The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby

Chapter 196 - Volume 3 Chapter 6 There always will be one whose blind

Chapter 196 Volume 3 Chapter 6 There always will be one whose blind

In order to better understand the tree, Yan Qiyue went to the center of the island together with Shao Qing despite his weak body.

He did a lot of experiments around this tree and finally found that it had more use than he had imagined. It had an ability which was particularly useful. That is, it uses an odor to form a barrier and whether it was malaria or poison gas, as long as it was something harmful to the body, it would expel it.

That means, as long as it is within the scope of this tree, there is no need to worry about poisoning. Especially if the other party had a mutant plant similar to the Begonia, it would be completely restrained.

If one was paralyzed into a coma or other poisons, it would also be fine. They would just simply need to feed them a little of the tree sap.

If they drink a little when not poisoned, it would be equivalent to taking stimulants so it would improve a person’s combat effectiveness.

Coupled with the illusion of aroma, this was simply an almighty plant.

Furthermore, the vines that appear around it are all attached to it and were directed by it to protect it. In return, it provided nutrients to these vines for mutual benefit.

What is the strongest plant of Shao Qing’s? Wasn’t it her vines? She could raise her main body, the vines, to this tree.

Shao Qing’s combat effectiveness was off the charts, but she was poorly balanced. As long as she conquered this mutant plant, her strength and support ability would go to the next level.

After hearing all this, Shao Qing did not hesitate to conquer it. After conquering it, Shao Qing parasitized the vine on this tree to absorb nutrients.

Of course, she wouldn’t try to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs. After absorbing the nutrients, she would fertilize the tree and input energy to restore it.

This tree without a name was named by Shao Qing. Since the leaves would shine, she decided to call it Guang Guang*.

* Bright bright

They stayed on the island for a long time. Most of the time was spent building ships. It wasn’t as easy as just gathering some wood and assembling a boat, there were many rules and customs to follow.

For example, the wood must be soaked with tung oil, especially the bottom of the ship, which is thickened. This way the boat will not leak after launching.

They can only build the kind of boat that was manpower, using paddles. At that time, they would have to find some “worker” to pull the boat for them, such as the sharks that time.

If they were tired midway, they would have to grab a few others to replace them.

It’s awesome.

The process of building a ship was more difficult than expected. The first boat they built, when it was launched, the cabin leaked and it gloriously sank.

Later, after learning from this experience, they started to build a second ship. Thus, a lot of time was wasted.

Besides shipbuilding, they also had to hunt to enrich their lives. In general, they were passing the days well. They would also have a picnic every day. With chef-level Shao Qing, life was blissful.

Then while playing and working, they finally built a second boat and were ready to test the water.

They pushed the boat to the beach, then slowly pushed the boat down to the water. After pushing it down, they checked a bunch of things and finally found that the boat was successful this time.

At least after one day and night passed, there was still no water that leaked in. This at least shows that if they were sailing at sea, the ship would be fine for a short time.

As for a long time … they just wanted to go to the island country…

This place shouldn’t be far from the island country. After grabbing some workers to pull the boat, it will probably take less than ten or fifteen days before they reach the island country.

After confirming the success of the shipbuilding, they did not rush to leave. First, they fixed the ship, then returned to the shore. Since they are going out to sea, they ate most of the vegetables and fruits.

After all, vegetables and fruits can’t be kept for a long time and they can’t take too much.

They decided on a diet of mostly dried meat and seafood. After all, dried meat can be stored for a long time and the seafood was readily available.

So before they left, they were going to search the island to find some wild vegetables and fruits.

It was already the afternoon when they were finished, and even if they left they would have to stop shortly after. So they might as well pack up on the island, rest for one night to recuperate, and set off tomorrow.

Feng Lan was responsible for picking up the firewood nearby since both Er Dai and Yan Qiyue were injured. Instead, they were left nearby to find some wild vegetables. Shao Qing went out to hunt.

It’s okay to eat two or three meals of seafood since it’s quite novel, but she couldn’t take it every day. She was preparing to grab a few more prey. Then she will pull out the hair, remove the offals, and pickle them with salt. This way it can be preserved for a long time.

After a long while, Feng Lan had started a fire and was sitting on the side to fill the firewood. Yan Qiyue was choosing vegetables and Er Dai was sitting next to Yan Qiyue. He seemed to be trying to learn, but did not seem successful.

Shao Qing carried a few small wild animals like pheasants and hares. She also dragged a small mountain-like wild boar back. The wild boar was very large and the hairs stood up like needles. The fangs that were protruding out looked particularly sharp.

So big…

Feng Lan swallowed and then said, “Are we eating this tonight?”

