The Famous Millionaire

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Chapter 4

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After Hyunwoo was done with the interview, they proceeded with the interview with Mr. Oh Sangho, who was next to him.

The way they interviewed him was totally different. The interviewer was different from the start.

It was the female interviewer, not Yonggu.

Also, they only asked him two questions. The questions and answers were very simple.

“Are you here permanently?”

“Yes, only three days has passed since I got here.”

“How is your life at the efficiency department?”

“I’m satisfied. I’m thankful to Ms. Minhey.”

Oh and the female interviewer smiled at each other.

That was it when it came to Oh’s interview.

“Thank you. You can leave now.”

At that moment, the middle-aged man sitting in the far left corner of the room cut off Yonggu. The interviewer, who had a generous and thoughtful look, said out of the blue,

“Wait a moment. Mr. Jang Hyunwoo, stay here. Bring in only one more candidate.”

Hyunwoo glanced at the generous interviewer.

It was clear that he was the senior interviewer here because the other interviewers became nervous after he said this. He looked like the president of the company.

I think I have to be alert this time. No, no, what’s the big deal about a company president? I can think of him like a customer when I’m a chauffeur. Okay, let me take him to his destination comfortably.

While Hyunwoo was gathering his determination, another applicant came in and sat next to him.

He smelled the delicate fragrance of a flower from the woman applicant, something that made one imagine a plain-looking woman.

He almost turned his head toward her.

What kind of face does she have? Does she have long hair? Does she have smooth skin? Does she have pure eyes? Does she have red and beautiful lips?’

He mobilized all his imaginative power in his head to imagine her face. He was just anxious to see her face directly.

But he could feel that she had a very beautiful face even without looking at her, for he could see the brighter expression of the interviewers. They opened their eyes wide when the woman applicant entered the room before they even knew it.

In particular, Yonggu was the most noticeable. His eyes were glittering, and his tone was much different now.

The woman applicant’s answer was crystal clear. Her clear tone, which made one think of a voice actor, was so confident and pleasant that it seemed to win over the minds of not only the interviewers but also Hyunwoo.

Asking her enough questions, Yonggu glanced at the other interviewers’ expression a bit, suggesting that she was more than enough to be hired.

Only then did the generous interviewer open his mouth, saying, “Ms. Min Suji, what do you think about discriminating against academic background in a company? For example, do you think you have to treat high school graduates, college graduates, and those with MA and Ph. D degrees the same way? Or, do you believe there should be a difference in their treatment?”

“I think the treatment should be based on the worker’s job performance, not on the worker’s academic background or sex.”

Min Suji offered a clear answer this time, too.

Hyunwoo really liked her way of speaking and thinking.

But it seemed the generous interviewer had a different thinking.

“What do you think about the candidates’ work experience, then? Do you believe they should be judged only by their job performance regardless of their work experience?”

“Those with work experience contributed to their companies through their service, and they should be given credit for that because the new hires could think ‘I would’ve worked long enough for this company if I wanted to get that level of treatment.’ In that respect, they should duly be given credit for that.”

Hyunwoo thought her reply was wise. If he had been asked the same question, he wouldn’t have answered like that.

However, the generous interviewer was persistent, contrary to his generous image.

He continued to use her own words to question her.

“Don’t you think you can apply the same standard to the candidates’ academic background? Don’t you think that they should receive credit because the years of their studies could be of help to the company? When they get credit, don’t you think the potential hires should be more prepared before applying?”

Min Suji was suddenly speechless. After thinking hard, she barely opened her mouth and wasn’t so confident this time.

“I think so. I didn’t think about that aspect.”

Though it was regrettable that she couldn’t dispute what he had said, she still stated her opinion clearly.

It wasn’t easy for her to admit her own mistake.

“Ms. Min Suji, how would you treat someone with a high school diploma if he got hired with you at the same time?”

“I would help him get adjusted to the company quickly.”


“I would think that he would clearly lack the professional knowledge needed. I would share my knowledge with him.”

“And then?”

“These days, most new hires are college graduates, so those with high school diplomas would feel relatively alienated. So, I would make sure that he wouldn’t feel that way.”

Min Suji seemed to regain the confidence that she had shown before. She answered all of the questions without any hesitation.

On the other hand, Hyunwoo’s face was becoming harder. The questions and answers exchanged between the interviewer and Min Suji were all about Hyunwoo. The interviewer’s questions might be directed at Hyunwoo, not her.

Now, the generous interviewer threw questions at Hyunwoo this time.

“Mr. Jang Hyunwoo, what do you think about her replies?”

“I think her replies were quite standard. I think my life at the company will be pleasant if I met such a colleague.”

Hyunwoo answered frankly. He found his head naturally turning toward Min Suji.

Min happened to be turning her head toward him, too.

Hyunwoon felt as if he had swallowed icy water at that moment. She was very beautiful.

Maybe he felt that way because of her thoughts about him.

Her fragrance when she came into the room, her voice, and the question and answer session between her and the interviewer helped him think about her this way. She had a natural beauty that didn’t need any deep facial makeup. She had a flavor of delicate, not colorful, personality. She was more beautiful now than it would’ve been possible for her to have been if he had seen her before the interview.

She was the kind of woman who could forgive someone’s silly mistake with her soft smile.

Min Suji was exactly that kind of type.

“Then, what can you do for the colleague who gets hired with you?”

Hyunwoo couldn’t answer at the moment.

Min Suji was lacking in nothing in his eyes. Wasn’t it natural that he would make up for it when she showed something lacking? He felt like she was superior to him in every aspect.

When he thought about it, therein lied the purpose of the president’s question.

Hyunwoo was lacking in many things compared to other applicants, including Min Suji. His academic background wasn’t enough, and his knowledge was too low. He got the impression that the president thought how an applicant like him could think of being hired merely through an introduction by his friend.

In other words, that meant he should bow out if he realized his limits.

However, Hyunwoo couldn’t be persuaded. Though he wasn’t well versed in the trading business, he clearly had some strength of his own. He wanted to make it clear even if he didn’t get hired.

“I’ve had lots of experience at the factory. I think my experience could be of help to you.”

“Of course, it could. I wonder how much your experience would be helpful to those at the purchase department though. Do you have any other strengths?”

Hyunwoo had the enthusiasm, but his answer was poor. He found himself miserable.

But he didn’t want to show them his defensive posture.

Also he had to take into account the dignity of the president of Taeyang Woodworking Shop, Yun. Yun introduced Hyunwoo to him, saying he was an excellent worker. If he showed the impression that he was a miserable guy, that would cause Yun trouble anyway.

Hyunwoo had to be confident to the end. It didn’t matter whether they recognized him or not. He had to show them clearly that he was qualified enough to have been recommended by Yun.

“I’ve got a license as a coffee barrister. If my colleague loves coffee, I can make him or her happy by brewing coffee.”

“And then?”

“I’m good at cooking. I would take on the job of cooking meat at any eating get-together. I’ve also got a license as a yoga instructor. If needed, I can make a yoga club and teach them.”

The generous interviewer was being patient, and Hyunwoo spoke about what he had to say as much as he could. In a way, some of what he said had nothing to do with working at the company, but he didn’t lie.

Hyunwoo was done talking.

The generous interviewer didn’t give any assessment on him. All he did was nod his head lightly several times. Instead, he asked a different question,

“This is my last question. What is your dream, Mr. Jang Hyunwoo?”

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