The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby

Chapter 194 - Volume 3 Chapter 4 Fever

Chapter 194 Volume 3 Chapter 4 Fever

The waves kept pushing them. At first, these waves were pressuring them towards their death, but now it had saved their lives. It kept pushing them away from the center of the disaster.

After leaving the area where the seabed volcano erupted completely, Shao Qing looked back. She could only see the magma and volcanic ash coming out from the ocean reaching tens of meters high.

Shao Qing felt that it was like an atomic bomb thrown into the sea. When it slammed down, it turned into a huge splash of water.

The power of nature has always been so terrifying and awe-inspiring. Shao Qing only glanced at it, then gritted her teeth and tread the water to follow the waves.

At the moment, there were two on the board: one comatose and one wounded, while she dragged Yan Qiyue along. It was not easy to find a place to stay in the vast sea.

If they couldn’t find a place to settle, they would sink to the bottom of the sea sooner or later. After all, relying on such a small board, they would not be able to go to the island country.

She just didn’t expect that when she went out to sea for the first time, she would encounter this. It was completely unfavorable. Shao Qing didn’t have time to sigh. She stubbornly pressed forward. It’s fortunate that all the aquatic creatures had run away. Those who could not were turned into a pot of boiled fish with the eruption of the volcano. Thus they do not need to worry about them for the time being.

After drifting for a whole day, when night came, Feng Lan woke up. He looked at the vast sea desperately for a long, long time before he buried his face in his arms.

He was crying, but he didn’t want his mood to affect Shao Qing. He didn’t dare to cry out loud, so he shed tears quietly.

He didn’t want to die yet. He was only 19 years old. At home, he still had his young older sister and baby brothers and sisters. They all needed people to feed them. They could only be thankful that before leaving the sea, Shao Qing had left them a lot of food. Thus he wouldn’t have to worry about them being hungry for the next little while.

But he was still uneasy. What should he do if his sisters and brothers were bullied after he died? With no one supporting them, no one standing up for them, they could only cry like him silently.

After his death, who will feed them? There would definitely be no one willing to raise a few strangers for no reason. His elder sister could only go out to find food, risk danger and her life.

He was distressed when he thought about it.

It’s not that he cherished his life, but he was distressed for his family.

Shao Qing was very calm. She found the previously prepared food from her space. She had no way to heat it up, so she directly distributed it to Feng Lan and Yan Qiyue: “First, eat something to gain strength. I said it before but I’ll get you out here alive.”

Feng Lan wiped his eyes. His eyes were a little red. Just one look and they could tell he had just cried, but he didn’t want to show it to Shao Qing. He felt embarrassed. Shao Qing patted his head: “I am a person who will do what they promised. Since I said that I will bring you guys out of here, then I will definitely bring you out.”

Feng Lan responded awkwardly. He had no appetite, but still ate all the food passed over by Shao Qing.

Shao Qing was worried that Yan Qiyue’s wounds would be soaked by the seawater and reopen, so she carried him on her back so that his upper body could surface.

Yan Qiyue didn’t need support this time. He silently finished eating, then hugged Shao Qing’s neck. Shao Qing turned back and kissed him and said softly: “If you’re tired, sleep for a while. Maybe the next time you open your eyes , we will have found a place where we can settle down.”

Yan Qiyue responded softly and closed his eyes. Er Dai was in good condition. Although he had not recovered yet, he did not deteriorate. But there was some water accumulated on his chest. So, Shao Qing turned Er Dai over and got the water off the wound.

Feng Lan was stunned, his eyeballs almost falling on the ground. He pointed at Er Dai: to the “You you you you you ……”

“My Er Dai is not a person. Oh, you better not point your finger at him, he might bite you. ” Shao Qing deliberately frightened Feng Lan causing him to quickly hide his fingers behind his back.

Shao Qing laughed at that time. She smirked while lying on the wooden floor then spoke after a long while: “Little brother, don’t be afraid. He doesn’t bite at all. Even if you put your finger to his mouth, he won’t bite it.”

Feng Lan would not dare do that and his whole body curled up into a ball. He looked particularly pitiful. After a long time, he whispered: “I will keep it a secret, so don’t kill me.”

Shao Qing was amused again. She leaned in to kiss Er Dai’s pink lips and then said to Feng Lan, who had a bullied dog expression: “Look, he really doesn’t bite.”

Feng Lan: ……

This night was exceptionally hard to get through. The cold ocean water would occasionally go over the board causing them to be wet all over. No matter if it was a person on board or a person in the sea, there was no dry spot on their body.

Still this was not the most uncomfortable part yet. When the sun comes out tomorrow and their clothes are dried in the sun, a layer of salt particles will form on their clothes and rub against the skin. That would be the most uncomfortable.

They rather have their clothes wet!

When it was almost midnight, Feng Lan was still awake, but Yan Qiyue was sleeping soundly. Shao Qing was lying on the wooden board watching the moon. The moon was extra big. Dangling above, it looked even more clear than on land.

Feng Lan couldn’t sleep at all, his brain was full of anxiety and nerves. In fact, he was still a child. He hadn’t seen any storms and it was normal to be afraid.

Shao Qing couldn’t help telling him: “If you can’t sleep, I’ll tell you a story.”

Feng Lan spoke as if he was grabbing a life saving straw: “Okay.”

Shao Qing then told him a story: “There once was a king, his wife had given birth to a daughter. Her skin was like snow, lips like roses …”

“Wait.” Feng Lan couldn’t help interrupting Shao Qing: “Did her stepmother hurt her, but she ran into the forest and was rescued by the seven dwarfs? Isn’t this Snow White? All the children have heard it!”

