The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 2233 - The Past Life 158

Chapter 2233: The Past Life 158

No one knew how he spent those days when she was missing.

Many times he even wondered if he had done something wrong.

If he had told the Ninth Emperor about that person long ago, perhaps the Ninth Emperor would not have disappeared for so many years.

Later, he realized that the Ninth Emperor would have left this place whether he told her about that person or not.

And she did!

Di Ming stared in the direction where the Ninth Emperor left for a long time and could return to his senses.

His gaze filled with fondness and reluctance, until after she disappeared, he did not turn away.

The sky gradually darkened. He was like a statue, standing in place without moving, allowing the breeze to brush his long hair. A pair of his evil eyes filled with an unspeakable sentiment…


After leaving the imperial palace, the Ninth Emperor found Nan Changfeng standing not far away, waiting for her.

She greeted him with a smile.

That smile was so bright…

“Let’s go. What should be known, I already know.”

‘Di Ming had never wanted to tell me the rest of the story.’

Nan Changfeng noticed that the Ninth Emperor was not in a good mood. Although she had a smile on her face, he noticed the gloom hidden behind that smile at a glance.

“Your mother…”

“Perhaps, it is difficult for me to find her.”

She had said that they would meet one day.

However, whether it was for a thousand years, or ten thousand years… No one could say clearly…

That was why she was so lost.

Nan Changfeng raised his hand and pulled the Ninth Emperor into his arms.

The Ninth Emperor froze for a moment and raised her eyes to look at the young man in front of her.

The young man’s embrace was somewhat warm, not quite the same as the previous ones, and even more different from the embrace of those girls in Cloud Mountain.

It was also within this moment, her restless heart gradually calmed.

She placed her hand on the young man’s back, lowered her head, and smiled.

“Changfeng… Back then, I always felt that she would still come back later even though she had left me. This time, I understand that there is no way for her to come back…”

She was very lost after she knew it. That feeling was like a hand tightly tugging at her heart.

It felt so difficult that she nearly suffocated.

Fortunately, Nan Changfeng’s embrace calmed her. The bitterness in his smile also gradually disappeared.

“Don’t worry. I will help you find her.”

‘Don’t worry. I will help you find her.

‘As long as you want to find that person, I will do all that I can. I will definitely help you.’

The Ninth Emperor raised her gaze to look at the young man in front of her.

That was the first time she saw this young man closely.

Even though she loved beauty, she only brought back girls.

However, this young man was an exception.

She did not know why she had to bring him back.

It was as if, if she did not bring him back, she would regret it…

“Changfeng…” The Ninth Emperor turned to Nan Changfeng. “Why did you want to come with me?”

Nan Changfeng lowered his gaze and stared at the Ninth Emperor. A smile grew on his face.

“Because… You said you would take me home.

“So, in the future, the place where you are is bound to be my home.”

‘The place where you are is bound to be my home.

‘Wherever you go, I will follow you and go to you. I must live with you forever to protect you.’

At this moment, Nan Changfeng still did not know that his words had turned into the aphorism, and not a day later, he would pursue the Ninth Emperor to her next life, until she returned…

Perhaps, this fate was already predestined. Since the day they met, there was no way to part them.

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