The Evolution Of A Goblin To The Peak

Chapter 532 - Witch Clan: Start

Chapter 532 - Witch Clan: Start

The Witch Clan was powerful and it put a pressure on Souta's shoulder. If a battle occurred here, then he wouldn't last long against the three shackled realm experts. If he was lucky enough he would only last for one minute against them.

Only fourth evolution and above monsters could defeat humans and demis that broke their shackles. Even dragons, one of the strongest species, wouldn't last longer than ten minutes as long as they were at the third stage.

But he wasn't discouraged by this fact. He was still level 51 and he didn't even buy all the organs in the legacy. He still had [Galaxy Eyes] and [Star Veins] which would undoubtedly boost his strength. He also needed to upgrade his class after buying these two to further promote his strength.

By the time he was level 59, he was sure that he would be able to fight someone at the first level of shackled realm or even possibly kill them.

He would surpass Bargan's feats. If he asked anyone in Giza Continent about who's the most successful mortal, most of them would answer Bargan because of his feats. When Bargan was still an A-rank, he could already fight and defeat ten S-rank experts without high-grade equipment.

That's what he wanted, to break the common sense.

"Welcome back, young miss. Everyone thought that you are dead."

An old man with long white hair and long beard stepped forward. He was wearing a red robe and black tunic with golden trims.

Just by looking at it, Souta could guess that this old man's clothes were red grade treasure. Even the bracelet and ring of the old man were both red grade. Judging from this, he was definitely in a higher position than the two old men beside him.

'This is the current Clan Leader of the Witch Clan.'

He said inwardly while observing the old man. The aura of this old man was even stronger than Eilish, a shackled realm expert that helped him in Earthen Core City.

"You may not remember me but I'm your uncle, Rowan Brune. I stepped up after your parents sacrifice their lives in the war." The old man introduced himself as he stepped forward to welcome Amanda, the previous Clan Leader's daughter.

"T-Thank you..."

Amanda was overwhelmed by their hospitality. Even the Clan Leader personally welcomed her and she couldn't even believe that her father was the previous Clan Leader. She always thought that she was just a normal member of the clan.

The other two old men also introduced themselves.

The old man on the right was Elder Gaun. He had a short white hair and his face was full of wrinkles. His beard was long that it reaches his chest.

The old man on the left was a short and he looked fragile. He was bald but his facial hair was thick like Elder Gaun and Clan Leader. He was Elder Hanmi, one of the two remaining elders of the Witch Clan.

"Come, let me treat you and your friends to some delicacies of our clan."

Rowan smiled as he turned around and started to walk. His movement was fluid and elegant.

"Thank you..."

Amanda nodded and she followed the Clan Leader. Souta, Gragas, Eztein, and Yenxa simply followed her without saying anything. They could only observe the situation unfold before their eyes as the pressure brought by this clan was tremendous.

Although the clan looks friendly to them, they knew that it was only because of Amanda. Without her, the clan would kill them the moment they stepped foot in this place.

"Although the Witch Clan is powerful, compared to the Union Peace right now they are still lacking," Eztein whispered to Gragas.

"It's natural. They wouldn't seclude themselves if they didn't suffer heavy casualties in the war decades ago." Gragas replied.

The Witch Clan had a total of twelve elders decades ago but only two elders remained. The only requirement to become an elder was to reach the Extinction Realm. Since no one had reached Extinction Realm in the past decades, the number of the elders remained the same. That's why until now they haven't shown themselves to the public. Everyone will know how weak the Witch Clan have become and various organizations would try to invade their territory for treasures.


Inside the huge and wide room, the group was sitting in front of a long table. The Witch Clan had prepared a banquet for Amanda. Their hospitality was at its peak and Souta felt disturbed at what they've shown.

Rowan and the two elders asked Amanda various questions about their journey. They even asked Souta and the rest some questions regarding Amanda.

Everything went smooth and well.

