The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 1808 - The Old Master’s Rage II

Chapter 1808: The Old Master’s Rage II

Suyi was stunned.

“Why would she help Nan Fang after what he had done to her? I don’t understand!”

She would never understand!

“She wants power and status in the Nan family unless she can find it somewhere else. Only then, she might willingly abandon the Nan family. For now, she will not completely turn her back on the Nan family.”

Hearing these words, Suyi fell silent.

She had this discussion with the white phoenix in the Nan family back then.

Nan Luo refused to leave the Nan family because she loved her status as the Nan family’s only young lady. Except for her parents and her brother, other people still respected and admired her…

She was nothing if she left the Nan family!

“Qing’er, then why did she help me before? She even betrayed Nan Fang for me.” Suyi hesitantly wondered out loud, “Can’t it be that she wants to get close to me because of Nan Fang? Impossible… If it wasn’t for your huge pot and the sword soul, we couldn’t even escape from Nan Fang. He is such a confident man. Why does he want to use Nan Luo when he still has another choice?”

‘At that time, Nan Fang never thought I could escape, so he would not have sent Nan Luo to help me…

‘Why did Nan Luo want to help me find my father?’

“Maybe she wants something from you?” Feng Ruqing shrugged. “No need to think about this. The most important thing now is to watch her at all times.

“That’s all we can do…”

Suyi sighed and said guiltily, “Qing’er, I’ve made you worry.”

“It’s alright. You’re… My favorite Suyi, after all.” Feng Ruqing smiled.

Since she first met Suyi back then, even after she knew Suyi’s background, she had decided… To protect her for the rest of her life…

Suyi’s heart warmed. She held Feng Ruqing’s hand and said, “Qing’er, I actually regretted marrying Mu Ling at first, then I realized that everything was destined. Because of Mu Ling, I gave birth to Nan Xian, and because of Nan Xian, there is you… So, I no longer hate him.”

“Mu Ling?”

An old voice came from the back.

As Suyi turned her around, she saw the old master stepping out of the door and walking toward her.

He was still a little thin, but much better than before; even his voice was no longer weak.

“Father, why are you out?” Suyi rushed to him. “You have not yet recovered. It is better to rest more.”

Old Master Nan’s face sank. “Who is this Mu Ling you were talking about? How come I haven’t seen my grandson’s father? Where is his father? Don’t tell me he’s dead.”

Suyi was put in a difficult position, so she looked to Feng Ruqing for help.

The old master had not yet fully recovered. If he knew what she had been through all these years, he would be angry again.

Feng Ruqing looked at Suyi, took out a bottle of spirit water from the medium, and let the old master smell it.

The aroma entered his nose, making the old master calm and refreshed.

Feng Ruqing turned to Suy. “You can tell him now.”

Suyi sighed and said, “Father, we’ve split up.”

‘Split up?’

The old master was so angry that his eyes rolled up, and he almost fainted.

If it were not for that refreshing aroma, he would have collapsed.

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