The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 1659 - Xiao Ya’s Whereabouts VIII

Chapter 1659: Xiao Ya’s Whereabouts VIII

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In the imperial family, there was no such husband and wife, father and son relationship… There was only the ruler and his servant…

No one could disobey him.

However, all she wanted was just to be as loving as a normal couple. She wanted her husband to be a good father for her son and then find a good man for her daughter. She did not want her daughter to engage with any arranged marriage for the sake of the kingdom.

So, she was tired.

She envied Feng Ruqing, who could live freely and not be bothered by anything.

“Emperor, it has been a long time since I visited my mother. I plan to go home to check on her, so I want to ask for your permission…”

Her tone was no longer as angry as it was before but distant and polite.

It also made it difficult for Qi Fang to reply for a while.

It was not until a short while later that he sighed lightly and said, “I’ll order someone to escort you back.”

“No need, I’ll bring my servants with me. They can protect me.”

As soon as Qi Yu heard that the empress was leaving, he became a bit anxious. “Mother, I’m not leaving. I want to stay with Pretty Sister so I can learn many things with her.”

Qi Qin’er also nodded and looked at the empress expectantly.

The empress smiled. “I’m not taking both of you with me. I don’t worry about you guys following Maiden Feng, unlike in the palace… Perhaps, if I’m not there, you’ll all lose your lives at any time. Don’t worry, I’m just going back for a while, and I’ll come back later.”


Qi Yu was relieved, but Qi Qin’er looked a bit worried.

“Mother… When will you be back?”

“Three months. I’ll be back in three months.”


Qi Qin’er smiled. “Then, I’ll wait for you at Sister Feng’s manor. Don’t worry. We won’t go back to the palace. We don’t want to die there.”

She had almost died back then, and she was so scared to live alone in the palace again. She could only feel safe when she stayed with Feng Ruqing.

Qi Fang was somewhat saddened to see his wife and his children leaving him.

Back then, he and the empress were a lovely couple who were envied by everyone. His children were so proud of him and loved to stay with him in the palace.

Had he done something wrong?

Qi Fang fell silent, lost in thought…


Yun Huan Kingdom.

Duan Manor.

A mocking voice echoed through the courtyard…

“I don’t understand why our Young Master brought back a disfigured mute… Second Lady is so beautiful. That mute is nothing compared to our Second Lady.”

“Shh, don’t say that. I heard that this mute used to be the young lady, but she ran away with another man back then. Now, that man has abandoned her and hurt her to such an extent, so she has returned to find our Young Master.”

“Young Master is so pitiful. He abandoned his second wife for her, and she ended up running away with someone else. I heard that she has been with more than one man. The wives of those men found her, ruined her face, and poisoned her until she was mute.”

“That is her fault then. She deserved it! Such a woman is not worthy of our Young Master!”

The servants suddenly stopped talking as they saw a man walking past them with a bowl of herbs. They lowered their heads and continued with their works, not daring to discuss any further.

Duan Qiong smiled as he walked slowly toward the backyard with a bowl of herbs.

This was the spirit herb that he got from his father after begging him. It was said to be very effective and could return Ya’er’s voice.

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