The Fierce Illegitimate Miss

Chapter 123

Chapter 123

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Under the firelight, they saw the pile of things scattered on the ground . Among them were two or three books, four or five purses, and a few strange things that could not be named .

These things seem normal at first glance, but if you looked closer, you would find that there were pictures of men and women hugging each other on the pages, and the patterns on the purse were also erotic . As for the strange things, they were shaped like that part of a man…

At this moment, the crowd of onlookers saw clearly . Some young maids had already blushed and lowered their heads and didn’t look at them again . Even the old women could not look directly at these things .

Ma Changgeng, who stood behind Yu Linglong, spoke very quickly . She glanced at the things on the ground, and then at the few little servants . She couldn’t help but curl her mouth and said sarcastically: “Wow, the Fifth Lady must be tired of seeing these pictures . Does she want the real thing?”

With this, the few women present laughed lowly . For a lady who had not yet married and was not too young, it was inevitable of her to think of sex . But looking at these nasty things, even tying up men to get the real thing, the Fifth Lady was too shameless .

Everyone’s contemptuous laughter reached Yu Qianyun’s ears . It stabbed her whole body, and she involuntarily pinched her tiny fingers .

Yu Linglong, you are so cruel!

Of course, these things were not hers . Just thinking about it for a moment, she knew that they must have been put in her room by Yu Linglong during her absence, and now she deliberately found out in front of everyone . This was intentional . It ruined her reputation!

Looking up at Yu Linglong’s mocking eyes, Yu Qianyun couldn’t help trembling slightly, thinking quickly about the countermeasures .

She managed to do this to her today, and she couldn’t just sit still!

Her white face blushed . Yu Qianyun’s big eyes were filled with tears instantly, and her aggrieved little face turned to the government servants as if she had been wronged by heaven .

“Brothers, I really don’t know what’s going on . I have never seen these things before, and these people were not captured by me! I beg you to find out the truth and restore my innocence!”

After speaking, Yu Qianyun seemed to have exhausted all her strength, and her weak body trembled, as if she was about to fall to the ground, but the maid beside her quickly supported her with her hands .

Yu Qianyun leaned on the maid, took out a kerchief tremblingly, and wiped the corners of her eyes with a dazed and angry expression .

Her performance was just right . They thought she was a loose woman, and now she was a bit suspicious .

Yes, Yu Qianyun was a lady from a fine house, and she was in charge of such a big family business in the Yu house at a young age . How could she do such shameless things in private?

Besides, even if she wanted to see it, there was no need to hide things in her room, let alone catch men and hide them in the yard . How would she dare? Yu Qianyun was still a young girl, could she do such a bold thing?

If she really did it, why was she still not afraid of anything just now and opened the door for everyone to check? If she knew that there were these things in her yard, even if she didn’t hide them beforehand, she should cover up for herself .

Looking at the hesitant expressions on the bailiff’s faces, Yu Linglong calmly adjusted her cuffs and said softly: “I don’t believe that the Fifth Sister would do such a thing . There must be no secrets here . ”

Hearing Yu Linglong’s words, Yu Qianyun, who was bowing her head and weeping, almost forgot to cover up, and suddenly raised her head .

Did she hear that right? Yu Linglong was speaking for her?

Ignoring Yu Qianyun’s surprised gaze, Yu Linglong’s pretty face sank, and she looked at the little servants on the ground coldly, and said sharply, “Since they aren’t the Fifth Sister’s, then these little boys must be thieves!”

Everyone’s eyes immediately fell on the few small servants . Although there were some doubts about Yu Qianyun, no one dared to say anything about Yu Linglong .

They also understood what Yu Linglong said . After all, she and Yu Qianyun were sisters . If something happened to Yu Qianyun, Yu Linglong would naturally show up . Seeing that these dirty things had been found in Yu Qianyun’s room, and so many men had been hidden, whether they were Yu Qianyun’s or not, Yu Linglong was definitely going to cover up the ugly things for her .

Yu Linglong was still generous . Yu Qianyun took so many people to search Pinlan Garden in the middle of the night, and not only did Yu Linglong not retaliate against her, but now that something happened to her, she still protected her .

