The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 108 - Conflict Resolved Over A Pot of Wine IV

Chapter 108: Conflict Resolved Over A Pot of Wine IV

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She clenched her fists tightly. Her hands were at her sides, her fingernails dug into her palms until it bled without her realizing it.

‘Feng Ruqing, you cannot keep whatever that does not belong to you forever! One day, I’ll take the things you have snatched away from me back, and I will make you suffer and give you no chance to rise again!’

Feng Ruqing did not bother about Feng Rushuang’s leaving. For her, having fun and enjoying wine with the troop members were more important at the moment.

“Look here, I’ve prepared good wine for all of you. Let’s enjoy our wine heartily tonight!”

She had not gotten a chance to try her wine yet as she was busy giving it to others. So today she would drink it to her heart’s content. What an enjoyable night to drink wine with her fellow troop members!

“I… I don’t drink wine.” Ling Yun was stunned. So, she tried to decline the offer with a weak excuse.

Feng Ruqing was not pleased upon hearing that. “I have spent a lot of effort to get this wine. All of you must drink it!”

“But I cannot hold my liquor…”

“No, it cannot be. Are you a soldier? If you are a proud and strong soldier, how can you refuse to drink?”

If it were an ordinary wine, she would have let her go, but this was spirit wine. She must drink it!

Feng Ruqing lifted the wine jar without much effort and opened it.

The fragrance of the wine filled the air.

Even Ling Yun who was not a drinker subconsciously indulged in the fragrance and the sweet scent of the wine. She soon realized that her inner qi was fluctuating and seemed to be rising to the next level.

“This wine…” Tang Zi lifted her head in surprise.

“Don’t bother about this wine. Today, we must drink heartily! Ling Yun, get a wine bowl here!”

“Yes, master.”

Ling Yun had recovered from her surprise and quickly rushed to the little courtyard.

In actual fact, Feng Ruqing did not bring only one jar, but a few jars of wine which were already diluted with water.

She had no other choice. There were simply too many people in the troop. If she did not do this, it would not be enough for everyone! Later on, she would get more spirit beasts to help her with the wine-producing work.

By then, the troop members would be able to drink pure spirit wine instead of the diluted one.

“Master, is it really alright for us to enjoy such good wine?” Tang Zi looked at Feng Ruqing and asked in hesitation. “Shall we send it to His Majesty and the old generals…”

Feng Ruqing raised her brows. “Don’t worry. Of course, I have kept some for them. Moreover, apart from relieving pain and maintaining good health, spirit wine helps to breakthrough your cultivation level as it contains sufficient qi. Since all of you want to submit yourselves to me, you must upgrade your cultivation level!”

Tang Zi felt moved as it tugged at her heartstrings. In her opinion, a change for the better in the princess had been an extravagant hope to them. Yet, who knew the princess would be so concerned about them.

“Then, I shall give no more excuses. Today, I will drink heartily with you.” She finally smiled. It was different from her usual confident and valiant smile, it was more gentle this time.

Within seconds, Ling Yun came out with the wine bowl. She poured a bowl for Feng Ruqing first and handed to her. She took the bowl and said it out loud, “Let me salute you with the first toast of wine. All of you must drink too!”

Once she finished her words, she swallowed every drop of wine in one shot.


Her body suddenly fell back with a ‘bang’ sound as she fell onto the floor just before Ling Yun managed to pour her second round of wine.

The wine bowl shattered on the ground beside her.

Tang Zi was left dumbfounded for a few moments, then she picked up the wine bowl and took a sip. “This spirit wine… does not have high alcohol content. Why did Princess become unconscious after only one drink? Moreover, based on her current low alcohol tolerance, how bold it was of her to drink heartily with us!”

“Commander, let me bring Princess to rest somewhere.”

Ling Yun shook her head as she felt helpless. When she wanted to carry Feng Ruqing, suddenly a small storm appeared on the princess’s body. That storm was so strong to the point where it pushed Ling Yun a few steps back.

“Is this a sign of cultivation breakthrough for the princess?” Tang Zi was stunned to see this strange phenomenon. She frowned at Feng Ruqing who was sleeping soundly on the ground. She muttered to herself for a few moments, “No, something is wrong. The breakthrough for Earth Warrior-tier won’t cause this strong effect, but her fluctuating spiritual qi does belong to Earth Warrior-tier…”

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