The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055 The Indestructible Body of King Kong

Li Mu was a little confused.

A golden man poured out of the gourd. No, the person was an ape.

When Li Mu took a closer look, he suddenly found that the figure holding the golden long cudgel was not a human being but a human-shaped ape. The ape was strong and burly, full of power and beauty. The golden hair was jumping and burning like flames. A powerful smell of a demon fluctuations burst out and covered the sky and the earth.

The ape looked a little familiar.

“It’s Yuan Hou!”

Li Mu was shocked and suddenly came to his senses.

“Old Yuan, is that you?” He roared.

“Chief.” Yuan Hou was thrilled.

He finally came out of the world with flames everywhere.

Although he didn’t know what was going on outside, he had already recognized that the two guys controlling the thunder and lightning in front of him were the enemies of his Chief. Therefore, he waved the long golden cudgel, controlled the flames all over the sky, and rushed over.

Li Mu was indescribably excited.

On the trip to the Athanasia Immortal Palace in the Ziwei Star Zone, Yuan Hou was lost in the Flame Pool Palace. Li Mu thought Yuan Hou might be dead and regretted it in his heart. However, he didn’t expect that at the critical moment, when he wanted to use the Divine Fires in the gourd to stop the enemies, Yuan Hou was thrown out.

Moreover, Yuan Hou was waving the golden cudgel as if he were a golden deity of Heavenly Devil. When he swung the cudgel, the world’s colors changed. Even Bai Ruyun, such a fierce man, did not dare to take the blow head-on. For a moment, he could not bear the blow and kept retreating.

Compared with before, Yuan Hou had changed a lot.

His whole body was covered with hair like golden light as if he had undergone an atavistic transformation. His golden hair made him look like a God-king among apes. The pure smell of a demon of the Antiquity circulated around him. It was as dense as a pillar of golden flames rising to the sky, which was eye-catching. His Qi and blood were as vigorous as the surging waves of ancient times. He seemed to be a divine beast at the beginning of primitive times.

Obviously, he had encountered an adventure.

It was an upgrade of the essence of life.

It seemed that some primitive power in his body had been activated. After being refined by the Divine Fires, he had completely merged with his physical body and turned into a higher-level life form.

The divine artifact Li Mu bought in the underground city of the Constellation Demon Mountain, the Heavenly Exclamation, had also changed. In the hands of Yuan Hou, it was running smoothly and had great power, far beyond the class ranking described on that day.

Li Mu figured out the cause and effect at once.

Yuan Hou did not die in the Flame Pool Palace that day. For some reason, he was sleeping in the sea of fire and lost consciousness. Even his life fluctuations were extremely weak. Therefore, Li Mu could not find him in the Flame Pool Palace.

When Li Mu used the bronze gourd of Yin and Yang to absorb the Divine Fires in the Flame Pool Palace, he might have sucked Yuan Hou into the gourd because he was not familiar with using the mysterious gourd. Therefore, Yuan Hou had been sleeping in the fires in the gourd or undergoing some evolution for a long time.

Yuan Hou had been trapped in the gourd and could not come out.

It was not until Li Mu released a large amount of Divine Fires that Yuan Hou came out of the gourd.

It was a real coincidence.


As Yuan Hou swung his stick, golden light swirled and flickered all over the sky. Unparalleled power burst out like a flood.

Lin Yuquan couldn’t dodge in time. He took the cudgel head-on. The bones in his arms were directly cracked and distorted. The white bones pierced through his muscles and skin and were revealed. He was in an extremely miserable state. His blood dyed the sky.

The future leaders of Lightning Taoist Ancestor Mountain were second only to the martial art emperors. Even though Li Mu had consumed a lot of Primordial Qi in the Heaven and Earth Rings, Yuan Hou, who used to be a small ape in the Deity Realm, broke Lin Yuquan’s arms and let him scream after being hit by the cudgel. The increase in his strength was shocking.

