The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 9 - Retract the Divorce Letter? II

Chapter 9: Retract the Divorce Letter? II

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Feng Ruqing paid no heed to Qing Ling and turned to walk out of the chamber. There were too many constraints in the palace. She needed a princess manor.

On the way to meet the emperor, Feng Ruqing saw, from a distance, a maiden in a green silk dress and a young man in elegant robe kneeling on the ground.

The face of the maiden was ghastly pale. Her body appeared small and weak. It was natural that one would easily be infatuated with her. The man with a delicate face was covered in sweat, his eyes were filled with resentment and hatred.

At that moment, a eunuch walked toward the young man.

“Young Master Liu and Lady Tan, His Majesty allows the both of you to go back.” The eunuch swung the horsetail whisk as he said curtly.

“Did His Majesty say how he would penalize the Liu family?” Hearing this, Liu Yuchen’s body stiffened.

“Young Master Liu can just go back first. However, it is fortunate that the princess is awake. Otherwise, His Majesty would never have let the Liu family off so easily.” The eunuch sneered—his words filled with cynicism.

Everyone in Liu Yun Kingdom was aware that the princess was the emperor’s treasure. Liu Yuchen was simply seeking his own demise by dumping the princess.

Hearing this, color drained from Liu Yuchen’s face. His hands balled into fists. He only loosened his fists after a long while.

“Shuang’er, let’s go back.” He turned to look at Tan Shuangshuang, his eyes filled with love.

“Sure.” Tan Shuangshuang smiled weakly.

As Tan Shuangshuang had been kneeling for a long time, her knees were numb. When she got up, she lost her balance and fell into Liu Yuchen’s warm embrace.

Seeing this, a fiery rage swept over Liu Yuchen.

“Shuang’er, I am the one who dumped the princess and she nearly killed herself because of me. It has nothing to do with you. Don’t come with me next time.” Liu Yuchen clenched his teeth.

Feng Ruqing was ruthless. He hardly knew what Feng Ruqing would do to Tan Shuangshuang if Feng Ruqing met her in the palace.

Liu Yuchen turned his head and his face stiffened as he subconsciously pulled Tan Shuangshuang behind him. He glared at the person standing before him.

It was Feng Ruqing, standing under the hot sun. Tan Shuangshuang tugged at Liu Yuchen’s sleeve, visibly shocked.

Feng Ruqing’s body was three times bigger than Tan Shuangshuang. In Liu Yuchen’s eyes, her round face was extremely awful.

“Your Highness, I dumped you because of Shuang’er and my mother. However, it has nothing to do with Shuang’er. Please don’t go after her.”

Feng Ruqing stared at Tan Shuangshuang’s pale face.

Tan Shuangshuang had always appeared in the chancellor’s manor and Liu Yuchen had never spent a night in the princess’s room. The rumor was widely spread among the servants that Liu Yuchen would marry Tan Shuangshuang to take the princess’s place.

As the princess was so crazy in love with Liu Yuchen, she was naturally jealous and had vented her anger on Tan Shuangshuang. Not only that, she had also restricted Liu Yuchen from taking a concubine. This made Lady Liu confront the princess, which resulted in her passing out because of the argument.

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