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Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Bridging a Generation Gap

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It was only after the question left Duan Tingxuan's mouth, that he realised just how forceful he sounded and felt shame p.r.i.c.kled his face. However, the disappointment he felt for lost of a good duck meal overcame any shameful feeling. The hidden foodie inside the prince had reared its head, desiring delicious food. Once the desire for delicious food was stimulated, it became so overwhelming that he was unable to control it.

"Oh, you mean the ducks, ah. How can it be ready so soon? Hong Lian is currently cleaning and gutting them in the kitchen, tomorrow you can try my roasted duck." Su Nuan Nuan's deep seated hatred att.i.tude against this rascal had gone under a 180 degree change, she was positively warm towards him now.

Her warm face was showing an amazing willingness to change and become a doting wife and mother, however, he could see her eyes twitching from the effort, showing her real emotions under that doting farce.

"What are you trying to do? I'm warning you now, you better not come up with any funny schemes, your lord's patience has its limits." Duan Tingxuan was not an idiot, his suspicions rose even higher, staring at Su Nuan Nuan with eyes that said 'I can see through your schemes.'

Normally, hearing such words from the rascal, Su Nuan Nuan would have sent a flying kick to his face. However, today she was being very abnormal, not only did she ignored those shameless words, but she also approached him with an excited face, asking, "Just now the kungfu that you used, the one that sent you into the air, what special move was it? Eight Step Trapping Cicada? Single Reed to Cross Jiang River? Scale Mountain with Duckweed…?"

"What's this nonsense?" Duan Tingxuan backed away with disgust. "It's just regular qing gong, Flying Across Rooftops and Walking Up Walls, surely you've heard of this? I'm just slightly better at it than the standard robbers and thieves who favoured it. Are you making fun of me for being hungry enough to eat bugs now?"

Generation gap, this was clearly a generation gap issue. In fact, this was no ordinary generation gap, but one that spans over at least two life times. For some reason, this rascal had connected the Eight Step Trapping Cicada skill with being greedy enough to eat bugs, Su Nuan Nuan had no words.

She could only patiently explain, "I'm not talking about you being greedy, the cicada thing is about how difficult it is to catch one and, you…your qing gong, doesn't it have any special names? In novels, all special moves have extravagant names."

Duan Tingxuan finally understood her meaning. He felt cheerful at seeing this silly side of her, shaking his head as he said. "I see, those silly books are written for fun, who ask you to believe they're for real? To think a simple qing gong ability can gather so many names, Eight Step Trapping Cicada, One Reed whatever River, aren't these just qing gong?"

As he said this, he felt puzzled. He gave Su Nuan Nuan a strange look, and could not resist stroking his smooth chin as he said. "You sure are talkative today, just now you set rat traps out to kill your husband. But now you did not even bother to mention that matter. In fact, you are positively warm today, hmph! Those who act nicely for no reason hid ill intentions. Speak, what is it that you wanted?"

"I want to learn qing gong."

This rascal was not stupid. Therefore, Su Nuan Nuan did not bother to mince words and went straight to the point.

"Forget it."

Duan Tingxuan did not even bother to consider before rejecting her. "As the heir's wife, what need have you for qing gong? Surely you're not thinking about becoming a female thief? Let me tell you, don't be cheated by those silly novels, do you think the life of a female thief is glamorous? These few years books like these have become popular, because of the money making opportunity more and more such rubbish have been published.”

“Young girls influenced by these books have ruined their own lives to the point that the women prisons have barely enough s.p.a.ce to keep these so-called female thieves. Granted, you're a poisonous woman, but there's still a brain in your head, you even laughed at these silly girls before, why this sudden interest…"

"Who says I want to be a female thief?" Su Nuan Nuan gritted her teeth as she glared at Duan Tingxuan. "Why would I chose such a high risk way to make a living? Consider my kitchen skills, do you think it's impossible for me to make a fortune from cooking? Don't use your dog eyes to look down on this grand ability."

"Yo, those are fine fighting words from you." Duan Tingxuan smirked as he slow clapped a few times. "Now I'm curious. Why would a Big Madam like you want to learn qing gong?"

"To kick you in the head." Su Nuan Nuan had been provoked by the rascal into revealing her true intention. "Last time you sat at my table and ate my large dumplings, I lacked the ability to actually kick you out, this matter pains me to the bones. However, I am one who learns from their mistake, as painful as this is, I wish to learn kungfu, be as swift as fleeing hares and guard against all eventualities."

As she spoke, Duan Tingxuan's mocking smile became fixed on his face. His expression looked as bitter as though he had been fed s.h.i.t, the smile eventually melted off as he stared at the proud woman in front of him with her head held high, shoulders squared up and chest out. Each word sounded like they had been forcefully pulled from his mouth as he said. "So, you want to learn qing gong in order to kick me out. Since you've said this so openly, do you think I'd really teach you anything?"

"Even if I did not say anything, you will still teach me," said Su Nuan Nuan with a sneer.

"So, you believe that I won't teach you, and therefore spouted all those nonsense?" That seemed to make sense to the prince. This woman did not seemed like she had been kicked in the head by an a.s.s. She's smart, it all made sense now.

"Wrong, you will teach me, regardless. Therefore, I'm not afraid of revealing my true motive." She was beaming with satisfaction as she said these words with utter confidence.

"Have you heard from somewhere that my head is filled with nothing but water, or that I have recently been kicked in the head by an a.s.s?" No one can blame Duan Tingxuan for being puzzled, he just could not figure out the reason for Su Nuan Nuan's confidence.

"Do you really think that I'm the type of silly woman that thinks it's going to rain just because I heard the wind?" Su Nuan Nuan rolled her eyes, it was actually a vulgar move, but Duan Tingxuan had the strangest feeling that it looked cute when she did it. He did not ask any more, but looking at her confidence, surely there's some scheme up her sleeves, he'll just listen to her conditions first.

As expected, Su Nuan Nuan held out a finger. "One month, I will let you come and eat and drink as you like, for one month. How about it?"

"Have you somehow gone confused? This is the palace, and you are my wife…" Duan Tingxuan was starting to get angry. His voice turning into a roar.

Not waiting for the full volume to develop, Su Nuan Nuan waved her hand casually. "Abandoned wife, lord and master, please pay attention to your words. Ever since you kicked the three of us to Mei Yue Lou, I was already an abandoned wife."

"Have you seen the divorce papers?" Duan Tingxuan sneered, seeing Su Nuan Nuan pause, he laughed loudly. His lips curled. "Without divorce papers how could you call yourself an abandoned wife? Your should take care of your words."

"How could someone be so shameless?" Su Nuan Nuan pointed indignantly at Duan Tingxuan, "You d.a.m.ned rascal,"

"It's all the same, you d.a.m.ned poisonous wife." Duan Tingxuan refused to give an inch. He cupped his hands in mock salute as he sneered. "Understand now? There's no such thing as 'letting' this Lord of yours eat and drink here."

"If I am not an abandoned wife, then the palace kitchens should prepare my share of meals, right? This is good, there's no need for me to spend so much effort making my own meals. Lord and master, come whenever you like. I'll inform the kitchen to prepare your share as well."

You have battle tactics I have fortress walls, Su Nuan Nuan was perfectly composed as she applauded herself. Hehe, do you really think it's that easy to eat my delicious meals? That kind of thinking is too simple, you d.a.m.ned rascal.


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