The Evolution Of A Goblin To The Peak

Chapter 980 Entering the Walpurgis Night

Chapter 980  Entering the Walpurgis Night

The towering gate creaked open, revealing a figure stepping forth. Clad in a pristine white attire, the man possessed blonde locks and piercing blue eyes.

"Greetings, esteemed guests. It brings me great pleasure to welcome you. I am Harlon Aradia, your guide in the Walpurgis Night," the man announced with a courteous bow.

'A witch...' Souta mused silently.

Alice, Eilish, and Amanda regarded the man with curiosity, unable to detect any palpable energy emanating from him, yet sensing an inexplicable aura about him.

"Dear guests, if you would be so kind as to accompany me. We have prepared accommodations for your stay," Harlon continued, a warm smile gracing his features as he turned and gestured for them to follow.

Souta and his companions trailed behind Harlon, passing through the gate and into the mysterious realm beyond.

They beheld a vast and bustling metropolis sprawled before them. People of diverse races ambled along the thoroughfares, engaged in lively conversation. It was a scene that diverged from their expectations; instead of being solely inhabited by witches, the city teemed with inhabitants of various demi races native to the Dream Realm.

At every intersection, streetlights cast their glow, illuminating the nocturnal streets. In this perpetual darkness, a black sun loomed in the sky, emanating a potent aura of Dream Power.

This was Walpurgis Night, the renowned headquarters of the witches. Once renowned throughout the world, the witches had retreated to the safety of the Dream Realm following the fall of their gods.

Souta observed the black sun, noting its similarity to Vanko's core but with a significantly greater intensity. Enveloping the entire city was a vast barrier, overlaid by a dense layer of Dream Power, all meticulously crafted to conceal Walpurgis Night from prying eyes.

"So that's why no one managed to discover them..." Souta mused silently.

He surmised that this infrastructure wasn't constructed by the present Walpurgis Night; rather, it must have been established during the faction's prime in bygone eras.

Presently, the group arrived at a colossal edifice. Inside, they were guided to a specific chamber.

Harlon addressed them, "Here we are. Dear guests, you are free to explore the city or remain here until the banquet. Just remember to attend tomorrow's festivities. If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to seek me out at the reception."

With a gesture, he conjured a key, presenting it to them. "This key grants you access to your room," he explained before vanishing into the thin air.

"Let's enter the room first," Souta said, prompting Alice, Eilish, and Amanda to nod in agreement. They used the key to unlock the door and stepped inside, curious about what awaited them.

As they entered, they were struck by the spaciousness of the room, which appeared larger than its exterior suggested. The furnishings and amenities were neatly arranged, with small lights floating near the ceilings and a thin mist adding an ethereal touch to the atmosphere. The room also contained multiple compartments, including entertainment areas and other facilities.

"This is our room," Amanda murmured, taking in the surroundings.

"We're in a Dream Realm," Eilish remarked, walking over to a corner where she noticed a sticker on the wall. Curious, she touched it, causing it to enlarge and release a variety of food items. In an instant, a table filled with an array of dishes appeared beside her.

"Whoa! It's amazing! They really have powerful Dream Power," Eilish exclaimed, impressed by the magical display.

Souta scanned the room and suggested, "Let's check for any surveillance devices in this room. We can't afford to have our actions monitored. We need to be cautious."

The group meticulously inspected every corner of the room, but found no signs of surveillance equipment. Once satisfied that they were not being observed, Souta gathered everyone around a round table.

"Tomorrow, we'll attend the banquet. We're unsure of their intentions, so we must remain vigilant. We're isolated here, and we can't rely on quick assistance if needed," Souta cautioned, his gaze sweeping over each of them. "Stay cautious and gather information about this place, but avoid trouble. If possible, refrain from conflict."

His words were met with solemn nods of agreement from the group as they prepared themselves for the tasks ahead.


At the same time, a woman with fiery red hair arrived in front of the imposing metallic gate. She was Red Mist, a formidable expert known for her prowess in battles within the Selnes Country.

Frowning as she gazed at the gate, Red Mist found herself recalling unwelcome memories.

After a brief pause, the gate slowly creaked open, revealing a figure on the other side. The figure was a tall man dressed in dark attire, with neatly cropped black hair.

Before the man could introduce himself, Red Mist cut him off sharply.

