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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Going home

"So what if the dumplings taste a little bad? If not for the fact that we went to the kitchen to create a scene there, we could not even eat pig's food. Therefore, eating something that does not taste good is not a problem for us." Su Nuan Nuan remains unmoved as she retorts.

When she saw Duan Tingxuan drink the bowl of cherry dessert that she had made, she could not help frowning and pouting in anger.

Duan Tingxuan could feel a strong fighting spirit from his wife, and immediately readied himself in case his wife kicks out at him again. Her kicks are no laughing matter. But the fighting spirit left as fast as it came.

"You made these dumplings? As a daughter of a n.o.ble, since when did you know how to cook these? I heard that only the commoners eat this type of dumpling?" Are you trying to compete with me to see who is calmer? Did you think I, the prince, would lose to you? Duan Tingxuan sneered.

At the same time, he could not help feeling something different about Su Nuan Nuan. It was she was different somehow after she had escaped death. Oh, it seemed that she is calmer and more combative now.

While he was lost in his own thoughts, he suddenly heard Su Nuan Nuan's voice, "During my visit to h.e.l.l, Yama, the king of h.e.l.l has granted me the ability to cook as an apology for s.n.a.t.c.hing my soul when my time is not yet up. He says, there are so many men in the world - now that you know how to cook, you will not starve wherever you go."

"Bang!" The prince's calm demeanour was shattered in an instant as he slammed on the table in the fury. The cherry dessert that he ate was sprayed all over the table. He glared furiously at Su Nuan Nuan, and gritted his teeth as he said, "Are you joking with me?"

"Luckily, we have kept the dumplings." Su Nuan Nuan remarked, and stood up. "Xiang Yun, come and wipe the table. It is late - see the prince out."

Duan Tingxuan wants to say, "Give me a bowl of the dumplings and I will leave'. But he could not lower his status and face to ask for a bowl of dumplings. He tried hard to suppress his anger, and flapped his long sleeves, "All right, today you win! Just you wait and see! I don't believe that I cannot change you!"

"Since things had already become like this, unless you kill me, you are welcome to do your worst." Su Nuan Nuan sneered, turned around, and purposely said in a loud and clear voice, "Bye! Forgive your wife for not seeing you off!"

— after Duan Tingxuan had left —

"Missy….. Madam….."

Hong Lian and Xiang Yun were scared out of their wits. They were almost in tears as they held Sun Nuan Nuan sleeves and cried, "Missy, how could you…. treat the Lord like this? What if he becomes angry?"

"If he is angry then let him fume! So what? The worse he can do is to divorce me. The outside world is so big, I have hands and feet, so why do I need to worry about feeding myself?" Su Nuan Nuan sneered. She can die, she can bleed, but ask her to bow down to this scoundrel? - In your dreams, mate!

"But Missy, it is not so simple! The Lord seldom visits us… but ……" Hong Lian wanted to advise but Su Nuan Nuan immediately waved her hand, "Enough is enough! Stop mentioning him, do not spoil my mood! How many dumplings had that thief stolen? Forget it! Do not tell me the number, least I become heartbroken."

— Meanwhile, outside the courtyard —

"Lord, do not be angry. Madam was placed under house arrest, and therefore she is full of angst." This is the first time that Si Ping had seen anyone so shameless as to enter an adobe and helped himself to the food. Even the crown prince does not do this. But he dare not say a word.

Instead, he ran after prince Duan Tingxuan, who had stomped off in anger, and tried to console him.

"House arrest? If I really put her under house arrest, do you think that she and her two servants could go the kitchen to create trouble? Her expression of unhappiness and annoyance is just a show! It is just some dumplings! Does she think that I must eat the dumplings that she made? Humph! Who wants to eat those dumplings!"

Duan Tingxuan was really very indignant at the treatment he had received from Su Nuan Nuan. But his mind was filled with the thoughts of the delectable dumplings. It was filled with the tender juicy meat and vegetables that enhanced the taste. Just thinking about the dumplings made him drooled and he swallowed hard.

After walking for some time, he finally stopped moving and told Si Ping, "Didn't you said that your mother knows how to make it? Go back and ask your mother to cook some dumplings for me! I want the vegetables and meat dumplings. I do not believe that I could not eat these dumplings once I left her place!"

Si Ping feels very weird - who was it that exclaimed, "Must I eat the dumplings that she made?" and "Who wants that dumplings?" just a moment ago? But he did not say a word and immediately agreed.

Si Ping thought that Su Nuan Nuan is really stupid. This is a golden opportunity for her to get in the Lord's good grace. If she were to make the prince happy with the food, and apologise, she would be restored to her former splendour and glory, and raise as a phoenix once more.

But why did she have to annoy the prince? Sigh! She is destined to live in that courtyard for the rest of her life. A n.o.ble lady - to have fallen to such a state! All of these are her fault!

**** A few days later ****

At the dining hall, there were a wide variety of foods on the table. A bowl containing white colour sugared porridge was steaming hot. Xu Ran Yun sat in a chair and smiled as she faced her husband.

Duan Tingxuan just glanced at all the dishes on the table, and immediately asked, "That's all?"


Xu Ran Yun is a highly intelligent lady, but she could not fathom what her husband's words mean?

"Are these all the food for dinner?" Duan Tingxuan added more words as he clarified.

"That's right! This morning, didn't you mentioned that the duck is too oily and wanted to eat sugared porridge?" Xu Ran Yun smiled, as she replied. She looks very loving and gentle and gently asked, "Oh, yes, I forgot to cook you the milk porridge that you love to eat. Do you want me to make a bowl for you?"

"No need." Duan Tingxuan suddenly felt very miserable. For all his life, he was spoilt. Whatever he wants, he gets. But at this moment, in his prime, the thing that he desires to eat the most, the dumplings, continued to elude him. What a killjoy.

He picked up a spoonful of sugared porridge and placed it into his mouth. Then he frowned, and put down the spoon. "This is too sweet! The white sugar is quite expensive!"


Xu Ran Yun was at a loss for words. Since 3 days ago, her husband does not seem to like the food that she cooks. She had worked very hard these two days. But the duck that she had specially roasted was deemed to oily by her husband. Even the dishes that she had specially cooked today did not seem to attract him. Let's not mentioned the dishes she that she had taken a long time to cook. Even the bowl of sugared porridge that she had prepared accordingly to his taste suddenly becomes too sweet.

She really did not know what to do.

"Is the Lord's stomach very uncomfortable, and he had no appet.i.te? Since when is he so picky about the food that he eats?" Xu Ran Yun knows her husband's character. Even though he can be heartless at times, he is at least reasonable.

Xu Ran Yun watched her husband left without eating anything.

Then she stood up, and took the bowl of porridge and tasted it. "This porridge really tastes good! It is hot and not too sweet! Don't tell me that the Lord does not like sweet stuff?"

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