The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 25 - A Show?

Chapter 25 A Show?

Wang Jianfeng was overjoyed. He was surprised that the question he kept asking in the afternoon had been solved by the young man in merely three sentences.

He said to Qin Haodong again, “Doctor Qin, now that it’s less than two hours before they start the trade, and it will take us longer than that to find the chemical plant. Can you let this guy show us the way?”

“No problem!”

Qin Haodong agreed without hesitation. Though Mind-bewitching would do damage to the brain of the bewitched, the damage could be negligible if the bewitched one was a drug dealer.

The whole Criminal Police Unit moved fast after given the direction. 20 fully armed criminal police boarded on two buses, with Qin Haodong and Yellow-hair sitting in the front. They drove fast to the western suburbs of Jiangnan City.

Under the guidance of Yellow-hair, it hadn’t taken long before Qin Haodong and others drove out of the urban area of Jiangnan City, and reached near a remote chemical plant.

It was an isolated plant with no buildings or residents around. There were almost no pedestrians or cars passing by even it was right at noon, which made it the perfect site for drug deals.

In case that they should alert other people, Wang Jianfeng ordered the two buses to stop beside a little forest. Then he said to Qin Haodong, “Doctor Qin. We appreciate your help, but the actions next will be risky. You have to stay inside the car, for it’s safe here.”

After he finished, he assigned two young police to watch Yellow-hair. That made Qin Haodong the fourth people in the bus.

Nalan Wuxia threw the key to the Lamborghini to Qin Haodong, and said, “Thank you. You can drive it away later. But remember to come back tomorrow so I could help you get it registered.”

Qin Haodong took a look at Nalan Wuxia, only to find a red light flashed in her ophryon.

Other people would never find what was going on with Nalan Wuxia, but not Qin Haodong who had the powerful Spirit of Emperor Green Wood. He was so good at divination that he immediately realized the red light was a sign of extremely bad luck, or to be simplified, bloodshed.

“What has happened? She was just fine when she was in the Criminal Police Station, and how could she run into a bloodshed incident so soon? Is it because of the cases they’re faced with now?”

Qin Haodong was calculating in his mind. He bent his fingers to divine, and then he frowned. He was right, the violent girl was running into bloodshed, and it was highly possible that she would get herself killed.

“One second!” Qin Haodong stopped Nalan Wuxia who was getting off the bus, and said, “Something’s wrong with the case. Most drug deals are made at night. Why they chose to do it at noon today?”

Wang Jianfeng answered before Nalan Wuxia could speak, “Then you’re an outsider for this now, Doctor Qin. The drug dealers were too often too foxy. They don’t have a schedule, so it’s no surprise they choose noon today.”

The head of the drug deal this time was called “Sad Dog”, and was one of the most notorious drug dealers. In a siege last year his fifth brother had been shot by Captain Nalan, but Sad Dog got away.

The guy was murderous and foxy. He had escaped arrests many times, and it’s highly possible that he was playing reverse psychology this time.

Qin Haodong thought for a moment and said, “Captain Wang, can you bring me there? I want to see how you arrest drug dealers.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “You think this is like the TV show that you can go there and enjoy it as you like? Those are murderous drug dealers with guns in their hands! Just stay in the car as we’ve told you!”

She did have watched the magic tricks Qin Haodong played in the interrogation room, but she still didn’t believe that he could handle drug dealers armed with guns because no matter how powerful a man was, he could never be the match of a bullet.

Wang Jianfeng added, “It’s true, Doctor Qin. You’ll be safer in the bus, just wait for us to come back.”

After that, he and Nalan Wushuang took their people out of the bus, and sneaked to the chemical plant.

Qin Haodong frowned while watching those people leaving. Nalan Jie had dedicated his life to Huaxia, and he was a hero of the country. Nalan Wuxia might have made some troubles for him today, but she was a nice policewoman. Qin Haodong couldn’t watch her getting herself killed.

Since she met Qin Hadong that might be the indication that it was not her last day yet. He needed to help her.

When that idea came to his mind, he told the two policemen he was going out to pee, and then he sneaked to the chemical plant. However, he didn’t meet Nalan Wuxia and other people there. He hid in the dark.

Xialan Wuxia and Wang Jianfeng sneaked into the chemical plant with their fellows. Soon they found many cars parked in the factory. They confirmed that this was a drug deal scene, which meant that Yellow-hair didn’t lie.

They sneaked into the plant. This was an isolated and shabby place. In the center of the factory was a wide patio hall. And on the second floor, there was a circle of winding corridor.

In the patio, two groups of people are staring at each other. One of them was led by One-eye Dragon, with ten more people standing behind. Several hatchet men were holding bulging cases, and it seemed that there were plenty of things inside.

On the opposite side, five big guys in black suits were standing. Their head was a bald one, with several bulging bags behind him.

Nalan Wushuang and Wang Jianfeng stared at each other. It looked like this was really a drug deal scene, but they couldn’t find Sad Dog here.

