The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 213 - All Guards Were Killed

Chapter 213: All Guards Were Killed

Translator: Madesmoiselle V.

“Hurry! Murong Xue is not far ahead! Don’t let her get away!” Following the harsh order, guards hurriedly ran after her, the long swords in their hands glimmering under the sunlight.

“Crap! They are catching up!”

Upon hearing that, Murong Xue raised her alarm, and was about to run forward, when Ouyang Shaochen stretched out, wrapped his arms around her slender waist before he took her into Lord Freedom’s Mansion in an instant like flying snowflakes. He stared at Murong Xue with disgust, and said, “You smell terrible!”

Hearing his words, Murong Xue turned as black as thunder, and complained unhappily, “It’s not my fault!” In that case, she had no other options but to jump into the pond for the sake of her safety.

“Go after Murong Xue, now!” Hearing the urgent shout, Murong Xue looked out quietly, only to find that dozens of guards had arrived at the gate of Lord Freedom’s Mansion, and were going to barge in with swords in their hands.

Seeing this, Wu Hen stepped forward, and stopped them without mercy, “Here’s Lord Freedom’s Mansion. Any illegal trespassers will be killed!”

Hearing that, the noisy guards suddenly quieted down. They looked at each other, and proactively made way for Qin Haoyan, who were dressed in a dark gold robe and walking steadily. He looked at Wu Hen grimly and snorted, “As the Prince of Mo Bei, I’m going to catch a felon of our country who has just ran into your mansion.”

Wu Hen raised his eyebrows and said drily, “Are you kidding? How could the felon of Mo Bei run into our heavily guarded Lord Freedom’s Mansion?”

Hearing that merciless refuse, Qin Haoyan suddenly narrowed his eyes and huffed, “Many guards have seen her running into the mansion. I’ll show no mercy to you if you dare to ……”

“Ha……” a clear and melodious laughter resounded through the sky, which was accompanied with undisguised scorn. Then, an invisible strong force mercilessly hit Qin Haoyan from Lord Freedom’s Mansion.

Realizing the severe situation, Qin Haoyan raised his alarm, and turned aside swiftly. The strong wind brushed against the lower hem of his robe, and hit the big tree not far away. Then, a sound of ‘bang’ came, the big tree was hollowed out with an egg-sized hole on its trunk.

Seeing this scene, Qin Haoyan found cold sweat on his back as a result of the horror. “Fortunately I have dodged quickly. Otherwise, my body would have been punched through by that internal force!”

“In the Lord Freedom’s Mansion, Ouyang Shaochen is the only one who has such profound inner force right now!”

Looking up at the Lord Freedom Mansion, Qin Haoyan said viciously, “Heir Ouyang, I have no intention of intruding into your mansion. All I want to do is just catch the felon since she is very special and of great importance to me.”

“Here’s Lord Freedom’s Mansion, and you are obviously searching in the wrong place.” Ouyang Shaochen lied without batting an eyelid.

Qin Haoyan squinted and retorted with each syllable stressed, “She must be here since I just saw her entering with my own eyes.”

“So what?” eyebrows raised, Ouyang Shaochen sneered at Qin Haoyan with imperceptible satire in his clear and melodious voice.

“I have to catch that felon.” Qin Haoyan lowered his voice, “Heir Ouyang, are you ready to send her out, or do you want me to intrude into your mansion and do that myself?”

“Are you sure you are capable of breaking and entering?” Ouyang Shaochen sneered with sarcasm in his eyes.

“Let’s see, shall we?” Qin Haoyan said harshly with a creepy smile, “Attention, guards! Get inside and catch the felon!”

“Yes!” All guards answered in unison, and fiercely crowded around the mansion with gleaming swords in their hands!

“How ignorant you are!”

With a ruthless smile, Ouyang Shaochen flicked his jade-liked fingers gently, drawing his powerful inner force towards the guards.

Traces of scarlet blood could be found everywhere. Guards whined and screamed miserably before dying. Streams of blood oozed from their wounds, and dyed the ground red. The thick smell of blood rapidly spread in the air.

Standing nearby, Qin Haoyan watched those guards being struck down before they could strike, and lay outside the gate of Lord Freedom Mansion in disorder. None of them could reach the threshold of the mansion!

Seeing this, Qin Haoyan turned livid all of a sudden, and clenched his hands under his sleeves. The blue veins on the back of his hands were prominent, and his finger joints turned slightly pale.

All of those guards were brought here from Mo Bei. Despite their powerful fighting capacity as well as rich combat experience, they were all killed by Ouyang Shaochen within ten minutes.

“Ouyang Shaochen!” roared Qin Haoyan while staring at the mansion with fury gleaming in his eyes vaguely.

“What? Prince Qin, do you want to fight with me as well?” Ouyang Shaochen glanced at him coldly and sneered.

Staring at the direction of Ouyang Shaochen, Qin Haoyan slightly narrowed his eyes, and remained quiet for a long time. “Although I have known Ouyang Shanchen for a couple of years, I still don’t know his character well. For many years, no one could acquire a peaceful end if they are against Ouyang Shaochen, which gave rise to the praise–He is a unique, brilliant and foresighted genius!”

“Such kind of person will be a strong opponent, and will cause consequence that’s beyond measure once challenged.”

“I don’t want to be an enemy of Ouyang Shaochen, yet, my sister’s eyes were injured by Murong Xue, and she will become blind permanently if her eyes are not replaced as soon as possible.”

“Prince Qin, why don’t you say something? Does it mean that you have nothing to say?” Ouyang Shaochen stared at him with eyes as if a deep and clear pool.

“Heir Ouyang, are you sure you haven’t seen the felon of Mo Bei?” Qin Haoyan asked in a lower voice, dark light flashing in his eyes vaguely.

“Of course!” Ouyang Shaochen came up with a lie without hesitation.

“Well, I won’t bother then. I’ll see myself out! ” Qin Haoyan turned around slowly. “It’s unwise for me to set myself against Ouyang Shaochen since he is cunning and shrewd. I can obtain Murong Xue’ eyes through other means!”

“He must be up to something since Qin Haoyan isn’t a person who is willing to leave without any entanglement before his goal is achieved!”

Ouyang Shaochen smiled cantankerously and said in a cold voice, “Hold on!”

“Anything else?” Qin Haoyan turned to look at him and asked, with a hint of unpleasantness flashing in his vicious pupils.

“Remove all the corpses outside the gate of my mansion right away!” Ouyang Shaochen commanded inexorably.

Hearing his words, Qin Haoyan raised his guard and looked at Ouyang Shaochen grimly, asking, “What do you mean?”

“Prince Qin, you should take those guards away since it’s you who brought them here!” Ouyang Shaochen said. Hearing these righteous words, Qin Haoyan turned livid. “I’m the noble Prince of Mo Bei, how could Ouyang Shaochen let me carry corpses? It’s obviously an insult! ”

“I hope my steps and ground will be clear and uncluttered in an hour!” Ouyang Shaochen said directly. Then, he turned around, took Murong Xue’s soft hand, and strode forward without looking back.

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