The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Li Mu Is a Master

The back office was the County Magistrate’s private room.

The former County Magistrate was so enthusiastic to be immortal, he enjoyed the Taoist magic arts and always focused on alchemy and cultivated himself, then finally he retired and it was said that he resigned and lived in seclusion to learn the immortals in the depth of Taibai Mountain. As a result, the layout of the back office was like a Taoist Temple a little, and there was one hall where Taoist ancestors were consecrated. There were two study rooms, one room for practice, one for alchemy, six bedrooms and there were other several utility rooms, several yards, one garden as well as waterfalls and rockeries, which was so quiet.

But it was covered with dust everywhere since there was no one living or cleaning here for more than one year.

Li Mu walked around freely and knew so well about the layout of the back house.

The girl attendant Ming Yue bullied to call out some servants and told them to clean the back house thoroughly.

The day soon ended.

In the evening.

Li Mu was standing quietly in front of the window of the main bedroom.

He began to think about something.

What he had seen today could prove what the old faker said was true, which meant that the earth might really face the fate of being demolished and destroyed. As a result, he could break the barrier of this planet when he obtained the Xiantian Skill and Zhenwu Boxing at a certain level within 20 years, so that he could enter the star region and change the fate of the earth.

Li Mu’s friends, classmates, relatives, and the old faker, as well as the fat husky, were all on the earth, and… and the puberty ignorant and pure secret loving girl of his… All this was worth defending and maintaining with Li Mu’s most sincere attitude.

“The hope lies on the Xiantian Skill and Zhenwu Boxing in order to make it.”

And Li Mu was becoming clearer and clearer.

The old faker had spent 14 years to teach Li Mu so many things, such as the ghost catching, note making, geomantic omen, psychic and the magic fist as well as other mess of things, however, most of them were deceiving. The old faker focused more on Zhenwu Boxing and Xiantian Skill, he once said that when you were at a certain level of those two skills, you would kill the most powerful one in the star region.

Li Mu thought the old faker was just exaggerating before, but now it was probably true.

“I’ve infinite power now and maybe it is just because I’d practiced the Xiantian Skill on the earth.”

Li Mu thought about the matter as he killed the two masters from Bloody-moon faction after he pushed them slightly last night.

There was no Spiritual Qi on the earth, so he couldn’t practice the Xiantian Skill, however, he had perfect foundation after 14 years’ practice, and this 14 years’ accumulation revived as he came to this alien planet with Spiritual Qi. As he breathed, he could feel the indescribable sense of beauty, the air was extremely sweet, and was that the so-called Spiritual Qi?

Nourished by the Spiritual Qi, Li Mu became more and more powerful at an extreme level.

Li Mu had also tried secretly in the past day and night, but he still couldn’t find out how powerful he was.

And this was only the effect after he arrived on this alien planet after one day and one night.

How powerful would it be if he practiced more in such an environment?

As Li Mu thought so, he felt so excited.

“Xiantian Skill, Zhenwu Boxing…”

He was standing in the middle of the bedroom straight, then postured slowly to begin to practice the Zhenwu Boxing.

There were totally 18 styles in the Zhenwu Boxing.

Each style was not so complicated, the movements were simple and easy with clear styles.

Li Mu had attained perfection in the 18 styles on the earth but he couldn’t find it so powerful, it was just like the 8th Children’s Radio Gymnastics at school. Li Mu had been familiar with it for 14 years and he could make it so perfect even if he did it from the beginning to the end with eyes closed.

However, Li Mu felt the strange part soon at this moment.

He couldn’t do the Lifting Pole Style of the fists of the Zhenwu Boxing of 18 styles, not to mention the styles. He could feel the pain on the muscles as if they were torn apart immediately, just like the thousands of cow hair silver needles were passing through the musculoskeletal meridians.

Li Mu cried out loudly, suddenly his whole body was wet with cold sweat.

“How can it be?”

He felt it strange.

What happened?

Was the Zhenwu Boxing variant when he came to the alien planet?

He managed to do the Lifting Pole Style of Zhenwu Boxing finally after trying dozens of times continually.

But he was suffering the great pain all over only after three or four seconds, it was just like a thousand cuts. His face became sallow and sweat beads of broad beans slid down from the forehead. Li Mu cried out loudly and fell down.

Not to mention the Three-Style Rocking-sky Hammer of the Zhenwu Boxing, Sky Hammer nor the Three Forms of Breaking the Sky, he couldn’t even do them at all.

Li Mu was lying on the green brick floor, he was breathing heavily while the chest fluctuated violently.

He was thinking quickly and tried to find out the reason.

But about one quarter later, an unexpected change had reappeared.

Suddenly, Li Mu felt the pain on him had faded like the tide, a feeling of crispness, numbness, and warmth surged through the body, which made him get an indescribable sense of comfort just like when he was soaking in a hot spring.