Nalan Wuxia whispered to Wang Jianfeng, “Captain Wang, One-eye Dragon had 12 fellows, which was exactly the number Yellow-hair said, but we don’t know where Sad Dog is.”

Wang Jianfeng frowned and said, “Just let everybody hide, we’ll watch and act.”

After that, he made a few gestures to the people around to let them hide. All the police hid patiently.

On the other side of the hall, the One-eyed Dragon said to the bald man, “Third Brother, you are here just in time.”

The bald man scratched his head, then he smiled and said, “Of course, I am as honest as I always am. But where is Sad Dog, why is he absent?”

“He had something emergency to do, so he let me bring you all stuff.”

One-eyed Dragon said while waving to one of his hatchet men behind. The guy opened a suitcase and took out a bag of white powder. Then he sent it to the bald man.

The bald man picked up the bag and spooned it with his fingernails. He breathed some of it in, and then looked extremely enjoyable. He sneezed and said, “Nice stuff!”

One-eyed Dragon said, “Of course it is. Sad Dog always provides the best, as long as you had brought enough money.”

“No pay, no goods. That’s my rule, and I never repudiate a debt.”

Then the bald man waved his hand. A hatchet man behind opened a woven bag which was filled with pink cash.

Nalan Wuxia said to Wang Jianfeng, “They’re trading now, shall we make the move?”

Wang Jianfeng gritted his teeth and said, “Forget about it. That’s too much drug in there. Just arrest them anyway. And when they’re all arrested, Sad Dog would never be able to get away.”

After that, he sent a gesture to the police around him. See the signal, all of them rushed out, and surround the drug dealers who were trading.

“Freeze! Police!”

“Don’t move, raise your hands above your head!”

People were shouting and yelling. Soon Wang Jianfeng’s fellows had all the situation taken in control, and handcuffed all those people including One-eyed Dragon and the bald man.

When the situation was settled, Nalan Wuxia opened a woven bag. But his expression suddenly changed when she picked up a stack of cash. The first and the last note of the stack were real, but the rest are all counterfeit notes.

She poured out all stacks in the bag. They were all the same, counterfeit notes.

One the other side, a policeman wearing glasses was examining the drugs. Soon he reported to Wang Jianfeng, “Captain Wang! Those are all flour, not drug.”

What’s happening?

Wang Jianfeng and Nalan Wuxia looked at each other in the eyes. They all felt that something odd was going on.

Nalan Wuxia Stepped forward and kicked on the belly of the bald man, and then she asked sternly, “Tell us what’s going on!”

Her kick was so vigorous that the bald man immediately squatted with his hands covered on his belly. He protested loudly, “What? Why kick me like that? We were just putting on a show! Why did you kick me that hard?

And the script doesn’t go like that. Why aren’t you going by the script? You amateur!”

“A show? Who are you playing with?”

Nalan Wuxia stared at the bald man in surprise.

“Okay, stop playing that hard. You don’t have to work so hard for the 200 yuan daily wage, now just open it! I am done with it!”

One-eyed dragon and other people yelled after the bald man finished, “Yes! We’re done! Now open it for me!”

All them tried and struggled to stand up, only to be pressed more heavily by the policemen standing beside.

“What are you doing? You can’t do that. I quit!”

One-eyed Dragon yelled at Nalan Wuxia outrageously.

“Behave yourself! We’re real police, and we need your support to our work.”

Wang Jianfeng shouted sternly.

“What wrong with you? We’re all here for the 200 yuan daily wage. Stop playing like a drama queen! Now let go of me or I’ll knock your teeth off!”

One-eyed Dragon protested again.

Wang Jianfeng and Nalan Wuxia already realized that something was wrong. See the situation was getting out of control, Wang Jianfeng pulled the gun on his waist. He raised his hand and triggered it, shooting the glass of a window into pieces.

See the bullet and the smoky gun mouth, One-eyed dragon and the bald man were astonished. Apparently this was not a stage property, it was a 100% real gun.

“Are, are you really the police?”

One-eyed Dragon asked in confusion.

Wang Jianfeng put away his gun and took out a Certificate of Officers and showed it to One-eyed Dragon. “Check this, I am the police of Criminal Police Unit of Jiangnan City. Someone reported that you’re conducting a drug transaction. Now we’re obliged to investigate!”

After seeing the certificate, One-eyed Dragon panicked, and explained immediately, “Mr. Police, this is a total misunderstanding. We’re all figurants here! The director told us that this is a drug deal scene.”

“This is a total misunderstanding. We’re actors paid with 200 yuan daily wage, not drug dealers! Drugs kill people!”

So the bald man and other arrested people started yelling.

That was when Wang Jianfeng realized that this is completely wrong, and he yelled angrily, “Keep quiet! Speak one by one!”

He looked to One-eyed Dragon beside him and asked, “Tell me, what on earth is going on?”

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