The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 779 - Blood Pill

Chapter 779 Blood Pill

“Attack! Kill him!”

Tao Yuan, the Silver Lizard King, appeared tough on the outside, but he didn’t dare to fight with Lu Xun, who had integrated with a Buddha’s secret treasure. Instead, he ordered the half-demons to attack Lu Xun.

“Great Benevolent Palm!”

Lu Xun shouted in a low voice. Thousands of Buddha’s hands which glowed with golden light appeared behind him and released palm strikes at the same time.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Blood splattered mists erupted in midair.

Countless half-demons were blown up in the air.

A rain of blood fell from the sky.

They were like a flock of birds brought down by machine guns. It was a one-sided massacre.

“What a powerful combat technique!”

Li Mu nodded approvingly.

It seemed that the Buddha’s secret treasure that Lu Xun had obtained was much more powerful than the light swords and other weapons in the hands of Tang Tian and the others. It was something combined with Cultivation Methods. After Lu Xun had integrated it with his body, his strength had greatly increased. That was the reason why he could launch such a powerful attack without relying on external objects.

This was his opportunity.

“Damn it!”

Tao Yuan, Silver Lizard King’s expression underwent several rapid changes.

“Silver Lizard Bloodline… transform!”

Suddenly, countless silvery scales with tiny flickering runes on them appeared on the surface of his body. His thigh muscles bulged out, his legs turned into a lizard’s rear limbs, his arms turned into a lizard’s front limbs with claws, his coccyx protruded from his clothes and grew into a lizard tail, and even his eyelids looked like that of a lizard.

He was no longer a half-human, half-demon creature.

He was a real lizard-shaped demonic beast.

“You forced me to do this. I’m a complete Silver Lizard now… You brat, don’t you want to take revenge for your grandfather? You can do that in your next life. Ha-ha-ha, go to hell!”

Tao Yuan had turned into a demonic beast. He charged at Lu Xun, giving off a strong raging demonic aura.

“Great Benevolent Palm… Go to hell!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Lu Xun stood among the pistils of the white lotuses. His robe was as white as jade, and behind him were numerous Buddha palms that made him look like a peacock spreading its tail feathers. Countless beams of divine light erupted from those palms, streaked through the sky like meteors, and darted toward Tao Yuan like thousands of divine arrows.

Clouds of blood mists appeared in the air, looking like plum blossoms.

Silvery light flashed.

Tao Yuan’s body had been pierced through and was riddled with holes, and his eyes were red. He rushed to Lu Xun in an instant and waved his hook-like claws fiercely through the air as if he wanted to tear the void into pieces.

“Great Sorrow Punch!”

Lu Xun threw a punch.


Tao Yuan lost an arm.

“Ah…” He screamed in pain and became even more crazed from the pain.

He regrew the lost arm in an instant.

Lizards could regrow severed tails. After a silver lizard became a demonic beast, its greatest strange ability was to regrow severed parts, and this ability was much stronger than the abilities of practitioners in the same realm.

Tao Yuan charged frantically at Lu Xun.

“Grandfather, I’m going to take revenge for you.”

He leaped up from the pistils of the white lotuses and took the initiative to attack. He threw a powerful Great Sorrow Punch, which had the power that could topple the mountains and overturn the seas. He overwhelmingly defeated Tao Yuan, who had a very strong physical body after turning into a silver lizard. When their bodies collided with each other, Tao Yuan’s four limbs exploded.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Lu Xun landed rapid punches on Tao Yuan’s body as if he were hitting a sandbag.

Under such circumstances, Tao Yuan’s ability to regrow severed parts made Lu Xun feel even more exhilarated while taking revenge. Lu Xun didn’t want to kill Tao Yuan with just one punch, but instead, he wanted to launch attacks continuously so as to vent his anger and hatred thoroughly.

“Ha-ha-ha, I have an undying body. Even if you kill me a hundred times, it would still be useless. Lu Haoran, that old bastard, will never come back to life. Ha-ha!”

Tao Yuan’s face was covered in blood. He was knocked back and forth like a sandbag.

Lu Xun threw countless Great Sorrow Punches at him.

“Silver Dragon, help me.”

Tao Yuan roared loudly.

The giant dragon-like lizard swooped down from the sky.

“Great Benevolent Palm!”

Numerous Buddha palms appeared behind Lu Xun again. Like a human-shaped, self-propelled piece of artillery, he launched numerous powerful palm attacks and instantly smashed the dragon-like lizard into pieces.

Tao Yuan seized this opportunity. He let out a roar and self-destructed, turning into blood mist all over the sky.


“Has he killed himself?

“He killed himself because he clearly knew that he couldn’t escape and he didn’t want to be tortured any longer.”

Lu Xun returned to the lotus seat on Buddha’s Palm. His breath was not stable. The battle that he fought just now consumed a considerable amount of his energy.

He threw his head back and howled with tears streaming down his face. “Grandpa, Grandma, Third Uncle, and Xiao Gang… I’ve taken revenge for you.”

Li Mu suddenly said, “Wait a minute.”

He opened his Third Eye between his eyebrows, and a beam of divine light came out of it and suddenly illuminated the sky. He saw a transparent figure hidden in the gradually dispersing blood mist.

It was Tao Yuan, the Silver Lizard King.

“Is he still alive?” Lu Xun was shocked and angry.

He had almost been fooled.

The transparent figure was not a spirit, but an actual demon in disguise.

Having been discovered, Tao Yuan screamed shrilly with a look of panic on his face and ran away from the silvery barrier.

