The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 1024 - Tang Sect's Calamity

Chapter 1024 Tang Sect’s Calamity

After breaking the seal, the seven Black Demon Pearls disappeared into the void without even leaving any shadows behind. Next, what appeared in front of everyone was a huge hole full of spatial energy.

When he saw that the space loophole was now totally open, Qin Haodong’s heart pounded with excitement. After so long, he was finally on the way home.

Cao Yuhuan took Li Tianxing from Niu Cuihua and asked, “Can we leave now?”

“Yes. From now on, the valley at the foot of Qingling Mountain belongs to your Ghost King Sect.”

Although Li Tianxing’s cultivation had been disabled, Qin Haodong still mistrusted the people of the Ghost King Sect. Thus, he arranged for them to live under his nose.

Cao Yuhuan nodded and took Li Tianxing to fly toward Qingling Mountain, followed by all the elders of the Ghost King Sect.

The Little Witch cried, “Little Brother, can we go now?”

Looking at the space loophole in front of her, she itched to go over.

“Don’t worry. There is one thing that needs to be done before we leave.”

Qin Haodong took out the formation flags and began to set up a formation outside the space loophole.

About two hours later, he used his own method to reseal the space loophole.

His formation skill was top-notch, so no one in the Lingwu Continent would be able to break the formation unless the person was an immortal from the Immortal Realm.

Niu Cuihua asked in surprise, “Hubby, why did you seal it again as soon as the space loophole opened? Don’t you want to come back after you go over?”

Qin Haodong said, “We still need to come back. With the help of this formation set up by me, we will be free to come and go at will and no one else can use this space loophole.”

After having experienced so much, he certainly wanted to have control over this space loophole.

Otherwise, what if the people of the Ghost King Sect set up a new formation that prevented him from coming back? After all, he didn’t have the confidence that he could break any formation.

Moreover, in terms of strength, the people on the Lingwu Continent were far more powerful than those on the earth.

In addition to the Ghost King Sect, there were many evil cultivators on the Lingwu Continent. If these people sneaked into the earth when he was not on there, it would be a great sin on his part.

Therefore, even though he was in a hurry to return home, he had to use a powerful formation to seal the space loophole first.

“Well, now we can go over.”

In order to prevent themselves from getting separated after they entered the space loophole, they held hands as they charged into the space loophole.

After a huge wave of energy fluctuation, everyone’s eyes lit up and appeared in the sky above Bermuda.

Looking at the rolling clouds and the surging sea under his feet, Qin Haodong was filled with excitement. “Mom, daughter, the people I love, I am finally back!”

The Little Witch asked, “Little Brother, is this your hometown? Where are the delicious foods?”

“You are really a foodie. How can there be delicious food in the wilderness?”

Qin Haodong flew forward with the others. Soon, they landed on Alien Demon Island.

At this moment, Alien Demon Island appeared deserted with no one on it. After the last battle, the bodies of the Alien Demon had also disappeared.

Just as Qin Haodong was about to leave, he suddenly turned to look at the southeast corner of the island. There was a huge pit on the ground, from which rich Demon Qi fluctuated.

He clearly remembered the scene of the battle at that time. This hole was not made by anyone in the battle. It appeared to have been the exit point of someone coming out of the pit.

The result was easy to guess from the aura of the Alien Demon and the powerful momentum.

There had been a master of the Alien Demon cultivating here. Moreover, he had hidden so well that he had not been discovered. Qin Haodong guessed that this master of the Alien Demon had emerged when he had been trapped in the Lingwu Continent.

Thinking of this, he suddenly became anxious. The cultivation of the people on the earth was not high. Cultivators at the stage of the Apotheosis Realm could be regarded as masters. It was definitely a disaster for people on the earth if this powerful person from Alien Demon suddenly appeared.

The most important thing was that he had destroyed Alien Demon Island and killed so many people of the Alien Demon. It could be said that the Tang Sect had forged a great feud against the Alien Demon, and he was not here…

Thinking about this, he was gripped by fear.

Niu Cuihua asked in surprise, “Hubby, what’s wrong? Are you not happy?”

“Hurry up and follow me as soon as possible!”

After that, he flew in the direction of the capital in Huaxia, followed by his women.

Tang Sect in the capital.

In the spacious courtyard, everyone from the Tang Sect was on standby. They looked grave and were ready for battle.

Standing at the front were three masters at the middle stage of the Saint Realm, Qin Zongheng, the family master of the Qin Family, Xuanyuan Lige of the Cihang Sword House, and Xi Youmi, the master of the Devil Gate.

Like the crowd, they looked extremely grave, too.

There were four people standing opposite them. The first three were Qin Zhanlong, Qin Feiyu, and Qin Chong.

Behind them was a strong man who towered over them with his height of two meters. Not only did he look extremely fierce, but he was also full of dense Demon Qi.

Qin Zongheng said angrily, “Qin Zhanlong, how dare you collude with the Alien Demon? You really let the ancestors of the Qin Family down.”

Qin Feiyu said, “Qin Zongheng, this was all forced by you. Why are you the family master of the Qin Family? How can you and your son be so arrogant? You and your son took away everything that originally belonged to me!”

Hu Xiaoxian said, “Bullshit. You can’t be the family master because you are too incompetent!”

Qin Feiyu sneered and said, “We’re incompetent? But we’re strong now. Mr. Douglas has helped us improve our cultivation.

