The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 389 - Qin Chen II

Chapter 389: Qin Chen II

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A woman’s most beautiful and wonderful years were spent at the palace.

She was willing to enter the palace because of love. But, all she got was a lifetime of pain and grief.

‘This is all Nalan Yan’s fault! It was she who was so selfish and overbearing. She prohibited His Majesty from entering our bedrooms. If not, there wouldn’t have been so much trouble.’

“Yan’er and I want to tell you that you’ll be living a lonely life here if you enter the palace. I’ll never be with any of you! If you’re unwilling, we’ll let you go even if we’re under great pressure.

“But still, you’ll have to face the consequences if you make this decision.”

The emperor chose to leave when he was young and weak. Liu Yunxiao brought along a group of people and forced him to marry the concubine and he was under great pressure. At last, Yan’er made that decision because she could not endure the sight of him under great pressure.

But, they gave the women the opportunity to choose for themselves. The emperor and Yan’er were never selfish people. They would not want to ruin those women’s lives because of the pressure given by the ministers.

If they wanted to leave, the Emperor would surely let them go even if the pressure was high.

But, those women were greedy and they desired the wealth in the palace so they chose not to leave. So, they must endure the consequences.

The emperor was not a kind person either. He would not betray Yan’er for the sake of those women.

“No! It’s your fault!” Liu Rong was mad now. “It was you who have destroyed me! You’re the emperor. You should have a lot of women with you. Why did you have to be loyal to only one? She had ruined my happiness. She deserved to die!”

‘So what if my father pressured him into marrying the concubines? He should have a lot of women. He should never be loyal to only one!’

Feng Tianyu raised his hand shakily. A slap came with the wind and he slapped Liu Rong on the face.

He used a lot of force in this slap and Liu Rong’s body was flung away. She fell to the ground.

Feng Tianyu coughed.

He vomited a mouthful of blood after he slapped Liu Rong. His handsome face turned pale and his body was weak.

“You…” Liu Rong stared at him unbelievably.

Feng Tianyu was poisoned and he could not use spiritual force. If he chose to use it, the poison would spread in his body deeply. ‘This bastard just hit me because I criticized Nalan Yan! He is not afraid to die.


‘Is it because he loves her so much that even I cannot bad-mouth her?’

Liu Rong almost exploded with anger. She shouted maniacally. She held a sword in her hand and rushed toward Feng Tianyu. “Feng Tianyu! I’ll send you to be with her today!”

‘Since you love her so much and you won’t even give me some of your love, then you better go and be with her.’

Liu Rong’s steps became heavy after walking a few steps. She lowered her eyes and saw that Eunuch Lin was holding onto her legs tightly. Eunuch Lin did not want her to move forward.

“Get lost!” Liu Rong did not want to kill Eunuch Lin just yet.

She wanted him alive so that she could harm him in various ways in the future.

So, she kicked at Eunuch Lin harshly. She wanted him to leave.

Eunuch Lin endured the kick completely but he still did not let go of his hand. He hugged Liu Rong’s legs tightly.

“Come! Come quickly! Come and protect His Highness! Faster come and protect His Highness!”

Liu Rong kicked Eunuch Lin’s body angrily. “Don’t shout anymore! Those people aren’t there. Nobody would come and save him! I’ll kill you first if you won’t let go.”

There was blood on Eunuch Lin’s mouth. He had lost some of his teeth too.

She put her leg on Eunuch Lin’s head heavily. She even kicked his head hard, twice.

‘This eunuch deserves it! You can’t blame me since you were seeking death yourself!’

Liu Rong’s eyes seemed cold. She drew out her sword and stabbed his head.

Eunuch Lin felt a deep chill down his spine but still did not let go of his hands.

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