“He’s at least the Celestial Master Realm!”

Li Mu swallowed hard.

It was so amazing.

Yuan Hou had only been trapped in the bronze gourd of Yin and Yang for a few months, but his cultivation and combat capability had soared. Could it be that the real use of the bronze gourd of Yin and Yang was neither nourishing weapons nor storing things? Was it a magical space used to improve people’s cultivation?

Although Li Mu knew Yuan Hou might have had an adventure the moment he recognized Yuan Hou, he did not expect it to be so incredible.

“Let’s join forces and kill him!”

Bai Ruyun roared and performed the Thunder Skill.

Lin Yuquan’s arms also recovered in an instant, and he rushed over crazily.

The series of unexpected changes gave Bai Ruyun a bad feeling. If things went on like this, he might fail to kill Li Mu. He had to give up the previous psychological torture and go all out. He wanted to kill Li Mu as soon as possible and wouldn’t delay any longer.

“Roar! Change!”

Yuan Hou roared angrily, and his body expanded rapidly. In an instant, he was hundreds of meters tall like a prehistoric Gigantic Beast. His fierce aura surged. As he swung his cudgel, the void was cracked. Bai Ruyun and Lin Yuquan were sent flying.

At the same time, Yuan Hou’s armpits bulged. In the blink of an eye, another four arms grew out directly. The muscles behind his neck also bulged. With a boom, two more heads grew out with a flash of light.

Now, he had three heads and six arms.

This was a remarkable ability.

At first glance, Li Mu knew Yuan Hou had completely mastered the Ultimate Yin and Yang Cultivation Method.

The Ultimate Yin and Yang Cultivation Method was the Cultivation Method that the Third-eye God, Yang Jian, cultivated in myths on Earth. It was Taoism’s Guardian Divine Cultivation Method and had various wonderful uses. It could achieve the Indestructible Body of King Kong and help people master remarkable abilities such as Substituting One Thing for Another, Primordial Spirit Coming Out, and so on. It could be regarded as the first Cultivation Method of the protector of Taoism.

Li Mu had been cultivating the Xiantian Skill and the Zhenwu Boxing, so did not focus on the Ultimate Yin and Yang Cultivation Method. He taught Yuan Hou the magical method. So far, Yuan Hou had finally reached great achievement.

The only pity was that when Yuan Hou had three heads and six arms, except for the divine artifact, the Heavenly Exclamation, he had no other weapons. It was a waste of strength.

“Catch them.”

Li Mu threw out several giant weapons in succession, including the Godbreaker in its fourth form.

With weapons in each of his six hands, Yuan Hou became much more powerful. For a moment, he suppressed Bai Ruyun and Lin Yuquan and fought them.

The most important thing was that the world-shaking Way of Thunder seemed to have no effect on Yuan Hou. When they activated their Thunder Skills and lighting, they launched on Yuan Hou’s body and only caused cyan smoke. They couldn’t even cut off a hair of Yuan Hou.

Li Mu knew when one practiced the Ultimate Yin and Yang Cultivation Method to the extreme, his body could not be broken. He could resist the Heavenly Tribulation and didn’t have to fear disasters. Therefore, it was not surprising that he could resist the heavenly thunder head-on.

However, Bai Ruyun and Lin Yuquan didn’t know.

The Thunder Skill they were good at could not hurt this golden ape. Although the physical strength of the people of Way of Thunder was also strong, there was a big gap between the two people and this ape. The Indestructible Body of King Kong of the Ultimate Yin and Yang Cultivation Method could compete with the great achievement of Zhenwu Boxing in terms of physical strength in the same realm. How horrible it was!

Li Mu watched for a while and relaxed a little.

Actually, although Yuan Hou had stepped into the Celestial Master Realm, his realm was unstable. Moreover, his realm was much lower than the two future leaders of Lightning Taoist Ancestor Mountain. Thus, it was impossible for him to defeat and kill them.