“Now the three of us are the Strong among the Human. What else do you have to say?”

Xi Youmi said angrily, “Bah! Shame on you! You sold out your ancestors for the sake of glory.”

They had betrayed the whole human race. What they did was unforgivable.

“The strongest will become the king. We are the strongest now. All of you will be killed soon. How dare you talk to us like that?”

Qin Chong took two steps forward, stared at Wei Yanran, and said, “You bitch. I loved you so much back then, but you still chose Qin Haodong in the end.

“Now you’re dumbfounded, aren’t you? If you take off all your clothes and climb into my bed, I will give you another chance. Otherwise, you and the Wei Family will be killed.”

“Qin Chong, you bastard! I’ll kill you!”

Ever since Qin Haodong had gone missing, Wei Yanran had been short-tempered. At this moment, she was very angry and could no longer control herself. She raised her hand and slapped Qin Chong’s face.

“You truly overestimate yourself. I’ll let you see my strength right now!” Qin Chong said and also made a move.

He struck out with a force filled with black Demon Qi.

Wei Yanran’s cultivation had reached the early stage of the Saint Realm. However, after the two palms collided, she flew back more than ten meters and fell to the ground with a plop. Then, a trace of blood trickled out from the corner of her mouth.

“The middle stage of the Saint Realm!”

Everyone in the Tang Sect was shocked. They knew what Qin Chong’s cultivation was before. It was no exaggeration that he was known as a good-for-nothing. They didn’t expect that he had improved to such a level.

Qin Chong’s face was full of pride. He laughed and said, “What do you think? Do you see how powerful I am now? This is the benefit of being on Mr. Douglas’s side.

“You used to be so high and mighty, but now you can only be trampled by me.”

“Bastard! It is not your right to strut around in the Tang Sect!” Qin Zongheng roared angrily and struck out at Qin Chong.

“Qin Zongheng, are you going to bully the weak?” Qin Feiyu shouted and raised his hand to meet Qin Zongheng’s punch.

The two men collided head-on. Qin Feiyu did not move at all, but Qin Zongheng flew backward dozens of meters like a kite with a broken string and fell to the ground with a plop.

“The late stage of the Saint Realm!?”

At this moment, Xuanyuan Lige, Xi Youmi, and the others were shocked. On their side, the highest cultivation was the middle stage of the Saint Realm. However, on the other side, Qin Feiyu was at the late stage of the Saint Realm and could crush all of them.

Looking at Qin Zongheng who got up from the ground, Qin Feiyu laughed proudly and said, “What do you think, Qin Zongheng? Aren’t you awesome? Aren’t you known as the rare genius within these hundred years? Why were you so easily beaten like a dog by me?”

“Alright! Stop!”

A cold voice sounded. Douglas, who’d been silent all this while, strode in front of everyone.

“I am Douglas, the real king of the Alien Demon. The king you killed before was just a puppet of mine.”

He glanced at the people of the Tang Sect and said, “Qin Haodong destroyed the Alien Demon Island and killed countless of my people in this world. I must get even with him today.

“From today on, all the men here will be killed. All the women can live but have to sleep with me in order to reproduce descendants of the Alien Demon to compensate for my loss. Otherwise, you’re all going to be killed!”

On earth, he was originally the strongest among the people from the Alien Demon. In recent years, he had been cultivating to break through to the stage of the Voiding Realm. Unexpectedly, after he made it, all the people of the Alien Demon were killed by Qin Haodong.

After figuring out the situation, Douglas hated Qin Haodong immensely. He decided to take revenge by starting with the Tang Sect, gain control of the entire earth, and then become the king here.

However, all the people of the Alien Demon were dead. Thus, he needed some lackeys to help him fulfill his plan.

After learning about the situation, he came to the capital in Huaxia and went to look for Qin Zhanlong, Qin Feiyu, and Qin Chong from the Qin Family.

At this very moment, Qin Zhanlong and Qin Feiyu were very angry because Qin Zongheng became the family master of the Qin Family. After witnessing Douglas’s strength, Qin Zhanlong and Qin Feiyu immediately decided to cooperate with Douglas and became the Alien Demon’s helpers.

Douglas spent a lot of effort to help the three people improve their strength, and then they came to the Tang Sect today.

Qin Feiyu said fawningly, “Chicks, did you hear that? It’s your blessing to be chosen by Mr. Douglas. Come here obediently.”

Lin Momo had stood behind with the little fellow in her arms. At this time, she took two steps forward and said firmly, “The people of the Tang Sect can only stand and live, and will not kneel and live. We will never sell our ancestors out. You’re beasts. We’re real people.

“There is only one man in my life, and that is Qin Haodong. No second one.”

“That’s right. We only have one man in our lives!”

Hu Xiaoxian, Feng Wu, Nalan Wushuang, Nalan Wuxia, and the others made their vows one after another.

The little fellow also cried angrily, “You bad guy, get out of here. Otherwise, I’ll tell my dad. My dad will beat you to death.”

“Qin Haodong has already become a ghost. There are many strong people over at the side of the Alien Demon Space. He must have been killed. You ungrateful bitches. It seems that I must teach you a lesson.”

Qin Feiyu wanted to show off in front of Douglas. He punched out at Lin Momo.

In order to warn Qin Haodong’s family members, his punch was extremely powerful and he showed no mercy.

The people around exclaimed. It was too late for Xuanyuan Lige and Xi Youmi to rescue Lin Momo.

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