“Wrong!” Shao Qing sneered: “She ran into the forest and then met seven dwarfs. These dwarfs were all in their thirties or forties. Because they were so ugly, they had never found wives. Seeing that Snow White looked so good, they forced her to [beep] ~ Later they lived a “happy” life. But one day, a prince discovered Snow White. He was not afraid of one or two dwarfs, but he couldn’t beat seven dwarfs. Then eight p became nine p.”

Feng Lan: …

The story is different from what I know!

“Do you still want to hear other stories? Since we’re out in the ocean, why don’t I tell you about a girl from the sea?” Shao Qing’s face looked innocent with her chin resting on her hand.

Feng Lan cautiously asked: “This won’t be another np* story right?”

* I think it’s referring to a “n” number person relationship like the previous story

Shao Qing shook her head, he was relieved: “Then you can tell me.” Although he heard this story many times, it was dark during the night and they were wandering in the sea. He just wanted to listen to other people’s voices to feel more secure.

“There used to be a little mermaid, do you know what a mermaid is? They were also called Sirens. The little mermaid tempted a boat that arrived in its ocean for the first time to hit a reef. The whole boat sank, but there was a prince on it who looked handsome, so the Little Mermaid saved him and pulled him out of the water. Yet, she did not expect that the prince was a scheming person. He was ruthless and unkind. Thus he poisoned the little mermaid, so he could threaten her if necessary. The Little Mermaid didn’t know. She just thought that the prince was handsome and was moved. She was going to let him go and throw him back to the shore.” Shao Qing smirked: “After the Little Mermaid went back, she found that she was poisoned. She was very angry. She wanted revenge, so she went to the witch. Getting a potion, she transformed and got two legs. She went ashore and went to the prince to seek revenge. As a result, the prince did not realize she was that mermaid. They would bang bang bang bang, the little mermaid was happy and in pleasure. Then she decided to take her revenge in a few days. In the end, the prince was going to marry soon and did not bang bang bang with her. She killed the bride at the wedding and threatened the prince to hand over the antidote, but the prince was a ruthless man. He gave her an antidote, yet in fact, it was another highly toxic poison. So the Little Mermaid was poisoned into turning foam, then her older brother and sister killed the prince ~ ”

Feng Lan: QAQ I don’t want to listen. I don’t want to listen. These stories are too cruel!

“How about it? I still have the story of Thumbelina, the frog prince and so on. Should I tell you?” Shao Qing squinted and smiled, holding her chin.

Feng Lan quickly said: “I think I’m sleepy, I want to go to sleep. Let’s talk another day!”

Then he quickly got down and pretended to be asleep. As a result, the pretend sleeping soon became the truth and he fell asleep effortlessly. All those fears and worries were thrown to the back of his mind.

Shao Qing stretched her waist and tied herself to the wooden board. As the wave slowly moved forward, she squinted for a while. For most of the night she was awake.

In the second half of the night, Yan Qiyue suddenly had a fever. Normally, the body of a superhuman should be much better than an ordinary person. Yet Feng Lan was okay, while Yan Qiyue had a high fever.

Shao Qing was a little anxious, but there was nothing she could do. She could only release him from her back and feed him a little fresh water. Soaking in the cold sea water, he would definitely get more sick. Shao Qing sent her vines out, looking around to find another board. After a long search, Shao Qing found another long piece of board.

Shao Qing dragged it over and tied it to the current board with vines. The vines were tied up layer by layer, like a tape wrapped around it. It was almost like a green carpet.

In short, it was much softer. It also temporarily had no seawater soaked up. Shao Qing placed Yan Qiyue on it.

Shao Qing really wanted to throw dozens of quilts on; however, a quilt would become too moist after absorbing the seawater and would become detrimental to Yan Qiyue’s body.

Pushing the simply made raft, Shao Qing did not rest at night. Instead, she constantly pedaled in the water, accelerating little by little.

Floating along, it has already been one day and night and she never stopped. During this period, Feng Lan couldn’t bear it and would tell her to rest many times. Yet she ignored it.

Feng Lan, who was watching, was worried to death.

No matter what she was just using manpower. How far could Shao Qing push? Until they find a foothold? Before they can even find a place, Shao Qing, the main pillar, would fall first.

However, for Shao Qing this was a way to release her anxiety. Yan Qiyue’s high fever has not retreated. His forehead was hot and she must quickly find a safe place to settle.

On the third day after the eruption of the submarine volcano, when they were still floating out in the ocean, Feng Lan saw possible shark fins appearing not far away.

He was taken aback at the time. After all, four people were now out at sea with no protection. Once they were targeted, they were just four pieces of fresh meat.

Feng Lan was nervous to death, while Shao Qing was terribly happy. She let go of the vines and swam to the side while saying: “I think we have someone to pull the ‘car’. You wait for me to come back.”

Then she ran over.

Feng Lan, clinging to the edges of the board, shouted anxiously: “Qing Jie, come back. Those are sharks! It’s too dangerous QAQ”

Shao Qing continued to swim over. She had never seen a live shark before, at most she had just seen shark fin…

It was a small group of sharks. There were only three sharks. Two were bigger and one was smaller. They appeared to be a father shark and mother shark bringing the baby shark to hunt for food.

Shao Qing, regardless of whether they were a happy family, rushed straight up. It was a brutal beating. At the beginning, the sharks were very fierce. They felt like they were being provoked by a small worm and rushed to bite it. They wanted to swallow Shao Qing into their stomach.

Two minutes later, the three sharks lowered their tails and ran away. Don’t bully the fish!

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