Li Mu stood up just like the carp jumped on water.

He moved his hands and feet, feeling comfortable and energetic as never before.

As if the pain before was just an illusion.

“Well?” Li Mu uttered a cry of surprise, he found there was a layer of black stain on the skin. He looked carefully, and found there was a kind of dirt in the skin pore, which was similar to the blackheads squeezed out on the nose of the beautiful women on the earth, they could be found on arms, legs, chest, and abdomen, even face and foot… They existed all over the body.

This was…

“Is this making a thoroughgoing change for my physique?”

Suddenly Li Mu understood a bit.

In this alien planet filled with Spiritual Qi, the certain mystery of Zhenwu Boxing was activated and its power had demonstrated at a preliminary stage, even the simple Lifting Pole Style had unmatched power. Just now he practiced the Zhenwu Boxing and it activated the mystery of this immortal fist, which had changed his physique, and that great pain must be the side effect when his physical condition was improved.

As he understood so, he burst into excitement.

That was really the Immortal Fist.

So, what about the Xiantian Skill since Zhenwu Boxing was so powerful?

Li Mu was so excited and he even didn’t have time to clean up the black dirt on the body but couldn’t wait to practice the Xiantian Skill. He touched the upper jaw with tongue, watched the nose with eyes, observed the heart with nose and tried to be natural, then breathed in a strange rhythm.

Xiantian Skill was a kind of breathing skill and guiding trick.

As he breathed, he had the feeling that never existed on the earth before, and it appeared on Li Mu.

The moonlight shone brightly on Li Mu’s body, making himself seem to emit a silver glow with a dreamlike color.

The legend started.


The night fell.

A large-scale official gathering was on the progress in the house of Zhou Wu, the Prime Minister of Taibai County.

Apart from Zheng Longxing, who had commanded military power, other officials of all levels appeared in the Zhou’s house.

“The imperial court is unfair, Zhou Xiancheng, who acted as your deputy in charge of Taibai County for one year, is conscientious and hard-working. He should have taken over the County Magistrate from you, but it was replaced by a green hand. Li Mu is just a useless scholar and just a blockhead. Why was he over you?” An unqualified literary official spoke loudly.

“Absolutely, I’d observed Li Mu today and found he was just only good-for-nothing, he was not qualified to manage the county at all, I’m not convinced by him.”

“Well, anyway, I’ll follow you only in the future, Mr. Zhou.”

A group of literary officials at all levels rushed to Zhou Wu to show their determination.

Zhou Wu was wearing a black suit and sitting on the main seat, he held a cup of wine with a smile just like a kind-hearted rich man. He looked at those people, silent.

Zhou family was one of the largest families in Taibai County, and Zhou Wu, the owner of the contemporary Zhou family, was an absolute scoundrel.

One year ago, the former County Magistrate resigned and there was no one in this position. Zhou Wu had been managing this county for one year and Taibai County was so integrated, he had been working there for some time, and he might probably the magistrate of this county, however, something happened, and such young pinhead took this position away unexpectedly from him at the last moment.

Zhou Wu was not reconciled.

But he had been accustomed not to betray his emotions for so many years and would never show them.

At this time, Feng Yuanxing, the envoy who had never spoken, put down the bottle of wine in his hand. He thought with a slight smile and said, “Be patient. I’ve seen him today and found him superficial and timid, he was just pretending to be calm. From all other signs and information, he was not from an aristocratic family, and you don’t need to emphasis on this. It’s just like the old saying goes that strong dragon cannot suppress the local scoundrel. Besides, Li Mu is not even a dragon, but a crawler. As long as we unite, the power of the decree of Taibai County will remain on Mr. Zhou Gong in the future. Only Zhou Gong’s words stand. Li Mu is just a joke.”

On the rank of officials, Feng Yuanxing, the envoy, was comparable to Zhou Wu, who was one of the three giants of the County Magistrate. However, because he was not local and was not from an aristocratic family, he has no one to turn to in Taibai County’s officialdom and it was difficult to gather them, so he has always been attached to Zhou Wu. And he always regards himself as the subordinate then never fights for power.”

“Aha, cheers, for the great help from you all.” As Zhou Wu heard so, there was a smile of satisfaction on his face, he was happy, laughing and toasting to drink.

They toasted each other and there was a burst of laughter in the big hall.

The house of the Director of Public Security.

Zheng Longxing, one of the three giants of Taibai County, looked suspicious in the hidden chamber.

A knight dressed in black was kneeling on one knee in front of him, then he said, “Hello, Lord, according to the news from the faction, Li Mu is a martial arts master, he had killed two brothers from the Joint-force level with only one trick… This assassination mission failed.”

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