Unknowingly, the underlings who followed Yu Qianyun to catch the thieves just now began to look only at Yu Linglong .

Where everyone’s eyes converged, Yu Linglong shouted in a deep voice: “How dare you steal things from the backyard of the Yu house! You are so bold!”

Her pretty face was faintly majestic, and Yu Linglong’s expression was extremely severe: “Come here, get the board and let me hit them!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the few servants on the ground immediately panicked .

Who didn’t know that the fourth lady of the Yu family was cruel? If you fall into her hands, your life will end soon!

Several people were trembling with fright . One without his feet tied immediately ran to Yu Qianyun and knelt down with a plop: “Fifth Lady, help me! I am not a thief! I am not a thief! I came here only after you ordered—”

Before he finished speaking, Yu Qianyun, who was still weak and almost fainted, suddenly stretched out her hand and slapped the young man heavily!

“Nonsense! Why would I ask a man to come to my yard for no reason? Who are you working for and why are you trying to defile my innocence!?”

Yu Qianyun spoke bitterly and righteously, completely like a lady of a fine family .

The little boy got a slap in the face unexpectedly, and five small fingerprints suddenly appeared on his white face . This slapped him blind, and his face was full of disbelief . He stared at Yu Qianyun in a daze and even forgot to speak .

Behind him, a cold voice sounded: “Bold slave . Death is near and you still dare to blame the Fifth Lady! Come here, let me beat you!”

Yu Linglong’s voice called attention to the servant, and she saw that he suddenly recovered . He was completely ruined, and shouted loudly: “Fifth Lady, how can you talk nonsense with your eyes open!? You sent someone in secretly to bring me in, and…you forced me to do such draconian things . I really didn’t dare to blaspheme you, so I didn’t dare to die! Fifth Lady, you beat me, tied me, and locked me up for several days . I dared not to complain, but I am really not a thief—”

This little servant’s words were like thunder, and they smashed into everyone’s ears . At this moment, everyone had forgotten even the whispers, and they all had dumbfounded expressions .

Even though they saw the erotic books and purses from the Yu Qianyun’s room just now, everyone was shocked when the young man said it out loud .

Seeing that someone had torn their skins, the other young men immediately yelled .

“Fifth Lady, don’t blame me . If I am killed, I don’t dare blaspheme the master!”

“Fifth Lady, you can spare me—”

Some clever ones turned to Yu Linglong, screaming injustices: “Fourth Lady, you have to call the shots for us, we were really caught by the Fifth Lady! We are not thieves!”

Either the thieves who stole something would be beaten to death in public, or the men kidnapped by Fifth Lady would die innocently . Which would these people choose? The answer was simple .

The scene suddenly became chaotic . The few tied up servants on the ground were crying bitterly, crying out grievances, as if they had been ruined by Yu Qianyun . Yu Qianyun’s face was pale, crumbling, and her whole body was only relying on the maid to stay up . The several maids behind Yu Linglong kept ridiculing and joking . The crowd of onlookers looked different, but they looked at Yu Qianyun without a trace of sympathy, and the people outside were not afraid to crane their necks and look in, for fear of missing this good show .

Looking at these little servants who were screaming injustice, the bailiffs’ thinking seemed clear again .

If one person wronged Yu Qianyun, perhaps it would still be slander, but now several young men were talking about their experiences in unison . Was it still slander? Yu Qianyun was a young lady in the Yu house, and she held the power of managing it . How bold should these little servants be to slander the mistress?

Besides, if Yu Qianyun hadn’t done it deliberately, how could these little servants dare to trespass into the inner courtyard, and how could they know where the lady lived? As soon as they enter the second door, they would be kicked out by the women . How could they get in and be locked up in Yu Qianyun’s courtyard?

The only reasonable explanation was that what these young men said was true .

Looking at Yu Qianyun, whose lips were trembling and speechless, the faces of the bailiffs also showed contempt .

For a lady of a big house, it’s really shameless! It was obvious that she had hidden the men, but he still wanted to draw attention by saying that Yu Linglong had recruited the thieves . It was too shameless!

But when things have reached this point, how can they end?

Normally, big families were unwilling to let such scandalous things happen . What’s more, it was an unmarried lady . If the incident spread, even Yu Linglong would be hurt .