Rowan once again explained the things that happened in the war when he learned that Amanda thought that her clan was exterminated. His explanation was the same as George, the Chief Enforcer, but it was much more detailed.

"I'm sorry for your loss. Your parents are legends and I admired them from the bottom of my heart. They are truly the heroes of Witch Clan." Rowan said to Amanda.

'Hmm...? This guy. Even his explanation is the same as the Chief Enforcer.'

Souta said inwardly while glancing at Rowan with suspicious eyes. It only means that this guy was the one that spread that false story in the entire clan which everyone believed. It seems that he still needed to investigate this matter thoroughly to complete Quest 3. But where he should start his investigation? Rowan would know it if he carelessly asked people here about the war.

"Oho~ it seems that like your parents you are a genius. You already reached the intermediate stage of Extermination Realm at such a young age." Elder Hanmi praised while caressing his thick white beard.

'If they met Yanagi or Bryan they would realize what their word means.' Souta felt that their words were quite funny to hear.

Yanagi was already at the peak A-rank when he first met her. At that time, his power level was only at C-rank. Bryan had the same power level as him when they entered the institute and now he reached peak A-rank in just a short amount of time. Well, he still couldn't defeat Souta who could already smash high S-rank. What could he do? Souta had a cheat called system.

Also, Yanagi was at shackled realm at this moment. He didn't know her current battle prowess as he couldn't only gauge it based on Lynn's words. It was only his estimation if he could hold her with the help of Yuko, Doranjan, Eztein, and Gragas. He also wondered if Yanagi could match the shackled realm experts of the Witch Clan. He just know that all of them were shackled realm. He didn't know how many shackles they broke including Yanagi.

He could only estimate that their power level was at the first stage of shackled realm.

"It's nothing. I just got lucky to reach this level." Amanda said.

"We will introduce you to the genius of our clan," Rowan smiled and said. "Arfi, come here! Introduce yourself to Young Miss Amanda!"

A handsome man in his early twenties approached their table. He looked at Amanda and slightly bowed his head before he introduced himself.

"It's my pleasure to meet you, Young Miss. I'm Arfi Lothyne, son of George Lothyne, the Chief Enforcer of the Witch Clan."

"It's nice to meet you too, I'm Amanda Brune." Amanda greeted Arfi with a smile.

"He's also at the intermediate stage of Extermination Realm. He will become an elder and had the potential to reach Clan Leader in the future." Rowan explained to Amanda.

"Clan Leader, can you tell me more about my parents?" Amanda asked while ignoring Arfi. She came here to learn more about her parents not to listen to them praise another witch in front of her.

Rowan and the two elders told Amanda various stories about her parents. She enjoyed listening to the stories about her parents. She always wondered what will happen if her parents were still alive.

It was midnight...

The Clan Leader had arranged a room for the group.

Amanda was lying on her bed while looking at the ceiling. The Witch Clan that she assumed had died were alive and it decreased the burden in her heart. She's always living a life thinking that everyone died and it made her brutal and cruel in the past.

Her heart was at ease right now. The only regret that she had was that her parents had died. If her parents were here then everything would be perfect.

Suddenly, a knock sounded on her door.

Knock! Knock!

She sat up and looked at the door while narrowing her eyes. "Who is that?" She asked wondering who would knock on her door at midnight.

"It's me, Elder Guan."


Souta was sitting in the center of the room in a lotus position. With a monster orb in his palm, he was slowly guiding the best feram in his body.

Suddenly, a familiar sound rang in his mind.


[Congratulations on completing Witch Clan Quest 3!]

[You've received 1 Level-up skill card, 1 Blank skill card, 10 skill points, 20 free attribute points, and 100,000 exp!]

["Fixing Amanda's memory" is proceeding!]


Souta opened his eyes widely when he saw the message in his mind.

"What happened?"

He quickly stood up and place the monster orb in his pocket. There was only one reason why he completed the Quest 3... and that was through Amanda.. It means that she somehow found the truth about her parents.

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