The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 2 - My Daughter?

Chapter 2 My Daughter?

After looking at his wife, who looked normal again, the middle-aged man said to Qin Haodong with great gratitude, “Thanks, Doctor Qin. Thank you for saving my wife’s life.”

“You’re welcome. It’s what a doctor should do.”

Qin Haodong said.

“Doctor Qin, there is one thing I can’t understand. I was having a stomachache, but why did I have a heart attack?”

The middle-aged woman asked curiously.

What she asked confused Ma Guoqiang as well. He was wondering how this woman had a heart attack but showed a symptom of a stomachache.

Qin Haodong answered, “Our hearts are connected with our abdomens as well as our small intestines. Isn’t it simple knowledge that every doctor should know?”

“You’re great, Doctor Qin. So young and so skilled!” As the middle-aged man said so, he turned to look at Ma Guoqiang. “Not like someone else who claimed to be a chief doctor. Bullshit! Let me say it, he is just a quack.”

After saying this, the man and the woman thanked Qin Haodong again before leaving the emergency room together.

When they left, the room was filled with an awkward atmosphere. The two nurses could not help but look at Ma Guoqiang Ma Guoqiang with strange expressions.

Being slapped on the face in front of others after boasting his skills, Ma Guoqiang was flushed with embarrassment. He felt ashamed.

He thought that the intern should be to blame for everything. After a moment of silence, he was shamed into anger and shouted, “Qin Haodong, you just treated a patient as an intern. You broke our rules. I’ll report this to the director, and you’ll be kicked out from our hospital.”

“Do you really dare to do that?” Qin Haodong looked at Ma Guoqiang with a smile. “I’m just an intern, and it doesn’t matter if I’ll have to leave Jiangnan Hospital. I can find another hospital to gain an internship.

“However, as a chief doctor, you misdiagnosed a heart attack as acute gastroenteritis, nearly causing a serious medical accident. If our director gets to know this, what do you think of whether you can continue to be a chief doctor here or not?”

“This … ”

Ma Guoqiang was speechless. If the management of the hospital knew his misdiagnosis, he would lose his job, and even his teacher, Zhang Tianhe, would not be able to help him.

He said those words on impulse, and now, he calmed down. Just as Qin Haodong had said, he dared not to report this thing to their director.

Qin Haodong stopped sparing Ma Guoqiang any glance, ignoring the eyes filled with hatred on him. He was Emperor Green Wood, and in his eyes, Ma Guoqiang was like an ant. Nobody would care about an ant’s feeling.

Face darkened, Ma Guoqiang pulled a chair to his side and sat down on it. Logically, he should thank Qin Haodong. If Qin Haodong had not corrected his mistake on time that day, he would be dead. However, Ma Guoqiang did not think so, instead, he took it as a purposive humiliation from Qin Haodong. He made a decision in secret that he must find a chance to take revenge.

Since both Qin Haodong and Ma Guoqiang remained silent, the two nurses did not know what to say to them. The emergency room fell into dead silence.

Right then, they heard a screech of breaks from the outside. An SUV parked at the front door.

When the door of the car was opened, four to five bodyguards in black suit jumped out from inside. They carried a woman covered in blood with them.

“Help! Where are the doctors? We need help!”

The leading bodyguard rushed forward in hurry with the other four bodyguards carrying the woman behind him. They ran into the emergency room.

“What has happened to her?”

Ma Guoqiang immediately walked to them. He could tell those men were not normal people, so, he took them very seriously.

The leading bodyguard continued shouting, “Hurry, save her. If anything unfortunate happen to my boss, you’ll all be dead.”

Right then, Ma Guoqiang could see a line of words on the name tags on the bodyguards’ collars, which were read as “Security Department of Lin’s Group”.

Ma Guoqiang was frightened to quiver. Lin’s Group was a leading financial group in Jiangnan City, and the chairman of this group was Lin Zhiyuan, which meant that the wounded woman was his daughter.

The group was rich, powerful and would donate many medical devices to Jiangnan Hospital every year. Thinking of this, Ma Guoqiang immediately ordered the nurse near him, “Take her to ICU and get her an examination. I’ll connect with my teacher right now.”

The hospital was always fast in dealing with patients with special backgrounds. In less than twenty minutes, the examination result of the woman was sent to Ma Guoqiang’s desk.

Reading it, Ma Guoqiang was shocked. The woman was wounded badly. She broke her both legs and five ribs, and one of the broken bones was stuck into her lungs. It was a miracle that she held on for so long.

“Are her wounds serious?” the leading bodyguard asked worriedly.

“Yes, very serious. She needs an operation right now.”

“Then, what are you waiting for, doctor? Why don’t you start operating?”

The bodyguard shouted angrily.

“Start operating? I have to be good enough for that first!” Ma Guoqiang knew very well about his own skills. The woman was wounded so badly, so, even if Zhang Tianhe carried out the operation, he would only have twenty percent of certainty of success.