Everyone’s eyes focused on Yu Linglong subconsciously . Now, only she could make a decision .

Yu Qianyun turned to Yu Linglong desperately, and the words in her mouth were broken into sentences: “Fourth Sister…I…You…”

She really didn’t know what to say . Just a moment before, she thought she had succeeded in her strategy and was immersed in the joy of destroying Yu Linglong’s reputation, but the next moment, she found herself trapped, with nowhere to escape .

Under the light of the jumping fire, Yu Linglong’s face looked particularly cold, and it seemed to have a little bit of heartache and regret .

She stood up slowly . Her cold eyes turned around on the little servants who were crying and begging for mercy on the ground, and they finally rested on Yu Qianyun’s ashen face .

Yu Qianyun, if you want to mess with me, I will ruin you!

There was a trace of pain on her pretty face . Yu Linglong waved to Xuan Cao, and Xuan Cao immediately understood and walked in front of several bailiffs .

Throwing a swollen money bag to the lead bailiff, Xuan Cao smiled and said: “You guys have worked hard, coming here in the middle of the night . This is a trivial matter . Buy a few pots of wine and stay warm . ”

The servants naturally understood Yu Linglong’s decision . This was to suppress the matter, and she asked them to go out and not make it public .

The leader of the bailiffs secretly squeezed the hard silver ingots in the purse, but still showed a hesitant expression on his face: “Well, how do we go back and explain it?”

It was so easy to encounter this kind of thing, but how can they excuse it?

Xuan Cao had to take out another purse and stuff it into the bailiff’s hands: “It’s just a misunderstanding . Our Fifth Lady misheard it . ”

After a pause, Xuan Cao added another sentence with a smile: “In a few days, our young lady will be married into the Xu Palace and she will take care of you . ”

As soon as these words were spoken, several bailiffs immediately stiffened, and quickly showed a humble smile: “We wouldn’t dare, we wouldn’t dare . ”

The meaning of Xuan Cao was obvious . One was because Yu Linglong was about to get married, and she was unwilling to publicize the matter too much so as not to affect her marriage . Secondly, Yu Linglong was about to become Princess Xu, and not everyone can offend her .

Even if a few bailiffs didn’t know Yu Linglong’s identity before, they didn’t dare to stay any longer, and hurriedly left after bowing .

The outsiders left, and the servants of the Yu house were left in the yard .

Someone stepped forward to loosen the ties of the several young men, and several people hurriedly stepped forward to thank Yu Linglong .

Yu Linglong constricted the expression on her face without raising her eyes and coldly ordered: “It’s all gone . Remember, no one is allowed to talk about what happened today . ”

The crowd had seen enough of the excitement, and they knew that Yu Linglong was about to clean up Yu Qianyun now, so they all retreated .

As for Yu Linglong’s order, it was just a sentence on the scene . The Fifth Lady of the Yu family had such an earth-shattering “love affair” and it would definitely become a story that many people talk about in the future .

When everyone dispersed, Yu Linglong’s cold eyes turned to Yu Qianyun .

At this moment, Yu Qianyun’s face didn’t even have a trace of blood . Her petite body fell softly into the maid’s arms, and her big eyes were full of despair .

Everything she had painstakingly designed and worked to achieve disappeared in a blink of an eye .

From now on, who of the Yu house’s servants would obey her? Who would listen to a wanton slut? What face did she have to take charge of the Yu house!?

The white face slowly lifted . Yu Qianyun raised his chin and looked directly at Yu Linglong .

Yu Qianyun, who had always been weak and helpless look, seemed to have completely changed her appearance at this moment . Her eyes seemed to be poisoned, and she stared at the beautiful figure in front of her without blinking .

“Yu Linglong, you are cruel—”

Although she knew that Yu Linglong was easy to provoke, she did not expect that Yu Linglong would use such a vicious method against her, and with just one touch, she would be pushed into the abyss of eternal damnation .

Looking at the woman in front of her who could no longer stand up to resist her, Yu Linglong’s pretty face swept away her feelings of regret and was full of chilly mockery .

“I took what you gave me and sent it back to you . ”

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