The Earth is Online

Chapter 245 (END) - Existence is Reasonable (3)

Chapter 245 – Existence is Reasonable (3)

Bai Ruoyao casually threw the three files to the ground and left the company with a smile.

He had just walked out of the office when a fire started.

Everything in the office was burnt to ashes and the whole building burnt down. The nearby players used their abilities to fight it and the baby-faced youth casually left the building, as if the fire had nothing to do with him.

A few more players found the fire and rushed to fight it.

In the crowd, only the tall youth walked in a different direction, leaving the building in flames.

The fire was extinguished and Bai Ruoyao turned his head to look at the dark building and the moon behind it.

He turned back around and waved his hand.

In the dark night, thick clouds were scattered by the wind and the bright moonlight shone. In this vast land, some people moved their tired bodies and rushed to the place they once called home, trying to find the ordinary and simple days before the earth went online. Other people hadn’t yet emerged from the joy of the nightmare ending and leaned back, looking at the moon.

It was just like four months ago when the black-haired returnee saw the long-lost moonlight. She covered her eyes and found that the moonlight was more dazzling tha the sun. She didn’t know why but she shed tears.

Previously, she had to participate in a new black tower game every 10 minutes and could hardly rest. She used these 10 minutes to drive back to Guangzhou from Myanmar.

The mother who she rarely met had begged her to find her sister and protect her. She looked at her dying mother and promised.

She didn’t hesitate to kill the first place in the time leaderboard and resurrect her sister.

The other person’s eyes were strange and surprised. There were thousands of emotions contained in them but no joy.

Finally, the girl secretly wanted to kill Mu Huixue in a game and stabbed her knife from behind. Mu Huixue just said, “You are too weak.”

Mu Huixue grabbed the knife with her hand. She had given this knife to the girl and it was a good prop. Ordinary knives couldn’t pierce her skin at all and only props could make her bleed.

Blood stained the knife and Mu Huixue looked down at the girl in front of her. She released her hand and asked, “We aren’t going back to see the moon together?”

The girl shivered with fear. “Yes, I’m sorry.” She couldn’t finish when the knife stabbed her.

The reaction of the body was greater than anything. Mu Huixue killed her sister with her own hand.

The sister, mother and child, this relationship was broken but everything was natural in the world of the returnees.

Everything would end, whether it was hatred or tears. They would all be buried in the arrival of a new world.

In the gas station next to the Guangzhou high-speed toll station, Tang Mo used some oil drums to fill up a fuel canister and handed it to Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo leaned against the door of the car and received it. Then he refueled the car. The smell of gasoline filled the air.

Tang Mo rummaged through the gas station and found a local map. It would take half a day to drive from Guangzhou to Suzhou if there wasn’t any cars they had to clear up along the way.

Yes, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had decided to return to Suzhou or Beijing.

Originally, they wanted to take Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng with them. Then the former decided to go back to Shanghai with Luo Fengcheng. The other wanted to go to Nanjing first. Xiao Fu’s grandparents lived in Nanjing and the relatives on his mother’s side were also there. He wanted to go back and keep searching. Maybe he could find some loved ones.

The car slowly drove along the highway. Tang Mo sat next to the driver’s seat and looked out the window. He pressed a hand against the window and saw the sky in the east becoming brighter. The uppermost layer of the sky was still deep blue. The lower layer that was connected to the earth had a slight white colour.

Wind passed through the window and blew Tang Mo’s hair back.

Tang Mo asked, “Do you smoke?” He had never seen Fu Wenduo smoking before. Tang Mo picked up a cigarette from the car. The abandoned car still had some of the original owner’s belongings. Most of the items had been collected by Fu Wenduo and placed in the trunk. Only the half a box of cigarettes were left behind.

Fu Wenduo glanced at him. “Rarely. Do you?”

Tang Mo shook his head. “I tried it once during my rebellious period in high school.” He said this but Tang Mo still pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Sparks emerged from his fingers and the cigarette was quickly lit up. As soon as he took a breath, he frowned and threw it out the window.

“I didn’t smoke in the army. I only tried it once after the earth went online.” Fu Wenduo turned to him and said, “I didn’t smoke after that.”