"Hold your tongue. I have no desire to listen to your words. I might just accidentally incinerate you," Red Mist warned, a surge of her potent aura emanating and pressing down on the tall man.

"Ugh...!" The tall man grunted, feeling the weight of her power bearing down on him.

Ignoring his discomfort, Red Mist strode past the gate, taking in the familiar sight of the city that stirred memories within her.

"This place still looks the same. Those bastards, I wonder what they are planning. This time, I will settle everything that I have left," she muttered, her fists clenched tightly in determination.

Taking a decisive step forward, Red Mist vanished from her position, leaving the tall man behind.


She reappeared in the dark alleys of the city, her keen eyes scanning her surroundings until they settled on a wooden door nestled in a corner.

A smirk played on her lips as she approached the door, opening it without hesitation. She was well acquainted with the owner of this establishment.

As she stepped inside, Red Mist surveyed the area using her mana, her voice cutting through the air, "Mavois, come out!"

An old man emerged from the shadows, his surprise evident in his eyes as he gazed at Red Mist.

"You...?! When did you return? Are you planning to kill me now?" the old man named Mavois muttered in disbelief.

Red Mist settled herself on a vacant spot, crossing her legs before answering, "Just now. You're clueless, aren't you? They sent out an invitation using Dream Power, and I received it."

"Invitation?!" Mavois exclaimed, bewildered.

"You really don't know anything? It's ridiculous. I'm warning you, Mavois. If you want to live, get out of this place," Red Mist said, her expression serious.

"Are you going after them?" Mavois inquired.

"I will settle everything that I've left in this place. Also, let me answer your question before. I have no plans of killing you this time, but you can't hide here forever. If you don't leave, then don't worry—I'll make sure to kill you painlessly when the time comes," Red Mist said, her voice tinged with a hint of killing intent.

"I know... I'll never forgive myself either. Every day, the scenes of that day keep replaying in my mind," Mavois said, lowering his head.

"It's already too late for regrets. Let me ask you some questions. Who's the current leader?" Red Mist inquired.

"It's still La Befana. After the incident decades ago, La Befana secluded herself and didn't show herself to the public. Different factions think that she will retire soon, so they are eyeing the position of leader," Mavois answered.

"Eh, after so many years, those bastard witches haven't taken the position for themselves. They are really incompetent," Red Mist remarked, amused. She then stood up, giving Mavois one last glance before saying, "The next time we meet, you will die, so get out of here while I'm still being kind."

Mavois remained silent as Red Mist left the place. He tightly clenched both of his fists and muttered, "She returned... She will definitely settle everything in this place."


Souta, Alice, Eilish, and Amanda returned to their room after touring around the city, gathering information to familiarize themselves with the area.

Walpurgis Night. A realm in the Dream Realm ruled by the witches, holding sway over numerous races and exercising absolute power within its borders. It was an isolated realm, with strict controls on exit and entry; only the higher-ups had the freedom to come and go as they pleased.

The expanse of the city exceeded their expectations, with Walpurgis Night boasting many areas and regions.

Souta speculated that this place resembled Vanko, where he had once held the title of sovereign.

In Walpurgis Night, perpetual night reigned, and the atmosphere was saturated with Dream Power, continually altering the terrain. Indeed, the landscape and environment of the realm changed every hour, resembling a labyrinth.

The barrier encompassed an expansive land area of approximately three hundred thousand square kilometers, with the black sun, emitting copious amounts of Dream Power, situated at a distance of about two thousand kilometers above the surface.

They also discovered that the current leader of the witches was known as La Befana. However, concerning the invitation they had received, it remained a mystery to the public. This left Souta and the others perplexed, as it indicated that the witches were plotting something behind the scenes.

Souta sat on the chair, his fingers tapping the table in thought.

"They haven't even disclosed the purpose of the banquet," he remarked.

"I'll remain here tomorrow. I won't attend the banquet," Eilish declared suddenly.

Souta turned to her, curious. "Why's that?"

"I plan to inscribe a teleportation magic circle here. That way, if anything untoward happens at the banquet, I can teleport you out immediately," Eilish explained.

Souta nodded in agreement. It seemed like a prudent precaution, though he harbored doubts about the effectiveness of the teleportation within the confines of Walpurgis Night. After all, they were still within its isolated boundaries.

It reminded him somewhat of the All-Filter Barrier Formation.

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