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Chapter 537 - Happenings in the World (VII)

Chapter 537: Happenings in the World (VII)

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Chengan District was seriously shorthanded. The male and female battalions took turns guarding the city gates.

The guard who stepped forward to ask the boy servant was a female soldier. He was slow in realizing her gender and a petrified look slowly stole over his face.

Chengan District did not seem quite right. Why would a woman be asked to guard the city gates and get beaten up by the weather?

The soldier did not know what the boy servant was thinking. Seeing that he was wearing old clothes full of patches and that the slow horse pulling a shabby and crude carriage looked like it might drop dead on the spot, she thought that they must have suffered many hardships along their journey to Chengan District.

The soldier took pity on them and asked with a gentler voice, “You’re here to look for Mr. Wei?”

Seeing that the female soldier had a decent attitude, the boy servant felt more relaxed.

It was fine as long as they could communicate. He feared that he would meet one who behaved like a snob.

“My master, Yang Si, is a close friend of Mr. Wei. I wonder if you… can help to inform him?”

Hearing that Yang Si was Wei Ci’s friend, the female troop did not dare to slight them.

She ordered a messenger to inform Wei Ci. She then respectfully asked the boy servant to drive the carriage to the side and wait, so as not to block the pedestrians behind from entering the city.

The boy servant looked at the orderly scene at the city gates in astonishment.

“Sir, this place is really interesting.”

It was the first time that the boy servant had seen women guarding city gates.

Yang Si responded, “It is quite interesting indeed, but it doesn’t seem like Zixiao’s style…”

He was spot on, of course. It was indeed not Wei Ci’s work.

Wei Ci’s body was fragile and weak. Now that the seasons were changing, it was a time when one might fall ill easily. He collapsed after being busy for a period of time.

In order not to be lashed and blasted by the audience in the streaming room, Jiang Pengji took the initiative to take over the miscellaneous matters of Chengan District and Wei Ci would fix things up.

She exhorted Wei Ci, “You should really nurse your health until you are well…”

His ill health made him seem like a porcelain doll.

Jiang Pengji had always been resolute in oppressing and exploiting her other subordinates, but she really could not say anything to the sickly man.

Fortunately, Wei Ci only had a slight fever. After properly nursing his health for a few days, he had already more or less recovered from his illness.

He was able to help with the public affairs over the past two days.

However, his lips still looked somewhat pale. With that face of his, he was the absolute standard of a sickly beauty.

“Thank you for your understanding. I’ll certainly take good care of myself in the future,” Wei Ci replied gently, as if it was all his fault for falling sick and being behind in his work.

Seeing how considerate he was, the audience in the streaming room could not hold it in anymore and deeply felt Jiang Pengji’s shamelessness.

It was not that Beauty Ci did not nurse himself back to health. The heavy workload clearly did not give him any time to do so.

Yuetong: “The crappy streamer bullies my husband every day. I feel really sorry for him.”

Xiandan Chaoren: “Beauty Ci still takes his health seriously. He takes his medicine obediently. My tongue felt bitter when I saw the medicinal soups before. The streamer hasn’t completely gained a firm foothold, so even if he wants to nurse himself back to health, he can’t do so in peace.”

Shenjia: “All of you are feeling sorry for Beauty Ci, but I feel quite sorry for the streamer. She’s typically the kind of person who’s firm in speech but soft in heart. When Beauty Ci fell ill, didn’t she take over the work obediently and make him stop working in the end? Recall the contents of the streaming in the past few days. We’ve been seeing the streamer dealing with documents in the government office. I feel that I’ve attended a fake school when I see her swift movement of calligraphy.”

According to Jiang Pengji’s temperament, if she really showed concern for her subordinates, how could she stay in one place for very long?

She would have gone wild already and disappeared for the whole day.

Speaking of which, the streamer treated Beauty Ci quite well.

Feng Jin, Xu Ke, Qiguan Rang, Meng Hun and Luo Yue were busy like bees. Did the streamer ever feel compassionate towards them?

It was inadvisable for Wei Ci to be mentally tired, but he would organize the bamboo slips carefully in order of priority. He would place the bamboo slips which were of utmost importance and had to be dealt with immediately at a position which would be convenient for her. Those which were of less importance were placed in the first category… He did things very carefully with a serious facial expression.

Jiang Pengji occasionally looked up at Wei Ci when she was either processing the documents, writing or giving instructions.

Noticing her gaze, Wei Ci asked funnily, “Why are you looking at me like that?”Read latest chapters at

Jiang Pengji replied in a very honest manner, “You’re gentle and virtuous. If we were husband and wife in our previous lives, you must have been my better half.”

Wei Ci’s hands trembled and the bamboo slips dropped onto the ground with a crash. He picked them up, but he accidentally bumped into the table. The bamboo slips which were piled up high toppled. With a pale face, he lowered his head and quickly put the bamboo slips back in their original positions.

After a while, he pretended to ask calmly, but with a ghastly pale face, “Why would you have such an absurd thought?”

Jiang Pengji replied, “I have some petty habits when I handle public affairs. I won’t let people know if they’re not extremely trustworthy.”

From being an ordinary, genetically enhanced soldier to someone who held the rights of the Federal Forces, she had experienced a lot of competitions and ordeals.

Not only did she have to guard against the enemies from outside, but she also had to pay attention to internal abnormalities.

How could she have a low vigilance under such circumstances?

Wei Ci had quite a good understanding of Jiang Pengji’s “habits.” If he had not spent a lot of time with her for a long time, it was impossible for him to know all of those.

She had sounded him out a few times before. Now, she was even surer about the guesses in her heart.

Wei Ci’s lips fluttered. Jiang Pengji said suddenly, “I’m just kidding. Don’t take it seriously.”

He felt that his palms were full of cold sweat and that the atmosphere in the government office had grown tense.

At that moment, the messenger’s arrival broke the ice.

Wei Ci secretly heaved a sigh of relief and quickly got up to consult the messenger. He looked like he was fleeing.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

The messenger replied, “A master and his servant are outside the city and they claim to be your friends.”

After Chengan District was captured, Wei Ci had drafted several letters and planned to recruit a few friends.

However, he had too busy lately. Moreover, he was ill, so the letters had not been sent.

“Who is he?”

“He says he’s Yang Si from Jiangding County,” the messenger replied.

Yang Si?

Wei Ci’s brain was blank for a second.

Jiang Pengji had very sharp ears. She asked, “Is Zixiao’s friend here?”

The nervousness which Wei Ci felt previously had vanished. Joy surged through his heart and he even sounded happier.

“Yes. Jing Rong is here.”

“Jing Rong?”

“He’s from Jiangding County in Chenzhou. He’s called Yang Si, but his courtesy name is Jing Rong.” Wei Ci could not restrain himself from smiling. “He’s a great talent.”

Jiang Pengji looked at Wei Ci’s fragile figure from head to toe.

She asked calmly, “How talented is he?”

Wei Ci did not know why she had asked such a question. He replied honestly, “I can’t compare to him.”

Looking at him with her arms crossed, Jiang Pengji said, “I think Zixiao is better than anyone else.”

Wei Ci was speechless.

Seeing that Jiang Pengji had returned to the table, Wei Ci suggested with a look of surprise, “Why don’t you come with me to meet him?”

“He’s here to look for you, not me. Why should I join in the fun? He may misunderstand.”

If she went with Wei Ci enthusiastically and found out that he was only here to visit Wei Ci, she would feel so awkward.

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