friends?” Mu Yi stopped walking and asked in a solemn tone.

Yan Ming was confused by his words, and said subconsciously, “It makes me happy! I can see that they are sincere. It feels great! Our followers and incompetent friends from before are nothing compared to them!”

“Yeah, they are sincere! So, you think we are worthy of them treating us like that?” Mu Yi laughed bitterly. Yan Ming was surprised that Mu Yi would ask him that.

“Why?” Yan Ming was totally confused at that point. “Is there any restriction for being friends?” he thought.

“What are friends? Friends should be able to advance and retreat together, make progress together! Can we do that? Friends like us will always be a burden to them, who will have to keep us safe all the time!” Mu Yi said sharply. Yan Ming was completely struck by his words. “We have to be friends who are as capable as them! And we can do anything for them, even die! That’s what I call friends!”

“I… got it! So, you mean we have to become strong! As strong as them, right?” Yan Ming’s eyes were shining brightly.

“There is no way for us to be at the same level as Brother Lyu.” Mu Yi gave Yan Ming a pat on the shoulder, and said with a smile, “But there is something else we can do. In the future, when we are in a fight, we could block all the attacks from behind!”

“That’s right!” Yan Ming nodded excitedly. Rubbing his own hands firmly, he continued, “We still have a chance. We must become strong! So, what’s your plan, Brother Yi?”

“I’m entering the Evil Ghost Passage, and won’t come out till I’ve reached the Tao Ancestor Late-stage!” Mu Yi said firmly.

“Evil, Evil Ghost Passage! I see! I won’t let you down either! Brother Yi, I’m going now. I hope we are strong enough to be their friends when we meet again! Good luck!” after an initial moment of astonishment, Yan Ming said with his eyes brightening. He cupped his fist, and before Mu Yi said anything, he disappeared.

“I don’t know if Dad will allow me to do that. But, even if he tries to stop me, I won’t change my mind! Well? Who’s there?” Pondering with his head down, Mu Yi suddenly jerked around, being on alert.

A black-robed old man who appeared out of nowhere was looking at him merrily. It seemed like he was looking at something very precious. Seeing that Mu Yi turned around, he nodded and said, “Good! You did wake up, otherwise, there would have been no way for you to notice me! Very good! Now everything is just ready!”

“Senior, where are you from? What should I call you? And what do you mean by saying those words?” Mu Yi found that the old man didn’t bear him ill will. In addition, he could appear on the site without being noticed, so Mu Yi concluded that the old man had to be a mysterious powerful figure!

“No need to ask so many questions! There are only three questions for you, and then you can choose your own way next.” The old man didn’t answer his questions, but said those words instead with three fingers stretched out. Then he continued, “First, do you know that Lyu Liang and Wen Xiaojing have been through quite a lot together before? And there could only be more death traps waiting for them in the future? So are you still planning to follow them?”

“Of course!” Mu Yi answered him without any hesitation. “Without them, I’m a dead man!”

“OK. The second question, to tell you frankly, compared with the cultivation opportunities and treasures that Lyu Liang and Wen Xiaojing own, even if you have another life, you’ll still never get a chance to catch up with them with the resources in this middle-level world. Will you keep trying anyway?”

“Yes!” Mu Yi said bitterly but firmly. “I’ll try my best to become stronger. Even though the gap between them and myself might grow bigger, I must be able to fight alone! I will make it, I totally believe that!”

“Great! That’s the spirit! You deserve to be called the successor of the Guardian!” the old man gave him a thumbs-up and said appreciatively. “Last one! Do you want to come with me to the space of Goddess Nyu Wa? In the equivalent of 1,000 years there, I will help you reach the level of God Ancestor! If you trust me, then follow me!”

Mu Yi was dumbfounded at first, but then he said very excitedly, “I’d like to!” He knew at that moment that he had the greatest opportunity of his life!

“Haha, good! In that case, you have 30 minutes to say goodbye to your family. When you return from the space of Goddess Nyu Wa, you will not be just the future master of the Mu Family anymore!” the old man said meaningfully. “I will be waiting for you here. Come back alone, as no one else can see me except you.”

Mu Yi nodded with gratitude, and then he was gone.

What Mu Yi didn’t know was that, from that moment on, he was going to be walking on a highly anticipated path and becoming one of the key figures remaining in the world like Lyu Liang to join that outstanding battle…

In the meantime, a chaotic fight was happening inside the hidden Stone Forest in the space of Goddess Nyu Wa.

Among the people that the dhuta had taken with him, a dozen others, aside from the two mysterious black-robed men, all had cultivation at the God Ancestor Early-stage. They were quite a capable group to all their enemies.

However, at the moment, the dhuta felt that things were getting out of control.

Out of the two new arrivals, a handsome youth in a dragon-patterned robe had his whole body sparkling with golden light. Holding a Guandao in his hand, he exerted wild moves, and rushed to Liu Jiawen’s side quickly, which relieved her pressure at once.