At first glance, Li Mu knew he had to leave as soon as possible.

He turned around and said, “Old Ma’am, Mrs. Yun, and Shuangyan, I’ll take you out of here as soon as possible.”

Just when he was about to leave with the Yun Family, a furious roar sounded from the sky.

Bai Ruyun took out an ancient purple mirror with patterns of lotus branches from somewhere and suspended it in the air. He bit the tip of his tongue, spat out a mouthful of blood essence, and sprinkled it on the ancient mirror. Then, the surging power of thunder and lightning was injected into the mirror.

The ancient mirror suddenly shone brightly and floated in the sky like a huge searchlight. It released a beam of purple light and shone on Yuan Hou.

Yuan Hou let out a roar, and his magical power of three heads and six arms was instantly broken.

His enormous body, several hundred meters tall, rapidly shrank to its original size.

The beam of light released by the ancient purple mirror had a kind of mysterious power that could break all the Magic Arts. At the same time, wisps of Emperor Qi were emitted, permeating the void and releasing horrible pressure of the Way of Emperor.

Li Mu’s expression immediately changed.

“An Emperor’s Weapon?

“Bai Ruyun has carried an Emperor’s Weapon.

“Oh, no.

“Things are going to get worse.”

Sure enough, under the illumination of the beam of purple light, Yuan Hou returned to his original form. He roared and waved the divine artifact, the Heavenly Exclamation, struggling to fight back.

However, the purple light beam was like a prison of light, enveloping him. As if he were imprisoned, he could not escape.

“Beast, no matter how high your cultivation is, how can you resist my Demon-shooting Mirror?” Bai Ruyun shouted coldly, and his pale purple face was full of killing intent. He said, “I will melt you and refine you into a demon pellet today.”

The purple ancient mirror trembled slightly. It crushed downwards with the beam of light.

Yuan Hou was burning with golden flames as he fought back with all his might. His body kept expanding and shrinking, and his roars shook the sky.

“Broadswords, come.”

With a stir in Li Mu’s mind, the flying broadswords with golden flames all over the sky swept toward Bai Ruyun.

He could tell that Bai Ruyun had consumed a lot of energy controlling the ancient mirror, the Emperor’s Weapon.

However, Lin Yuquan took action and intercepted all the flying broadswords in the third form of the Godbreaker.

“You’re dead meat today,” Lin Yuquan snorted and attacked again.

Without any hesitation, Li Mu activated the remaining True Energy of Emperors’ Fire without hesitation and activated the Heaven and Earth Rings again.

Two large black rings rolled over in the sky like millstones.

As the saying went, once bitten by a snake, the person was afraid of the rope. Lin Yuquan’s expression changed greatly, and he retreated quickly.

Li Mu took advantage of the opportunity to chase after the man. He directly controlled the Heaven and Earth Rings to crush Bai Ruyun. He wanted to seriously injure the man and save Yuan Hou first.

However, he had underestimated the consumption of True Energy by an Emperor’s Weapon like the Heaven and Earth Rings.

Before the pair of black rings flew halfway, Li Mu felt as if his body had been completely hollowed out. He had never felt so weak before. Blood flowed out of his mouth, nose, eyes, and ears.

However, Li Mu directly burned his life force and sacrificed his Source Energy to activate the Heaven and Earth Rings.

He knew very well that if he did not save Yuan Hou, all of them would die.

In less than one or two breaths, Li Mu became withered as if his body had dried up. The Heaven and Earth Rings hadn’t reached Bai Ruyun yet.

“Just a little bit more.”

Li Mu felt that he could not hold on any longer.

“Will I die in the trap set by Lightning Taoist Ancestor Mountain today?

“Why haven’t the old faker, the Sword Savant, and the others come yet?”

Li Mu was in a trance.

At this time, a sigh sounded behind him.

“It seems that this is the will of heaven.”

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