The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Rule with an Iron Fist

As a well-disciplined and law-abiding teenager in the 21st century, Li Mu used to see children being robbed of lollipops on Weibo. He was so angry and would complain so much for at least three or five days as a senior young cynic.

“There is no such a rule! Come on, go and get the master of Magical Medicine Pharmacy as well as the dogleg of the murderer… here… get them all arrested and bring back for trial now.”

Li Mu whipped the timber as he was so angry.

He had been prepared to be a great pretender for the trial, but now he was really angry.

Hearing this, those 6 guards in the hall looked so eccentric, and they didn’t follow his order.

“Why?” Li Mu stared at them.

“Well… Master, it’s like this.” It was still the guard before, he winked continuously, came close and whispered in Li Mu’s ear.

It turned out that the Magical Medicine Pharmacy had great power in Taibai County with deep foundation, what’s more, it was said there was some background of faction of Shennong Faction, whose industry belonged to one of the four greatest factions in Taibai County. They used to be on a rampage in the county and it was usual when they hurt or killed the people, as a result, the county officers had to turn a blind eye to this previously.

“I don’t care, just go and arrest them now, get all of them here. It was before, but now I’m the magistrate and I’m just in charge of this matter.” As Li Mu said so, his nose was out of joint.

“What the hell four great factions are and why are they so arrogant to take life for granted? That’s so abominable.

“Is it the Yamaguchi-gumi of the gangsterdom in this alien world?

“But I don’t care, I’m the County Magistrate and I’m the boss of ‘Taibai County’.”

Li Mu disdained, anyway, they might not resist the prime minister even though they were Yamaguchi-gumi.

“Well…” That guard hesitated.

Other five guards were also standing there far lowering their heads, in fear that Li Mu might call their names and told them to catch the people.

“Why are you still there? Come and go to get them back here.” As a senior troll, Li Mu felt that his dignity as a county magistrate had been provoked and shouted loudly with harsh words and stern looks.

And finally, as the County magistrate Li Mu gave strict instructions, those six guards trembled with fear and went out to catch the people reluctantly.

The entire hall became so empty.

The girl Qin’er sobbed in low voice, and it became so clear.

Li Mu felt pity for her, he went to the center of the hall, appeased the panic-stricken and weeping girl, gestured with righteousness and indignations, clapped the chest and spoke to that woman: “Don’t worry, I will make the judgment for you.”

As an officer, he must make the right judgment for the people, or else, he must go home.

Though Li Mu was a fake official, he felt he was so upright, as he was assigned to post commensurate to his abilities, he would be able to do much.

“Thank you, Sir.” The woman showed gratitude from her dim eyes.

She was badly injured, breathing heavily as she spoke and bleeding from the corners of her mouth.

To be honest, it was her last gamble as she was driven into a corner, she dared not hope too much, but now this new County magistrate was such an official who hated evil as if it were his enemy, which made this poor woman feel hopeful again.

Just at this moment, the little attendant Ming Yue ran in excitedly.

Li Mu turned back and said, “It’s you, yes. Go and find a doctor in the city for the medical treatment for this sister.”

The little girl attendant Ming Yue stopped, the excitement and laughter on his face suddenly solidified and his head shook like a rattle drum. “No, I want to stay here to watch the scene of bustle, let him go.” And this dull referred to Qing Feng, who was recording the case sitting at the back of the office.

Li Mu disdained to laugh and said, “Can you read?” “Can you read? Can you write? Can you record the case?”

Before he finished, Ming Yue didn’t say anything, he turned around and covered his face with shame, then rushed out of the court to find the doctor.

Soon another 1 hour passed.

In the meantime, the dispatched guard returned with a flattering reply, saying that the manager of Magical Medicine Pharmacy was busy today, he had no time for trial in the public court, and another day would be ok when he was free…

Li Mu was extremely angry that he almost wanted to laugh.

“Tell him to come to the court within the time of one incense, or else, I will go by myself and smash his pharmacy.”

Li Mu gnashed the teeth in anger.

“Damn, why he will not come when he’s busy? How can he be the great pretender before me?”

Li Mu was always great pretender, but he couldn’t stand when others did so before him.

Feeling hopeless, that guard went out sadly.

On the other hand, ten minutes later, the little girl came to the court with Mr. Hu, a doctor with beard. He checked bind up Mrs. Li’s wound, saying that she had hurt her viscera, but told her not to worry about it since it was not so serious and told her to rest and take medicine on time. She could recover in about three or five months. The little girl Qin’er thanked him so much, knelt down and kowtowed to the doctor, which looked so pitiful.

Li Mu sighed with emotion.

The girl’s family could manage to open a pharmacy in Taibai County and they were not poor but living as middle class, who had no concern about clothes and food. However, they were totally unable to resist in the face of the bullying of the evil forces, and their family were almost ruined overnight.