Of course, Ma Guoqiang dared not to speak out what he was thinking. He wept off the cold sweats on his forehead and said, “The patient’s wounds are too serious, and it will be a messy operation. The chance of success is little in our hospital, so, I suggest that you should transfer her to other hospitals.”

“Transfer to other hospitals?” The leading bodyguard was nearly mad after hearing those words. He shouted with his eyes red. “This is the best hospital in our city. Where else can we transfer her to?”

“The chance may be bigger in our capital.”

Ma Guoqiang answered, shivering.

“Capital? Are you a fool? Don’t you know how distant is the capital from us?” The leading bodyguard thundered. If it were not for that he still counted on Ma Guoqiang to save his boss, he would have beaten him.

Ma Guoqiang replied in a hurry, “Relax. I’ve notified my teacher of this. He will arrive soon, and he must know what to do.”

Ma Guoqiang squealed in secret for his bad luck tonight. Bad things came to him in succession.

The leading bodyguard seemed to calm down a little after hearing Ma Guoqiang’s reply, however, the wounded woman suddenly began to cough violently and spat out mouthfuls of bloody foam, following which, the monitoring device started making ear-piercing sounds.

Qin Haodong had been watching aside all the time, and he frowned at the moment. The woman’s injuries were very serious, and her breathing was dying out. If she could not get treatment timely, she would die.

Right then, a woman in a business suit ran in with a four-or-five-year-old girl in her arms.

The girl was pretty, wearing a white dress and looking like a princess in the fairy tales. She carried a pink schoolbag on her back, so cute and lovely.

The woman was named An Biru, the assistant of the president of Lin’s Group, and the little girl was the wounded woman’s daughter, Tang tang.

An Biru shouted at the leading bodyguard, “Zhang Desheng, why hasn’t boss gotten treatment yet? You neglected your duty.”

“Miss An, boss is wounded too badly, and the good-for-nothing doctors here couldn’t carry out an operation. We’re waiting for experts to arrive…”

“We can’t wait. Just waiting will kill her.” An Biru thundered.

Seeing the woman on the bed, the little girl was puzzled for a moment before crying out. “Mommy, wake up. I need your hugs…”

Tang tang had seen many babies who were left alone because their mothers died on TV. Thinking that she might lose her mom, she cried even more sadly. An Biru immediately comforted her.

Staring at the crying girl, Qin Haodong narrowed his eyes. His Spirit was very strong that he sensed a familiar bloodline from the girl which was deeply rooted inside their bones. This feeling was more accurate than DNA.

“Is… she my daughter?”

Qin Haodong was too excited to speak while looking at Tang tang. “How could this be? How can I have a five-year-old daughter?”

Suddenly, he recalled the night before he left the earth.

Back at that time, Tang Long was frustrated when trying to make his career in the capital. Upset, he went to a bar to drink wine and met Lin Momo, who was upset as well and got drunk for the first time in her life. They spent a romantic night together.

That midnight, Lin Momo woke up first and left the hotel in a hurry. Tang Long tried to find her outside the hotel after he woke up but was taken away by Yimu Zhenren.

Tang Long had been depressed by this thing for a long time, for his first girl was someone he did not know. He never expected that he would find his daughter by chance that day, from which he finally realized that the wounded woman on the bed was the girl he met in the bar.

Since he had known that the woman was that girl, he could no longer remain calm. He turned his gaze away from his daughter and walked to Lin Momo’s bed, starting feeling her pulse with his fingers.

“Qin Haodong, what are you doing?” Ma Guoqiang shouted in horror. “This woman is dying. How dare this little intern to make trouble for us? Who will take responsibility if anything bad happens? She is the daughter of the Lin family.”

“Doctor Ma, she needs an operation right now, or she will die.” Qin Haodong shouted.

Ma Guoqiang was burning with anger inside. “You’re talking nonsense. I know she badly needs an operation, but, who will do it for her? You?”

Unexpectedly, Qin Haodong continued saying, “I’ll operate on her. Don’t disturb me.”

It was a matter of life and death of his child’s mother, so, he wasted no words on Ma Guoqiang and pulled Lin Momo’s bed into the operating room.

“Stop there…”

Ma Guoqiang immediately ran over, trying to stop them. Qin Haodong did not have time to explain further and just pushed him out the room.


Qin Haodong did not use too much strength when pushing him away, so, Ma Guoqiang quickly rose to his feet, wanting to break into the room again, but, right then, he was struck by an idea and paused his steps.

In his thought, the woman’s situation would probably go worse. If she died of lacking a timely treatment, he would have to suffer the anger from the director and the Lin family. However, if she died in Qin Haodong’s operation, he would not be the one to blame. For him, it was a good thing.

Thinking of this, Ma Guoqiang gave up stopping Ma Guoqiang and shouted to him outside the room, “Qin Haodong, you have to take responsibility for whatever happens…”

Qin Haodong ignored his words and turned back to shut the door of the room.

An Biru was confused by what was happening. She asked with amazement, “Who is he? Is he also a doctor of your hospital?”

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