The Devil's Cage

Chapter 1854 (END) - Wedding

Chapter 1854: Wedding

Hanses wiped the grease off his hand, then turned around to his wife, Coll, who was tuning the car seriously. He couldn’t help but giggle.

After they left that goddamn place, he and Coll opened up a workshop and worked as mechanics.

Business wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad either. It was enough to feed a few mouths. He could even afford a vacation once in a while with his wife.

Hanses was very happy about his life.

As for getting rich?

Well, sorry, he had been through too much in the past. All he wished for was to live the rest of his life with Coll in peace.

Coll also shared the same thought, looking at her husband and giggling too.

Then, the two of them quickly tidied up their work and cleaned up the workshop for the day.

They had an event to attend later, so they must prepare to get going.

Lemour and Raven Veterinary Hospital.

As a veterinary hospital that was famous across the region, Dr. Raven was loved and respected by all the pet lovers. It wasn’t just because of Dr. Raven’s outstanding clinical skills, it was also because the fees were affordable.

“Hurry up, Raven!” Lemour, his wife, called out loudly.

“Coming,” Raven placed the cat on the table and walked over.

Lemour was already in a dress, which was rare for her, and was holding his formal wear, standing there waiting for him.

“We are going to be late! Hurry up!” Lemour reminded Raven once more.

Raven smiled and nodded.

Lemour was in charge of everything in the house, all he had to do is listen and obey.

Maybe, in other people’s eyes, he loved his wife a little too much, but who’d understand how happy he was?

Some drove antique motorcycles or cars, some drove the fastest and newest supercars and some were walking.

Regardless of what they were traveling in, many were heading to a rather secluded location at the outskirts of the city.

The place the people were heading to wasn’t a farm, but an inn. It was Harvest Inn!

The big signage outside clearly stated the inn’s name.

Lawless, in his tuxedo, was standing at the entrance nervously. He kept asking Crow, “How is it? How’s my tie, how’s my hair?”

Crow couldn’t help but chuckle at his friend’s nervous look.

“It’s fine, everything is good,” Crow nodded.

But a while later, Lawless turned to his other friends, who came back to life, and asked them how he looked. His other friends also comforted him by saying he looked fine.

Monien stood further away with his arms crossed, chuckling as he looked at the scene.

“Why are you here? I didn’t recall you being invited.”

Ramont and Rhino, also in their formal wear, were glaring at Monien.

“Hey, I am the one who paid a great cost to bring most of the dead back to life,” Monien said, pointing at Lawless further away.

“Oh, you think? Otherwise why do you think 2567 let you live?” Ramont grunted.

“Hmph! I have my eyes on you… Broker!” said Rhino.

“Broker is in the past now. My name is Monien, but whatever,” said Monien, trying to put his title behind him.

Monien then took his invitation card out.

Ramont and Rhino were surprised when they saw the invitation.

“That guy really has gone out of his mind.”

The two rugged hunks grumbled as they walked away from Monien.

Blacksmith, in a bright red dress and heels, was very busy in the room. As one of the bridesmaids, she was in charge of Rachel’s makeup and other miscellaneous things.

These were all undoubtedly trivial matters but it was interesting.

Blacksmith looked enviously at Rachel, who was in her pure white wedding dress. She then somehow felt depressed.

“Still thinking about that guy?” Rachel asked.

“Nope, no I am not thinking about him. He is erased from my life. What a bastard, it was I who got to him first…” Blacksmith tried to be tough but after a few words, her emotions started to overflow.

“It’s still not too late. You have to fight for your happiness,” Rachel put her hand over her girlfriend’s head and whispered to her.

“But that mimosa…”

“She’s not important. A young lass in a big family, having no control over her life, forced to disguise herself as a boy even though she’s a girl, do you think she and 2567 can get together in the end?” Rachel reminded her friend.

But a moment later, Rachel looked at the entrance.

Starbeck was standing there in a white T-shirt and jeans, the smile on her face heartwarming.

“Congratulations on your wedding. I’m here to congratulate you in advance and at the same time, I have good news to spread… I am now the leader of Starbeck’s family. Let me reintroduce myself, I am Mimosa Starbeck Thai,” Starbeck then left after she reintroduced herself.

What else would she need to say?”

It wasn’t necessary anymore, she knew it was enough.

Her steps were casual and her elegant temperament held a sense of prestige.

No one would treat the current Starbeck as the mimosa that she once was.

Humans grow, especially after having a goal to work towards.

Starbeck… or Mimosa’s goal was Kieran.

In order to make everything possible and smooth, she forced herself to grow, but somehow he grew distant from her.

It had been two weeks since she last saw Kieran.

All the messages and voicemails were from last week.

With that thought in mind, the prestige in her bearing vanished without a sign.

Sigh. She sighed uncontrollably again.


Munch, munch, much!

Munching and chewing noises entering her ear, Mimosa looked towards the source of the noise in shock, as if she had been electrocuted. She saw a familiar figure gobbling away at the appetiser stand.


Mimosa already knew Kieran’s real name but she preferred to call him 2567.

“Ugh, ugh, mmmm.”

He stuffed his mouth with a lot of food as he waved at Starbeck, then turned back around to the appetiser stand.

After he finished eating, a robust arm curled his neck.

“You little bastard, you are my best man, why are you here at the very last minute?! Lawless grumbled.

“I got lost, you know I don’t go out often,” Kieran explained but he laughed before he could finish.

He too deemed the excuse a little weak but he couldn’t tell Lawless the real reason.

Since his friends had all gotten off the game, they had no reason to return anymore.

He would bear their burden together and move forward.

“You little bastard!” Lawless knocked Kieran’s head.

Kieran feigned a painful reaction and faltered.

The guests couldn’t help but laugh at the funny scene, even Mimosa laughed happily. The worries that she had a moment ago were gone when she saw Kieran.

“Ahem! Everyone, may I have your attention? The wedding ceremony is about to begin. Let us welcome our bride.”

The emcee, J. Pearlman, spoke through the loudspeaker and gathered everyone’s attention.

With the wedding background music playing, Rachel, in her wedding dress, appeared at the end of the isle.

Without even waiting for J.Pearlman to speak, Lawless dashed up and hugged the woman he loved in his arms.

“Now then… Uh… Okay… I guess that’s fine too, as long as you are happy.”

J.Pearlman touched the tip of his nose at the eager Lawless. He was wise enough to stop speaking and start clapping.

All the guests applauded and congratulated the newlyweds

Lawless hugged Rachel for several minutes before he released her unwillingly.

Rachel, with a bouquet of flowers, flushed.

“You are really beautiful,” Lawless suttered.

“Starting from tomorrow, mop the floor twice a day,” said Rachel.

“Okay!” Lawless scratched the back of his head and laughed in a silly way.

He was very happy because he usually had to mop the floor thrice a day.

Rachel rolled an eye at Lawless’ silly reaction, but a sweet smile hung over her face anyaway. She then tossed the bouquet of flowers backwards.

The bouquet flew across the air in an arch and landed precisely in Mimosa’s hand.

Mimosa was surprised, as was Kieran.

He swore all he did was think about it, he didn’t even make a move.

“Is this considered good luck?” Mimosa asked Kieran.

“I guess so. Since the day I met you, I have been lucky ever since,” Kieran nodded seriously.

The two of them looked at each other for a few seconds before they turned around and said loudly at the newlyweds on the stage, “Happy Wedding!”

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