The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007 The Love Could Not Be Broken

“Young Master Li, please hurry up and save our Chieftain. Our Sword Sect of Mount Shu is in trouble. Chieftain is in danger.” In a hurry, Little Peach could not explain in detail for the moment, so she just urged Li Mu in a loud voice.

Li Mu said, “What’s going on? Little Peach, don’t worry. Tell me in detail.”

He also realized that there might be a disaster on Mount Shu.

Just as Little Peach was about to speak, the voice of the prince on the flagship next to her ship sounded again. “Ha… It’s good, Li Mu. You are finally willing to show up. I thought you would hide forever to keep your reputation.”

Li Mu looked up and said, “I almost forgot to ask why you said my son deserved to die.”

“Because I want to kill him.” The prince slowly appeared on the side of the ship.

The prince was a young man in a dark yellow robe. He looked in his twenties. He was burly and had a strong momentum, looking down at Li Mu like a tiger looking at an eagle. At first glance, Li Mu knew he was not an ordinary person. With a provocative smile, he looked down at Li Mu.

“This is a newcomer!”

When Li Mu was in the Ziwei Star Zone, he had never seen this person.

“That’s a good answer. With this answer, I’ll let you die quickly.” Li Mu sneered.

He looked back at Ye Sili, who was in Little Peach’s arms. The little boy’s facial features were indeed a little similar to Li Mu’s when he was a child. The boy was even more handsome.

However, he was a little confused about why the little boy was his child.

From Little Peach’s words, it was obvious that the situation was urgent. It was not the time to think about other things.

“Little Peach, hold him tight. Wait a minute.”

Li Mu said to Little Peach.

Little Peach hugged Ye Sili tightly and nodded.

Li Mu whispered, “Moon Empress, please help me protect them.”

A voice sounded in the void, “Yes, sir.”

Faint moonlight emerged around the small ship.

Li Mu slowly floated into the air.

“I haven’t been to the Ziwei Star Zone for a long time. It seems the people here have forgotten the sharp broadsword in my hand. How dare you jump out and make trouble? Today, I’ll use your heads as a sacrifice to my broadsword.”

Before finishing his words, Li Mu moved and suddenly disappeared from where he was.

The prince on the flagship was already on full alert, but he only saw a blur in front of him. Before he could perceive Li Mu’s movements with his sight and Divine Consciousness, a sharp Broadsword Intent had already rushed toward him at an incredible speed.

He was shocked and barely managed to block it with his sword.


The sound of metal clashing rang out.

When the huge forces surged, the prince couldn’t control his body and fell back, hitting the main mast of the flagship hard.


The main mast was broken.

“Oh, no.”

“Stop him!”

“Protect our Prince.”

Only then did the experts of the Divine Chaos Dynasty on the flagship come to their senses. They attacked at the same time. Then they swarmed over to besiege Li Mu and bought time for the prince.

“Go to hell!”

The broadsword in Li Mu’s hand was just an ordinary Taoist instrument, but it had the power to destroy everything. He slashed backhand, and the ring of Broadsword Qi burst out. It was exactly the Eight-sided Sword Ring in the Liuyun Sword Scripture. He had used the technique on his broadsword.

The ring unleashed and attacked indiscriminately.

The experts of the Divine Chaos Dynasty within a radius of 10 meters, regardless of their strengths, clothes, and sets of armor, were instantly smashed into powder by the Broadsword Qi.

None of them survived.

“What’s this? What kind of Broadsword-using method is this?”

The prince, who had barely managed to stabilize himself, was scared out of his wits when seeing this scene.

“How could Li Mu be so strong?”

At this time, Li Mu made another strike.

The Broadsword Qi poured down like a white beam of light cutting down from the Ninth Heaven.

The prince immediately felt the crisis of death. His black hair fluttered wildly, and his eyes flashed with burning madness. He roared like a lion, “I don’t believe it. I am one of the lucky ones chosen by the Imperial Lord. How can I not block your attack?”

He was going to pull out his sword to fight back.

Halfway out of the sheath, the long sword flashed with blood-red light.

A broken arm holding a long sword flew out.

The prince screamed miserably.

Before pulling out his sword, he lost an arm.


Li Mu approached him and kicked him to the deck.

“With such a weak strength, how dare you stir up trouble in the Star River?” Li Mu directly crushed the prince’s body with one foot. “Divine Chaos Dynasty? What a ridiculous force! With no divine dragons in the mountains, wolves became the overlords.”

The prince’s head rolled on the deck, his eyes wide open. “How could you have such power?”

“Is this power very strong?” Li Mu said lightly.

The prince was stunned.

Li Mu looked at the thousands of experts of the Divine Chaos Dynasty around him without any fear. He directly crushed the head of the prince and killed this self-righteous powerful figure of the Divine Chaos Dynasty.

“I thought the person who threatened to kill me was powerful and unruly, but he turns out to be so weak. He is so narrow-minded. How dare he deal with me? How ridiculous!”

Golden light spots appeared around Li Mu.

“Prince Spirit Extermination is dead.”