The reason was that they were actually too weak.

Jungle justice became so manifested in such a despondent and insane way in a civilized and backward world like China’s ancient times.

It made Li Mu realize that the value of individual powerful force became so necessary in such a world.

Another about one hour later.

Six guards took a mid-aged man, who dressed in brocade clothes, to the court.

“Please, Mr. Huang.” The guard was so polite to this man, he took him inside, then turned back and saluted to Li Mu, said, “Your honor, I’ve taken him here, and this is Huang Wei, the manager of Magical Medicine Pharmacy.”

Li Mu looked at Mr. Huang.

“I’ve seen you, Sir, you are the county magistrate.” Huang Wei was not tall, he was white and fate wearing noble brocade clothes, he was smiling while bowing.

Though looked agreeable, Li Mu had practiced the Xiantian Skill with substantial improvement in perception, which was unusual than ordinary people. He could find the contemptuous gesture from him and the face.

“Mrs. Li, is this the murderer?” Li Mu asked that woman.

That woman stared at Huang Wei, but she shook her head finally and replied. “Hello, your honor, I don’t know him, and he’s not the murderer who killed my parents-in-law and my husband.”

Li Mu as raged in his heart and looked at those guards.

Trembling, those guards didn’t even dare to look up.

Huang Wei smiled, it seemed as if he had prepared already and said: “Your honor, there’s a mistake here. I’ve just known this matter when those servicemen came to visit today, then I checked and found it was done by my internship shopkeeper with several apprentices. But they were dismissed by Magical Medicine Pharmacy three days ago due to their misdeeds… I really feel sorry about this matter about Mrs. Li, but I don’t think it has something to do with Magical Medicine Pharmacy anymore.”



How could they do this?

So, that was just the “Temporary Labor Method” on the earth.

Li Mu was stunned and fell into a great rage.

He was just deceiving.

“Damn, how is it such a coincidence?” The little girl attendant Ming Yue stood on one side, whose chest fluctuated violently, couldn’t help shouting abuse in such… rude and vulgar words.

Huang Wei glanced at Ming Yue, he wore a cold look and kept silent as he saw she was only a sucking little attendant.

“Why are looking at me like that? Don’t you believe our master will beat you to death…?” Ming Yue was 11 or 12 years old, she had bright eyes and beautiful teeth, whose skin was like jade, powdered and polished. She was just a beauty embryo but with irascibility like a little wolf. She might rush and bite if the guard came to stop her.


Li Mu patted the timber, gnashed the teeth in anger and said, “I don’t care, Magical Medicine Pharmacy has to give me those murderers within 3 days, or else, your shop will be checked and closed. You need to return the shops to Mr. Zhang, what’s more, you also have to pay 500 for the compensation for the medical expenses of Mrs. Li’s and medicine as well as… Well, the mental damage.”

How could he make a fool of himself with such a method of the temporary worker?

Li Mu decided to solve the matter in an unreasonable way since the Magical Medicine Pharmacy chose to be so.

“Your honor, you’re just imposing on me.” Huang Wei narrowed the eyebrows and said with a forced smile: “Those murderers didn’t belong to us anymore, and we’ve spent a lot of money to buy Mr. Zhang’s shop, which is not forcibly occupied. I’ve got the contract for evidence with the handprint of owner Zhang Long on it too…” As he said so, he took out a yellow contract from him and told the guard to hand it in.

“Fake, that’s a fake one…” As Mrs. Li saw this, he got so emotional though he got seriously injured. She struggled towards Huang Wei and became furious: “It’s you fabricated this, you must kill my parent-in-law and used his fingerprint to do so… He would not die if he agreed to sell his shop… I want to kill you, you’re such a devil and beast in human skin.”

And the guard next to her stopped her immediately, shouted. “Don’t fight here in the court.”

She puffed. The woman was anxious and angry, she opened the mouth and spat out another mouthful of blood.

“Mum, mum… Are you ok? Wake up, I cannot lose you since I’ve lost my Dad…” Qin’er had scanty experience of life, she had fine look and now it was like falling from heaven to hell for her in a few days. Everything was gone now and both of her eyes were swollen with tears, she was just like a trembling duck in the storm as she was in a panic.

Li Mu took over the yellow contract documents, he tore them up without even reading.

“You…” Huang Wei paled, he stared at Li Mu with a forced smile, said: “Your honor, what do you mean when you tear the documents directly since they are the contract documents with Mr. Zhou’s seal on them, he is the deputy county magistrate.”

Li Mu stood up, he went out from the back of the desk, came up to Huang Wei and stared at him, then smiled suddenly.

“Now let me speak up, and I don’t want to play this word game with you. You must be quite clear about the truth, and you’re quite clear where the contract documents are from… I will never change my words as I’ve spoken just now. Go and tell your master, I will go by myself to your shop and smash it if you cannot make it after 3 days.”

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