The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 6 - This Is a Murder

Chapter 6 This Is a Murder

The VIP room was well equipped. Qin Haodong fetched a pot of hot water to clean off the blood stain on Lin Momo’s body with a towel.

“Mr. Qin, Let me help it,” said An Biru.

“No, you don’t know where her injuries are. You would easily touch them.”

After refusing An Biru’s help, Qin Haodong started cleaning Lin Momo.

An Biru did not say anything more but stared at the young man in front of her. His moves were so gentle and his expressions were serious as if he was wiping a precious treasure. An Biru wondered why a young man barely in his twenties had a strong sense of maturation and vicissitudes in his eyes. For what reason he looked so?

Soon, Qin Haodong wiped off all the blood stain from Lin Momo’s face, revealing a stunning face in front of him.

Although he had seen many saints and princess of the powerful forces and the few women in the Cultivation World were all the beautiful females that could be rarely seen in the human world, he was still amazed by Lin Momo’s beauty.

“Looking at her face, her body, her figure… No wonder she would be my girl. She is so pretty, so damn pretty.”

At the first sight of Tang Tang, Qin Haodong had regarded Lin Momo as his woman.

“Why I didn’t see Tang Tang’s father?”

Qin Haodong asked. He wanted to find out whether Lin Momo was married or not in an indirect way.

“Tang Tang has no father.” An Biru sighed and continued, “Boss never told us who Tang Tang’s father was and that man didn’t show up even once.

“Momo might have a reason to do so, but, that cold-blooded man has never come to see his own daughter for so many years. If I know who he is one day, I’ll whack his ball.”

An Biru said angrily. She was not only Lin Momo’s assistant but also her good friend, so, she had been defending her against that man all the time.

“Ke… ke… ke…” Qin Haodong coughed, almost choked by his own saliva.

“Doctor Qin, are you ok?” An Biru asked, looking at him with amazement.

“I’m fine… I’m fine…” Qin Haodong clamped his legs subconsciously and changed the topic. “Miss Lin is such an outstanding girl. There must be many people wooing her. Didn’t she consider to get married again?”

“No. She might be deeply hurt by that cold-blooded man. Ever since she has Tang Tang, her character has changed so much and she has become aloof to everyone. She didn’t even have any boyfriend, let alone get married.”

Qin Haodong felt relieved after hearing the answer, and a sense of pity for her rose in his heart.

He continued to ask, “What has happened today? How did she get injured?”

He questioned his doubt. In view of Lin Momo’s status and the bodyguards with her, she shouldn’t have suffered such a serious accident.

An Biru answered, “Boss and I was on the way to Tang Tang’s kindergarten to take her home, however, when we were crossing a road, a black car without any license tag suddenly ran over to us and bumped into Momo.”

Qin Haodong frowned and asked, “Did you find out the driver?”

“No, that car didn’t even stop after hitting us and just sped up to escape away. I felt that it was not just a normal accident, so, I told Zhang Debiao and some other bodyguards to take Momo to hospital and I went to pick up Tang Tang, afraid that another accident would happen to her.

“I called the police just now, only to be informed that they had found the car at the bottom of a cliff and the driver had been crashed into pieces.”

Qin Haodong said in cold tone, “This is not a car accident; this is a murder.”

An Biru replied, “It’s normal. After Momo took over the president’s place, the business of Lin’s Group has expanded twice. It affected other’s interests, so, naturally, there are some people wanting her to die. What’s more, our group is not peaceful internally. Many people are coveting the president’s position.”

“Whoever dares to hurt my girl will be thrown into the bottom of the hell!”

Qin Haodong snorted in secret. A cold atmosphere immediately filled the room.

“What’s happening? Is the temperature on air conditioner too low?”

An Biru closed her collar more tightly and went to crank the heat up by two degrees Celsius.

In the morning the next day, Qin Haodong pulled the needles in Lin Momo’s abdomen out. After a night of nourishment of Green Wood Genuine Qi, most of her wounds were healed, which was a miracle in the history of modern medicine.

However, Qin Haodong still shook his head at it. “My cultivation is too low now, which restricted my medical skills. If I still possess the cultivation that I had in the Cultivation World, I can cure her in seconds.”

After Qin Haodong pulled the needle out of her, Lin Momo soon opened her eyes and sat up.

Though she was badly injured last night, she still had her sense, so, she knew everything that had happen later and that the man in front of him saved her from the gate of hell.

She said to Qin Haodong, “Thank you, Doctor Qin.”

Qin Haodong observed Lin Momo, who gave him an aloof feeling from head to foot. He could not feel any warmth from her words and could hardly attach her to the enthusiastic girl he met that night.

