The Doctress with Healing Hands: Your Highness, Please Behave Yourself

Chapter 39 (END)

Chapter 39

"Because you can't stand losing so you're not willing to see your pet seized by others . As your so-called jealousy, it has nothing to do with love . What you really care is the face you lost and your worthless self-esteem . "

Zhao Yuting went furious, "What ground do you hold to judge my thoughts?"

"Because I'm the person taken in your stratagem and committed suicide in Palace of Sunrise to show my innocence . I'm Su Ruoqing!"

Hearing this, not only Zhao Yuting was shocked, but also Zhao Yuchen who had known it didn't expect she would have admitted the fact in public .

Just as Zhao Yuting froze for shock, Zhao Yuchen turned the tables on the attackers and kicked heavily on his stomach when he was off guard .

Zhao Yuting soon slumped down on the ground before he could react, and spitted blood heavily .

When he attempted to fight back, Zhao Yuchen had caught the tide and his sword went straight to his throat .

Watching the battle aside, Bai Qingqing saw the loser coldly then said in an extremely sad voice, "You think I don't know you secretly brewed the plot to test kinship by dropping blood? You're right . Dazed by jealousy, you did lots of horrible and bloody things . "

She continued, "You couldn't abide I had my own happiness, after I gave birth to Rui er, you bribed my maidservant Chun Jiao and asked her to accuse me of having an illicit intimacy with you in front of Zhao Yuchen, saying I was unchaste . You did that to let Zhao Yuchen kill his own kid . "

Bai Qingqing sneered, "You're really a terrible and cold-blooded schemer, even don't let off an innocent kid .

But in one thing you're wrong, though Zhao Yuchen has the same royal blood as you, he is more honest and lives a real life .

Even if evidence showed Zhao Rui was not his son, he wasn't cruel to getting his hands dirty on a nursery kid . "

"No! You could never know that! The only insider Chun Jiao has committed suicide . "

Bai Qingqing sneered, "Her families were detained by you so they didn't dare to betray your scheme . But after my soul accidentally reincarnated into Bai Qingqing's body, thanks to God, I met her families and learned the fact . "

At that moment, not only Zhao Yuting was panic, but also Zhao Yuchen who had been silent felt regretful, hating himself for failing to make a distinction between right and wrong and causing that unforgivable mistake to Ruoqing .

Unwilling to be restrained, Zhao Yuting tried to gain the initiative when he saw the sword slightly shook .

At the critical moment, Zhao Yuchen was alert and stabbed in his chest .

Blood spewed out and Zhao Yuting soon called out to the outside, "Come on, help me!"

"Stop shouting . "

Zhao Yuchen looked down and said, "They are not at your mercy anymore . "

"What do you mean?"

Zhao Yuchen sneered, "A big movement happened inside but they still didn't show up . What you think?"

Zhao Yuting's face fell and asked unbelievably, "You mean, they betrayed me?"

"Actually, they never betray me . "

"No, that's impossible! I've worked hard for six years . . . "

"You think I gave up my throne and also gave up my power? That year when you were allocated to Fengyang, I had known you must have been unwilling to admit defeat and would make a comeback .

As for the military force you recruited, though they're used by you apparently, they've been under my control before .

The Ninth, unfortunately, you were not my opponent . Now you're still not qualified to be my opponent! When you sneaked into the capital, I had Ming Hao make a full preparation . Those people you bought just gave themselves away and acted in front of you .

The only unwise thing was the abrupt decision to go to the Putuo Temple, which gave you a chance to hurt her .

And if I'm right, Liu Xiangyi whose family got searched and confiscated all property, is also your partner, right? These years she secretly colluded with you and offered you lots of information . You're smart to have a woman work for you . But unfortunately, Liu Xiangyi was so eager for quick success that it ended up biting off her own head and was self-destructive . "

That moment, despair appeared in Zhao Yuting's eyes .

He stunningly looked at Bai Qingqing and asked her in a low voice, "If you hadn't met the Seventh, would you marry and fall in love with me?"

Bai Qingqing emotionlessly answered, "I wouldn't even if I married you . "

He mocked himself, "You're so cruel and even unwilling to lie to me . "

"What right you have to accuse me! Can you promise to spend your life loving her if Su Ruoqing married you instead of Zhao Yuchen?"

Before Zhao Yuting said, she answered .

"I bet you can't . "

The end

In the seventh year of the Reign of Shunzong, many things that people delighted in talking about happened .

Most interestingly, the youngest Emperor Emeritus of the Great Yan Kingdom abruptly announced to get married .

The news almost surprised everyone in the kingdom . No one expected that the love-struck Sacred Emperor would marry another woman with great fanfare after Empress Xiaolie passed away .

And the most interesting thing was that the woman about to be the youngest Empress Emeritus was a country girl without any background .

Whatever others thought about that, the palace was beaming with lights and colors .

As for the news that the little emperor went missing in the ceremony, it was suppressed by Zhao Yuchen deliberately .

Luckily, six years old as the little emperor was, he thought of many ways to escape when he was kept in captivity by his uncle .

At last he suddenly remembered the sachet his future mother gave him, on the bottom of which hid psychedelic powder that instantly made people in a coma .

Thanks to it, the little emperor got out of his uncle's control and was rescued by his father's troop .

The greatest happiness for the little emperor was that he overheard the conversation among his father, uncle and future mother, and accidentally learned Bai Qingqing, his future mother, was reincarnated by his mother Suo Ruoqing who had passed away six years ago .

It greatly delighted him .

He liked Bai Qingqing, and now she became his own mother, which brought him great happiness .

They prepared for the happy occasion on a grand scale soon after arriving at the palace .

As for the culprit causing the trouble, Zhao Yuting wasn't given death sentence by his brother .

What Zhao Yuchen said was: I won't kill you, not because you're my brother, but I want to tell you in this way that you're always my defeated opponent . If one day you're strong enough to defeat me, your revenge is always welcome .

Until this moment, Zhao Yuting realized he lost thoroughly .

When they were having a wedding banquet in the palace, the loser, Zhao Yuting got on the boat back to Fengyang, with a broken heart, left the capital, the sad place .

At the dark night, watching the colorful fireworks blooming in the sky of the palace, he knew there would never be a standing place for him to stay in the capital city .

The boat moved ahead slowly, he stood in the stern with his hands clasping behind his back, coldly stared at the bustle in the distance and said in heart: Ruoqing, you're wrong . I have treated you as the most important part of my life long ago, but I failed to keep your heart because I'm so confident in my charm .

I always thought you could only be my wife this life .

It never occurred to me that being a rake, inconsiderate and conceited finally drove you leave me .

Given another chance, I swear I would make up all the mistakes that hurt you .

Ruoqing, I wish you happiness .

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