“He killed Prince Spirit Extermination.”

“Send the message out quickly.”

“Let’s fight him to the death!”

Some of the experts of the Divine Chaos Dynasty were in a panic, some were slowly retreating, and some were rushing madly toward Li Mu.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Golden light spots shot out from Li Mu’s side.

They were golden flying broadswords.

Four-Blade God Killing Broadsword!

The current Four-Blade God Killing Broadsword had the third form apart from the Strange Broadsword with Four Blades and the Four Chains of Order. The Golden Chains of Order had been cut off one by one, and each of them was a Golden Flying Broadsword.

The Golden Flying Broadswords flickered like dazzling meteors. Wherever it passed, the experts of the Divine Chaos Dynasty fell like wheat being cut by sickles, and the huge silver flying shuttles were also shattered.

The scene was too shocking.

Little Peach’s eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

Although she had been looking forward to Li Mu’s arrival before, she did not expect Li Mu to be so powerful. Almost in an instant, he destroyed the fleet of the Divine Chaos Dynasty. In her eyes, the so-called Prince Spirit Extermination was as powerful as the Prince Heaven-devouring who led the army to attack the Sword Sect of Mount Shu. She even suspected that Li Mu could defeat the prince-level experts of the Divine Chaos Dynasty before. She did not expect the prince to look so weak and be killed so easily by Li Mu.

Li Mu had killed a prince as easily as pulling out weeds.

How powerful he was!

Little Peach didn’t dare to think more.

His power was beyond her cognition.

“Auntie Peach, where are we?”

A young and tender voice sounded in her arms.

Little Peach was shocked. She looked down and found Ye Sili had woken up from his sleeping. He was looking curiously at the dazzling golden meteor shower in the universe with his big eyes.

“Auntie Peach, who is he?”

Ye Sili stared at Li Mu, who was slowly walking out of the broken flying ships and the bodies of the dead experts of the Divine Chaos Dynasty and asked loudly.

Before Little Peach spoke, Li Mu had landed on the small ship in a flash.

The small ship paused for a moment and suddenly accelerated like a light arrow. It turned around and flew toward the Bitter Star.

Li Mu controlled the flying ship in person. It moved steadily and fast.

Ye Sili’s eyes focused on Li Mu since he came to the ship.

The little fellow stared blankly at the man in white, and his big eyes suddenly burst out unprecedented light. He hesitated for a moment and said, “Daddy? Are you my Daddy?”

Li Mu’s body trembled slightly.

At first, he wanted to ask about the child’s background. When he was called Daddy, something in his blood vessels suddenly burst out. Sincerity and power related to his bloodline occupied Li Mu’s whole body.

It had nothing to do with strength or cultivation.

Instead, it was a vital connection to life itself.

At once, Li Mu had no doubt that this little guy was his son.

But when did he and Ye Wuhen have the child?

“Daddy,” Ye Sili called out again.

Li Mu reached out and held the little boy in his arms without any hesitation.

“How did you know me?” He asked.

Even if the boy was his son, he had never seen the boy before. How did the boy recognize him?

“Mommy has shown me your image before.” Ye Sili’s ability to express himself was outstanding among his peers. He said in a crisp voice, “Mommy said that if I see you, I must call you Daddy as soon as possible and tell you that Mommy misses you very much!”

The softest part of Li Mu’s heart seemed to have been hit by something suddenly.

He had vaguely guessed who the child’s Mommy was.

He also vaguely understood when he and she had the child.

On that wedding night, Li Mu remembered that he slept unconsciously and didn’t wake up until the next morning. After he woke up, he thought nothing had happened. But now, it seemed she had slept with him that night.

They had just slept for one night, but she got pregnant.

It was so amazing.

Why didn’t Ye Wuhen tell him all this?

Li Mu’s mind was in a mess.

“Daddy, will you save Mommy?” The little boy wrapped his arms around Li Mu’s neck and felt a kind of intimacy that he had never felt before. This was because of the blood connection between father and son.

“Yes.” Li Mu nodded seriously and said, “All the bad guys who hurt your Mommy must die.”

When Little Peach heard this, she couldn’t help but burst into tears.

“Sister, have you heard that?

“You have borne so much criticism, the eyes of the secular world, and the long loneliness and longing. You have been silently working hard for him. Finally, he said these words. He doesn’t let you down.

“Sister, we’ll be back soon.

“Sister, you must hold on.”

“Daddy is indeed a great hero.” Obviously, the little fellow did not realize the urgency of the situation. He smiled happily and said, “Mommy said Daddy is the best hero in the world and the perfect man in her heart.”

A perfect man?

Li Mu felt a little ashamed.

“What’s your name?” Li Mu asked again.

He didn’t know the child’s name yet.

“My name is Ye Sili, meaning missing you.” The little fellow said.

Li Mu understood the meaning of the name at once.

She had been missing him all the time.

In the past, he left her without hesitation, and he never said he would come back. When they parted ways, she did not ask him to stay. Whatever happened, she always missed him silently.

He couldn’t break the love after passing by so many rivers and mountains.

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