“En, don’t look at this big boar like that, its meat is very tender. We could roast it or fry it.” Shao Qing placed the huge wild boar on the ground, then began to grab things from the space.

Finally, she found a knife with a good length and started to slice the wild boar. First of all, she cut open the belly and removed all the water from the belly. The heart and the liver of the pig were also good to eat.

It can be cooked directly and sliced.

Then the pig hair was removed. Originally they required hot water to scald it before the pig hair was stripped off, but they did not bring a lot of fresh water. Thus, they could not waste it. So Shao Qing peeled off the pig skin directly which was connected to the hair.

The rest of the pork was cut into pieces, some were marinated with salt, and some were prepared to be eaten tonight. Since they were leaving tomorrow, Shao Qing made a very hearty meal for tonight.

A plate of braised pork, the sauce deeply penetrated the braised pork causing the aroma to spread at least hundreds of meters away.

There was also seasoned meat. They had found a very special plant in which the leaves had a special fragrance. Adding on seasonings such as fennel and pepper, then dried out, the taste was very good.

There were also garlic ribs. Shao Qing took the tenderest ribs and placed them on the plate one by one. After the cooking and seasoning, anyone who looked would start drooling.

There was also golden roasted meat, wild vegetable soup, and a pot of porridge with wild vegetables.

This was heaven for foodies. Feng Lan had never seen such a thing. They may have been stranded on an island, but they were eating like they were at a five-star hotel.

What a luxury! But I like it = v =

They just started eating and hadn’t eaten much yet when they suddenly heard the island’s language, which translated to: “God, look! A ship! We have been saved!”

Shao Qing heard it and thought, isn’t that the island language? She was pleasantly surprised, she had found the guide! After all, in the vast sea, it was difficult to find the right direction. Once they deviate from the course, the place they arrive at may not be the island country.

As for whether the owner of this voice was willing to lead them, it didn’t matter. With a knife directed at their heart, even if they don’t want to, they have no choice. = v =

Then Shao Qing stood up. Letting them stay and eat, she went over to the beach. As soon as she left, Yan Qiyue followed. Er Dai also wanted to follow, but was pushed back by Yan Qiyue.

When she arrived at the beach, there was a broken wooden board on the beach. Three men and a woman surrounded the boat they had just built. It was quite a surprise.

There were a lot of people … their boat was too small. They didn’t need this many for guides.

Shao Qing touched her chin. Those people saw Shao Qing and the other two as well. The group looked at each other, then one of the men with braids stood up and asked in their island language. “The ship is yours?”

Shao Qing understood their language, Yan Qiyue also understood. Shao Qing glanced at Yan Qiyue and Yan Qiyue immediately said, “Yes, is something the matter?”

The man held his head up, his nostrils were almost poking the sky: “We’re requisitioning this ship!”

As soon as he raised his hand, a small wind appeared on the beach. A third rank superhuman. Shao Qing laughed after finishing her analysis. Relying on being a superhuman to rob others, are these people morons?

Who dares to go to sea without some skill? A third-rank superhuman and he still dared to show off?

They hadn’t spoken yet when the only woman among the group across from them pointed to the fire nearby and said excitedly: “Zhujun look! It’s food!”

The eyes of all four were green with envy. They had been floating on the sea for a while now. They had been relying on some dried rations. So now seeing Er Dai holding a spare rib in his left hand and braised pork in his right chopsticks, they were like wolves with green eyes. They just wanted to pounce over on the spot.

The person who first spoke immediately said, “We have also requisitioned the food!”

After he finished, he took out a few first and second rank crystal nuclei and threw them to Shao Qing. On his face was the expression that was saying ‘this is a reward’: “This is some remuneration.”

Yan Qiyue was amused. First and second rank crystal nuclei, in the hands of Shao Qing, were basically trash. Generally, when they went out to do tasks, when they met zombies, they only took Crystal nuclei above rank three.

It can be said that if they dropped a rank 2 piece on the ground, they wouldn’t even pick it up.

These people were absolutely morons.

Yan Qiyue immediately smiled and said: “Are you the rulers of the world? Want to grab our stuff, do you even know your own abilities?”

After listening to this, the man was nervous. He carefully looked at Shao Qing and the others. At first glance, it could be seen that Feng Lan was an ordinary person. There was no energy fluctuation in Er Dai and Shao Qing, while Yan Qiyue was a superhuman. Of their group of four, three of them were superhumans. Why would they be afraid of Shao Qing and those ordinary humans?

Another man wearing a samurai suit said: “Sang Jun, why even speak to these useless people, just kill them all!”

Finally the man smiled wryly: “Remember to leave the chick. I haven’t encountered such a fine specimen in a long time. “

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