The other youth, who was also dressed in a blue robe and had a purple-golden crown on his head, was carrying a folding fan. He really looked joyful while rushing to the crowd, yet he was the most threatening one. Each gesture he casually made contained tremendous Tao power! Within the span on just a few breaths, a killer in the God Ancestor Early-stage had already been terminated by him!

“Universe Babao Fan… what’s your relationship with Jiang Wuhuan?” The dhuta gritted his teeth. After a quick shake of his body, the dhuta had his hands sparkling with light, which formed into two creepy light swords. Then he directly went over to Jiang Yinglong with them.

“Well, it seems that the name of my father is much more famous! I still have to work hard!” Jiang Yinglong replied simply with a smile.

Gradually, the situation of the fight was changing. Because of the two newly-arrived vigorous youths, Liu Jiawen’s group was no longer the one to lose. On the contrary, they began to become dominant.

At this time, Liu Jiahao and Zheng Xuan were each dealing with a black-robed man. Jiang Yinglong was confronting the dhuta. And the last two of them were holding all off the other killers successfully. Therefore, Donghuang Mufeng exerted his trump card before anybody else noticed, which was a crucial move to the balance of the fight!

At first, he could withstand the attack of several killers with his Guandao, but it was still hard for him to terminate them. What was weird was that when a killer was fighting actively, a shadow surrounded by sparkling golden light would suddenly appear at their back! The next second, the killer was just dead with its head removed from its body!

When the shadow would appear was uncertain, but its interval was 30 minutes at least.

“Retreat, now!” The dhuta knew they couldn’t finish their task anyway in that kind of situation. In order to preserve the forces, he gave the order to retreat directly.

With his order given, the remaining killers and the two black-robed men vanished one by one.

“Mufeng! Thank you! You’ve changed a lot!” Zheng Xuan walked up to him, smiling. She gave him a thumbs-up and asked with curiosity, “This is… the Young Lord of the Jiang Clan that is the best of the four influential families? Oh, no, such an honorable person would…”

“Haha, I’m super flattered. I’m just a normal person with some intelligence! Well, my father has been strict with me, and doesn’t allow too many activities outside. This time, because of the contribution I made, I finally got a chance to go out and meet you guys, who I’ve been dreaming about for a long time!” Jiang Yinglong laughed loudly and cupped his fists.

The others at the site were all core disciples of the families in the Remote Antiquity. What had happened in the Sanctuary before was quite clear to them! Although they had not seen the actual situation of the battle, the two names, Jiang Yinglong and Lin Qiangu, had already been widespread!

No man who had almost controlled the entire situation of the fight could possibly be someone with only a little intelligence…

But, Jiang Yinglong was very kind and smart to say that. Together with the victory he and Donghuang Mufeng had brought to them, he made a very good impression.

“Oh, right! Mufeng, you said you could help get some information about Zhu Yu and Lyu Liang. Now that you are here, does that mean you have something to tell me?” Eyes brightening, Zheng Xuan seemed to remember something.

“Yes, actually, I’ve already known about it without much effort. The two of them are not quiet people at all, especially Lyu Liang. He made such a big shock… Hey, hey, don’t pull me. I can walk by myself…” Donghuang Mufeng nodded. Before he said more, Zheng Xuan and Liu Jiawen both with shining eyes already walked over to his side and directly began pulling him toward their residence inside the Stone Forest.

“Talk about Lyu Liang first. That idiot doesn’t know if he’s been betrayed again…” Liu Jiawen was so joyful, like a singing bird, and couldn’t stop talking. Donghuang Mufeng was at a loss for words, and could only shake his head with a bitter smile.

“I’m sorry, Brother Jiang. Lyu Liang and Zhu Yu are their best friends. My sister and Sister Xuan have been looking forward to hearing about them for a long time…” Liu Jiahao felt embarrassed and explained to Jiang Yinglong.

“Haha, it’s OK! I also heard about their heroic behavior before, and totally understand the feeling of the two girls. Anyway, it’s good they could get some news about their friends,” Jiang Yinglong said with a smile, not caring at all. Then he continued, “Well now, if you don’t mind, Brother Liu, could you please also tell me something about Lyu Liang? I’m curious. How did you meet each other?”

Hearing that, Liu Jiahao started to recall the past and talk about their accidental meeting during the fight involving the three worlds…

Jiang Yinglong listened quietly, nodding and smiling from time to time. But, deep in his heart, a stream of fighting will that was even stronger than what he had in the Sanctuary battle was rising. “Interesting! Very interesting! I’ve been thinking that I’m invincible, but there is indeed someone out there who is much more powerful! Lyu Liang, you are a formidable competitor to be able to win people’s hearts! But, that just makes it more worth it to defeat you! At least, I’ll never give up Liu Jiawen and the Dragon Ring!”

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