“You’re too welcome, Miss Lin. That’s what I should do,” Qin Haodong replied.

Seeing that the intern closely stare at her, Lin Momo frowned slightly. She did not like being stared at.

“Sister An, write Doctor Qin a check of one million RMB as a token of my appreciation.”

Qin Haodong said, “No, you don’t need to do so, as Mr. Lin has paid me with a house.”

“That’s my father’s gift, and I have mine for you. After all, nothing can worth more than my life.”

Lin Momo was really feared after the car accident. If she really died in the accident, Tang Tang would be left alone without mother. Thinking of this, Lin Momo was frightened.

An Biru, standing beside Lin Momo, was astonished. Last night when Qin Haodong told Tang Tang that Lin Momo would recover the next morning, she thought it was a lie to comfort the child and did not expect it to be real. “This young man’s skills are extraordinary. He cured a dying girl in just one night.”

She was lost in amazement until she heard Lin Momo’s words. After taking out a check book from her bag, she wrote a check of one million RMB and handed it to Qin Haodong.”

“Miss Lin, I’ve told you that I can’t accept this.” Qin Haodong did not take the check.

Lin Momo asked, “Well, Doctor Qin, is it too few for you? Tell me a number and I’m sure I can satisfy you.”

“It’s not about money,” Qin Haodong said, “Miss Lin, if you really want to thank me, comply with my request.”

Lin Momo wondered what request could be more precious than one million RMB, and when she thought of how Qin Haodong stared at her, she seemingly guessed what he wanted.

She immediately replied, “Doctor Qin, if you think that you can have designs on me because you saved me, you’re wrong. Give up your impractical plans.”

She should not be to blame for her misunderstandings about him as the men wooing her all those years were like the flies that she could not drive away. She had had it enough, and that was why she always looked unapproachable.

“What?” Qin Haodong was slightly surprised but immediately understood what she meant. He quickly said, “Miss Lin, you misunderstood me. It’s not what you thought. It’s just that I found Tang Tang congenial to me, so, I want to be her sworn father. I just have this only request.”

Although he also wanted to win Lin Momo’s favor, he knew he should be patient. What was more urgent was to let Tang Tang call him father as he was upset to be called uncle by his own daughter.

Sworn father was also a kind of father, and this was the best idea he could think at that moment. It was better to be called uncle.

“Seriously? You want to be Tang Tang’s sworn father?”

Lin Momo was slightly surprised, and her face was flushed after she realized she was wrong to think that Qin Haodong wanted to woo her.

“Yes, I really like Tang Tang.” Qin Haodong continued, “If you allow me to be her sworn father, I can promise you that she won’t fall ill for the rest of her life.”


Lin Momo hesitated. It had always been a painful thing that Tang Tang did not have father. That hateful man disappeared after that night and no news of him could be heard.

Tang Tang had cried looking for her father many times and asked Lin Momo why she did not have father, to which Lin Momo did not know how to answer.

“Having a sworn father is better than having no father. This may comfort Tang Tang a little.” Lin Momo had the similar thought like Qin Haodong.

What touched her most was that Qin Haodong promised her Tang Tang would not fall ill for the rest of her life. Every parent hoped that their children could be healthy. After the accident, Lin Momo knew more about how precious one’s life was.

“Okay, if Tang Tang won’t disagree, it’s fine for me.”

“Great, thanks, Miss Lin!”

Qin Haodong suppressed his excitement for fear of arising Lin Momo’s suspicion. As for Tang Tang, he was sure that she would be happy to accept him as her sworn father.

Right then, An Biru chimed in, “Doctor Qin, can you tell me the further treatments on president?”

“Well, she needs no more treatment. She can leave the hospital right now.”

“Really? Are you saying that president recovered?”

An Biru asked in astonishment.

It was already beyond her expectation that Lin Momo could recover to what she looked now. It would be little short of a miracle if she recovered totally.

“Well,” Qin Haodong regained his manner from excitement and answered at once, “I mean that she doesn’t need any treatment in hospital. She looks fine in appearance, but, her internal organs need nourishment still. She can receive her treatment at home, and she will be fine after I do her some acupuncture and massage every day.”

In fact, Lin Momo was recovered totally and needed no more treatment. The reason why Qin Haodong said those words was that he wanted to creat some chances for himself to stay with Lin Momo. He wanted to win Lin Momo’s heart as soon as possible and would not miss any chance to do so.

“Doctor Qin, how long will the acupuncture and massage treatment take?”

Lin Momo asked.

“A first estimate would be a half month, and it will also depend on how she recovers in the following time.”

Qin Haodong did not give her a certain answer and left himself with some leeway, for he knew that a girl like Lin Momo would not give him any chance to enter her house if she no longer needed his treatment.

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