The Empress's Gigolo

Chapter 943 - Pervert (Part 1 and Part 2) (Two in one)

Chapter 943: Pervert (Part 1 and Part 2) (Two in one)

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If Ren Baqian wasn’t who he was, Xu Wuming and Wen Xiaosheng might not have had to die.

However, at this time, both of them made the choice to be accountable to him.

Firstly, the chief of the Temple of Heaven was a foreign being, and this tainted all the members of the organization.

Secondly, the Temple of Heaven belonged to everyone, and it had been passed down for thousands of years. In this world that was about to transform, one wrong step would ruin everything.

The temple chief had died.

Xu Wuming and Wen Xiaosheng had to die as well.

This way, the Temple of Heaven would be free of encumbrances.

Zong Shang understood this. Some of them thought of this while others didn’t. However, all of them eventually would.

Ren Baqian understood this as well and felt a little dispirited when he left the room.

This was the end.

This justification was enough.

That Yun Yuhan… Ren Baqian was in no mood to find fault with her as well.

If he had killed Xu Wuming and Xiao Wensheng, he probably wouldn’t feel anything.

However, their suicides made him feel a little uncomfortable. The little bit of spirit that he had earlier on was gone, and he couldn’t be bothered to care about other matters anymore.

The next thing that happened was that Zong Shang and the other members went to appease the villagers and selected experts to fill positions in the Temple of Heaven.

Even the few surviving honored ones had to return to their respective sub-temples to stabilize the situation.

The Temple of Heaven’s 7,000 years of solid foundation was indeed something that the so-called big and famous sects couldn’t compare to. Under the circumstances of losing most of their top experts, they actually still had 39 Spirit Wheel experts.

However, their overall strength had been reduced by a large margin. Most of the newly selected sub-temple chiefs hadn’t even condensed their Heaven-grade weapons, and there were none who could match up to the strength of Xu Wuming.

Ren Baqian didn’t care about these things. In fact, the Temple of Heaven would become safer when they were weaker.

During these two days, he would take a walk by the seaside when he had free time. Having lived his entire life as a Northeasterner of China, the ocean was his lifelong dream.

It was also probably due to the poem “Facing the Sea, with Spring Blossom” by Hai Zi[1.Hai Zi: chinese poet].

Ren Baqian felt that he was sometimes still a little artistic or intellectual.

The sea in this world was very clear, and the beaches were white. If it weren’t for the two to three-meter long fish in the water, he would really want to go into the ocean.

However, he eventually cast this thought aside.

Next to Ren Baqian was a young man with small eyes. He was always smiling, and his eyes were always squinting, making it hard for others to read his expression.

This man was Jiao Ping, Zong Shang’s disciple.

Ren Baqian looked into the distance and felt a little curious about the turbulence in the sea far from the shore, but didn’t ask about it.

It was better not to expose this ignorance to others.

He could just get the Rearguard Commandery to check it out when he went back.

That night, Yun Yuhan, who had disappeared for two days, appeared in front of Ren Baqian again. At this time, she was already the chief of Queyin Temple.

She had already washed away the heavy eyeshadow that she had on before, something that was rare to have in this world. She was only wearing light cosmetics and lipstick, and her hair was let down behind her back. The purple outerwear that she wore previously had also been changed to a mauve color, which looked much purer and more captivating.

However, behind this pretty face was a rather twisted soul

Ren Baqian sat at the window thinking about some things. He was surprised to see her after hearing a knock on the door and didn’t know what her purpose here was.

“Can I come in?” Yun Yuhan had a smile on her face, which didn’t seem any different from before.

However, he always felt that there was something hidden in her smile.

Ren Baqian let her in and leaned against the doorpost with his arms folded, saying casually, “It’s so late. Are you coming to stay over?”

“If I said yes, would you want that?” Yun Yuhan’s eyes were alluring.

Ren Baqian took a serious look at her. Seeing that she wasn’t joking, he said, “Leave. Avoid appearing in front of me in the future.”

He wondered if this was her own gesture or someone else’s.

In any case, it was pretty meaningless to use this trick at the moment.

Yun Yuhan twirled around gently as if she was dancing. She looked graceful like a lotus flower blooming in the middle of the night and unleashed all the beauty within her.

She twirled around three times and appeared in front of Ren Baqian. She ran her fingers across his chest and asked gently, “Will you regret it if I leave?

Then, she declared, “Beauty is the best weapon for women, and I have the most powerful weapon in the world. Unfortunately, most men in this world are unworthy!”