Tang Mo didn’t speak and put the box of cigarettes away.

Fu Wenduo didn’t say that the first time he smoked was the day after the earth went online. He rushed to a secret office in the country as quickly as possible and found there was no one inside. Not only that, it was the entire building. Only one young soldier trembling on the ground remained. Everyone else disappeared.

The sudden end of the world gave Fu Wenduo tremendous pressure.

Tang Mo had quietly gone home and decided to go to his friends to determine their safety. Fu Wenduo’s thoughts were, ‘It is really over.’ He shouldered the worries of the whole country and knew the seriousness of this matter. Thus, at that time, he stood silently in place. Then he walked to the only remaining young soldier, took out cigarettes skillfully hidden by an officer friend and handed one to the soldier.

The bitter, dry smell of smoke filled his nose and Fu Wenduo slightly coughed.

The more truth a person knew, the more facts they could see and the more pressure they would suffer.

Thus, Fu Wenduo eagerly searched for all possible information. He wanted to know the truth of the black tower, crossing half of China to find clues in Shanghai. Then he happened to meet Tang Mo.

Still, these things had passed.

Fu Wenduo declared, “i’m tired.”

Tang Mo turned to him, not understanding his meaning.


To them, going three days and nights without sleeping were nothing.

Tang Mo put his foot on the brakes and undid his seat belt. “Tang Mo, you drive.”

Tang Mo, “…”

Tang Mo felt strange but he got out of the car to switch positions. He had been driving for a while when he heard steady breathing. He quietly glanced over and saw Fu Wenduo sleeping in the passenger’s seat. He didn’t sleep very well and his hands were slightly hugging his chest. However, his expression was very calm.

Tang Mo’s heart was slightly moved. He slowed down and pulled up the window.

Fu Wenduo was really tired and could finally rest.

The next morning, the two of them returned to Suzhou.

This was the first time Fu Wenduo came to Tang Mo’s home. He didn’t walk around randomly and stood at the door, changing shoes. Tang Mo himself felt funny changing his shoes. “I haven’t been back in so long that the ground is grey.” Then he turned and was surprised when he saw the man changing his shoes. “You move really fast.”

Under Tang Mo’s leadership, the two people cleaned the house.

There were very few people in Suzhou. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo carefully observed that there were only two other people in the same community.

In the empty city, everything looked desolate and strange.

Tang Mo wiped a window and thought about using an ability. Then he realized… he didn’t have an ability to clean the house. “When we go to Beijing in a few days,do we have to clean your house?”

Fu Wenduo’s house was several times bigger than Tang Mo’s house. It would take a lot of time if it really had to be cleaned up.

“Should we decide if we will live in Beijing or Suzhou?”


Anywhere they lived was the same but this was an important issue.

Fu Wenduo asked, “What do you want to do in the future?”

Tang Mo was startled. “Eh?”

Fu Wenduo explained. “Your occupation.”

Tang Mo, “…”

He was speechless.

After a long time, Tang Mo replied hesitantly, “…Librarian?”

Fu Wenduo laughed.

Tang Mo, “…”

Books were the ladder of human progress! Don’t talk about before. Now and in the future, librarians would be a secure employment!

Fu Wenduo told him, “It is better to live in Suzhou.”


Fu Wenduo thought for a moment. “The pressure of employment competition is smaller?”

Tang Mo, “…”

He wasn’t eaten by Grandmother Wolf, he wasn’t crushed by Santa Claus, he wasn’t made into flower fertilizer by the Queen of Hearts and he wasn’t taken by the circus leader as a pet.

Tang Mo, one of the world’s most powerful players, never imagined that he would need to face job competition in this new world.

“Do you think there will be a civil service exam? I am pretty good at exams.”

Fu Wenduo stared at this young man’s serious expression and couldn’t hold back his kiss.

“The future will be better.”


The existence of human beings was reasonable.

As Tang Mo faced the black tower and declared this, he had already seen the brightest future of humanity. The darkness that once shrouded this land wasn’t the darkest of human nature but the most brilliant glory.

-【 The End 】-

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