The blood mist condensed and took on a human form.


Li Mu cast a spell.

His words were like the law.

Tao Yuan instantly froze in the air.

He looked at Li Mu and Lu Xun pleadingly with a look of panic on his face.

This time, he was really scared.

“Go to hell!”

Lu Xun took action again and smashed into Tao Yuan mercilessly.

A rain of blood fell from the sky.

Li Mu produced a seal with one hand and collected the blood mist that was drifting all over the sky. The runic fire of thunder sprayed out of his Third Eye, refined the demonic power contained in the blood mist, and condensed Tao Yuan’s blood into a blood pill that had strange flickering runes and wandering veins on its surface.

“This pill is made of the silver lizard’s demonic blood, which has regenerative power. If you take it, you’ll gain the ability to recover quickly.”

Li Mu handed the blood pill to Lu Xun.

The dark clouds in the sky above Dunhuang gradually dissipated.

However, it was still cloudy.

At some unknown time, it started to drizzle.

The famous tourist city in the northwest was shrouded in mist, which gave the people a calm and peaceful feeling.

Lights were flashing at the entrance to the folded space channel in the north of the city.

Several low-altitude military aircraft belonging to Hero Country with fancy shapes and emitting dark blue flames passed through the channel and flew straight toward the base camp of the garrison under the guidance of soldiers stationed in Dunhuang City.

Inside the cabin of an aircraft, a shorthaired beauty clad in a snow-white air force uniform was flipping through a document in her hands.

She looked to be in her twenties, but her eyes were like those of a 100-year-old person that had witnessed many vicissitudes of life. Her skin was as smooth as jade, tender, and white, and her facial features were delicate and beautiful. She was not tall, about 1.65 meters, but her figure and curves were perfect. She gave off a cold aura that kept people away.

Beside her stood a burly man who had a square face and who was also in a military uniform. He looked like he was less than 30 years old. He had a strong-willed and determined look on his face, sword-shaped eyebrows, and bright eyes, and he had a kind of heroic spirit. His military rank appeared to be quite high.

Besides these two officers, there were also twenty soldiers. Judging from their equipment and the fierce look on their faces, they were not ordinary soldiers. They gave people the impression that they had the strength of thousands of troops.

The aircraft landed at a small airport in the base camp.

The cabin door opened.

The square-faced officer and the beauty in military uniform walked out of the aircraft first.

Tang Haizhi, the commander of the Denghuang garrison, immediately walked up and laughed loudly. “Commander-in-chief Fan, Corps Commander Su, you are finally here. This way please.”

The square-faced officer was Fan Zu’ang.

The beautiful woman in military uniform was called Su Cuo.

Among the government officials and military officers of Hero Country, these two persons were on best terms with Li Mu. This was the reason why the government sent them here as soon as they got the news about Li Mu.

“Tang, we meet again. How is it going?” Fan Zu’ang asked straightforwardly as he reached out his hand to shake hands with Tang Haizhi while he was quite far away from the latter.

Tang Haizhi said, “I’ve ordered my men to keep an eye on the situation outside the Mogao Caves. It has been more than ten hours since Consultant Li got in there with some people, but no one has come out yet.”

Su Cuo’s voice sounded like two pieces of cold jade striking against each other. It was a unique female voice that was pleasing to the ear. She said, “Are you sure that the person who went in there was Consultant Li? Do you have any video footage?”

Tang Haizhi explained what happened and then said, “We don’t have any video footage, but there is a witness.”

“Arrange for me to see her,” Su Cuo said straightforwardly, “Right now.”


An officer led Su Cuo to see the female ticket seller at the entrance to the scenic spot.

Fan Zu’ang smiled and said, “Commander Su and Consultant Li are sworn friends.”

Tang Haizhi said, “I understand that. Consultant Li’s return is a blessing for Hero Country.”

Fan Zu’ang nodded and said, “Yes, he is a national hero that once turned the tide, but the situation is different now. There are alien tribes and ancient forces everywhere, including the underground world, the seas, the sky, famous mountains, great rivers, and lakes… They are all godlike. Nobody knows whether they are friends or enemies. I have no idea if Consultant Li would be able to turn the tide this time.”

Tang Haizhi said, “Heroes emerge in troubled times. Consultant Li is not fighting alone. There are thousands upon thousands of comrades-in-arms who are fighting alongside him. If one day I need to die, as a soldier, I will definitely not hesitate to do so.”

Fan Zu’ang patted Tang Haizhi on the shoulder and said, “Old Tang, we have been preparing for so many years, our country has been accumulating power, and Consultant Li has been making painstaking efforts to help… I hope that the country will be prosperous and the people will be at peace.”

Both of them were heavy-hearted.

The Earth was facing the most terrifying dark era since the birth of mankind.

Such darkness might even come from mankind.

For many people who knew the secrets of the current situation, Li Mu might be the last glimpse of hope for solving the problem.

An umbrella.

A black umbrella.

A young woman was holding a black umbrella with an oilpaper canopy and a yellow bamboo handle. She wore a black suit, flat leather boots, and a pair of sunglasses.

Her fingers were as white as suet jade, and her nails were painted with red cardamom. The yellow bamboo handle of the umbrella set off her dazzling beauty.

The woman was very beautiful, and she gave off a mysterious aura.

The black oilpaper umbrella did not match her clothes. Raindrops fell on the canopy, making noises that sounded like low music notes, and added a bit of sorrow and melancholia to the gloomy atmosphere in Dunhuang.

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