“Are you switching from arrogance to deference?” Ren Baqian sneered.

“No, I’m just choosing the best person available!” Yun Yuhan teased.

He felt aroused by her, and his body was itching. She didn’t want to take the path to heaven, but insisted on going to hell!

Ren Baqian’s hand directly reached for her breast, squeezed it gently, and flicked it with his finger.

Yun Yuhan immediately let out a bell-like giggle and danced around him.

He had to admit that her dancing was excellent. Coupled with her seemingly pure face and weird temperament, it was truly alluring.

From time to time, she would touch Ren Baqian lightly on his arm or other parts of his body, making the flame in his heart grow even bigger.

His hand suddenly tugged lightly on Yun Yuhan’s waist and her waist belt fell off.

Belts like this, which were the width of a palm, were called bixi.

One of its functions was to hold down the clothes.

When the bixi fell off, Yun Yuhan’s shirt came undone as well. Although it was still hanging on her body, her undergarment was revealed.

A slightly undone shirt was more alluring than having it stripped off.

Under the oil lamp, the blush on her face seemed a little thicker.

However, Yun Yuhan’s movements weren’t affected at all. She simply danced around gently as her shirt just slipped off her body, revealing her fair body.

She was only wearing a piece of undergarment, and when she turned around, Ren Baqian could see her butt, which would make anyone feel like slapping it.

She took the opportunity and pulled close toward his neck with her chest pressed tightly against his and her soft hands at the back of his neck.

“Is this weapon powerful?”

Ren Baqian’s fingers glided across her body that was smooth as jade and extremely fragrant.

Although he hadn’t seen that many women, it wasn’t that little as well. Not to mention those on Earth, the empress was extremely beautiful, and so were Xin Zhe and Lin Qiaole…

He should exclude Lin Qiaole because he couldn’t accept an A cup.

However, she was worth looking at after her transformation.

Both Xin Zhe and the empress had something in common. They both had cold temperaments, which made them feel very heroic to others. Although perfect, their figures were pretty average, they lacked a little tenderness, and they were slightly daunting.

After all, aboriginal women had a totally wild nature.

The woman in front of Ren Baqian was different. She gave a feeling that he could be one with her body.

In general, Yun Yuhan might not be better than the empress, but she wasn’t bad either. The important thing was that both women belonged to completely different categories.

With her body pressed tightly against his, revealing her fair skin while wearing only her undergarment and being entirely at his mercy, he felt the fire within him grow even stronger.

With a flick of his finger, the strap of Yun Yuhan’s undergarment snapped. The top portion of it slipped off and got caught at her chest, where it was pressed tightly against his.

“If I leave now, will you regret it?” she asked in a charming voice.

“Where are you going now?” As Ren Baqian opened his palm, a metal chain strung out and wrapped around her firmly.

“I wouldn’t leave even if you didn’t tie me up.” Yun Yuhan smiled lightly. The cold chain raised some goosebumps on her body.

“That’s hard to say.” He stepped back and looked at her. The metal chain still continued wrapping around her body.

The important places weren’t covered at all.

Ren Baqian placed Yun Yuhan in a chair, and the metal chain tied her to it. It then twined around her feet, gently pulling them apart.

Her face started to blush. With charming eyes, she asked, “So, you like this type?”

At this moment, the sight of her posture with the metal chain wrapped around her body was something that no man could resist.

Ren Baqian was a man, so naturally, he also couldn’t resist it.

He closed the door, picked up something from the table, hid it behind his back, and walked toward Yun Yuhan.

“It’s my first time playing a slave!” she said gently with a blush.

“Don’t worry, you are fine like this.” Ren Baqian smiled and brought his hand forward, revealing a feather in his hand.

He grabbed her foot and brushed the feather across gently.

Yun Yuhan subconsciously tried to pull her foot back.

However, Ren Baqian continued holding onto her foot and repeatedly brushed the feather over it.

She began to pant faintly.

Three minutes later, Yun Yuhan’s face started to change when he still showed no signs of stopping.

“You—what are you doing?” She tried to struggle, but she was held down by Ren Baqian, who happily continued to use the feather to stir her nerves.

“Don’t move! My metal chain isn’t very strong. If it breaks, I might die.”

She quickly stopped struggling, and her muscles began to tremble.

Being tied up and having their foot tickled… Who would understand how this felt like?

Currently, Ren Baqian was staying in Zong Shang’s residence.

Zong Shang wasn’t around when Yun Yuhan went into Ren Baqian’s room.

He found out about it when he came back.

He shook his head slightly and frowned. Yun Yuhan… What was she doing?

Zong Shang naturally knew what she was here for.

However, he didn’t know why she was doing this.

What happened, had happened. Xu Wuming and Wen Xiaosheng’s deaths had concluded everything.

In any case, Ren Baqian would put the matter to rest. This was clear from his behavior over the past two days.

Zong Shang frowned and walked to the front of Ren Baqian’s courtyard. Then, a figure appeared from the darkness.


He ignored his disciple. The noise that came out of the room was a series of faint gasping.

Zong Shang shook his head. In any case, this was Yun Yuhan’s choice.

However, before he left, the sound of her faint gasping became more and more strange, and it was eventually mixed with grunts…

His eyebrows tightened even further.

After standing there for a long time, Yun Yuhan’s gasps became seemingly non-existent, and they were replaced by a wretched groaning from time to time. It was as if she was enduring something. Zong Shang took a deep breath.

No matter what she would do, why did she have to do this?!

Ren Baqian was finally satisfied and released Yun Yuhan from the chair after the sky turned bright.

“Pervert!” she scolded angrily with tears in her eyes.

A Spirit Wheel expert with an extreme character and spotlessly white skin who was lamenting with a tear-stained face. This was enough to ignite anyone’s heart.

At this time, Yun Yuhan was covered with sweat, and the ground was wet.

As soon as Ren Baqian released her, she felt her muscles throbbing and groaning.

It was simply impossible for a Spirit Wheel expert to experience this.

However, this night was an utter nightmare for her.

The person outside the room thought so as well.

However, the two sides’ perceptions of the incident were a little different.

Ren Baqian said to Yun Yuhan confidently, “There’s nothing wrong with a man being a little more perverted!”

Her tears came rolling down her cheeks.

Her bitter experience last night was 100 times more humiliating than she had expected.

In other words, her original idea didn’t consist of anything humiliating. This was her own choice.

Also, Yun Yuhan didn’t lie about anything. Most of the men in this world weren’t worthy of her.

She simply wanted to try, but unfortunately, there was nobody that she fancied.

She picked the best person available, and Ren Baqian was that person.

However, the gap between imagination and reality was too big…

Yun Yuhan called him a pervert and left in tears.

All of her muscles were throbbing and screaming, and she couldn’t even walk stably. One could imagine how difficult it was to endure the tickling all night while forcibly controlling herself to not break the metal chain.

She was almost on the verge of collapsing.

Outside the house, Jiao Ping shook his head slightly when he saw Yun Yuhan’s gait, and the smile on his face stiffened a little.

He later got someone to inform Zong Shang.

Naturally, Ren Baqian didn’t know that he wouldn’t be able to run away from his reputation as a pervert.

He was humming a tune and feeling pretty delighted at the moment.

Yun Yuhan didn’t want to take the path to heaven. Could she really have thought that he was a naive bunny?

Last night was so exciting… Ren Baqian decided to go back and add this as a punishment in Dayao’s criminal code.

Seeing a woman like that dearly and tearfully begging for mercy in front of him…

This good mood lasted until noon. He was radiant with happiness when he went out to meet people.

When Jiao Ping saw the pleasantly smiling Ren Baqian, he recalled the sight of Yun Yuhan crying and shook his head, thinking, This leader from the outside world… Sigh… Forget it, leave it alone…

After lunch, Ren Baqian brought the remaining crystal coffin back to his room.

On that day, everyone had wanted to cut off the head of the corpse and burn it.

However, he stopped them.

He couldn’t let such samples slip away easily.

Returning to Earth with the coffin, Ren Baqian got people to buy a special freezer that he placed the corpse in.

Now that Dayao had its own “foreign” scientists, there was no need to bother the Messier 87 department anymore.

Especially with the danger that this foreign race presented, he wasn’t prepared to hand this thing over to others. The foreign being in the first corpse actually turned out to be alive. Only God knew whether this one was dead or alive.

It would be better to do the research himself when the laboratories had enough manpower and analytical equipment in the future.

Over the next few days, Ren Baqian took a good rest on Earth before directly traveling back to Dayao.

As for the Temple of Heaven, after everything was back on track, Zong Shang would naturally go to Lan City to meet him.

Also, Ren Baqian had to arrange for two people to join the Temple of Heaven.

However, the thing that made him the happiest was that he could immediately go back to see the empress.

Although this period of time wasn’t long, many things had happened, and it felt as if he had left her for a long time.

He couldn’t wait to go back and see the woman in red who always had a cold-looking face.

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