The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

Chapter 16 - The Academy of Sciences' Invitation

Ch16 – The Academy of Sciences’ Invitation

The headquarters of the First Group Army

He had already finished giving his report, but Li Kai was still dawdling and still hadn’t left He Yun Chen’s office.

He Yun Chen frowned slightly at him, as though asking him with his eyes if anything else was the matter.

“That…congratulations on getting a prize, Marshal…” Li Kai gave him a hopeful look. “Your delivery will be arriving in a while, maybe you could give me a little bit?”

He Yun Chen glanced at his subordinate and grudgingly said, “My mother also knows that I’ve won a prize and told me to eat at home.”

“Ah?” For a moment, Li Kai stood there in a daze as though he couldn’t understand why it was so, but he recovered shortly after. He hardened his expression and said, “I understand, Marshal. I will be taking my leave.”


After finishing the work on hand, He Yun Chen also left work.

When he went down to the army building’s gates, as expected, he was hailed by the officer at the Security Department, “Marshal, we have your delivery.”

“Thank you,” He Yun Chen took the delivery box and got on the suspended car waiting outside.

The suspended car was very fast and in a little more than ten minutes, managed to reach the He family mansion.

Upon entering the door, he smelled the faint fragrance of cooking rice. It smelled a lot less scorched than before. Apparently, his mother had dedicated herself to improving her cooking skills.

“A’Chen, you’re home. Did your delivery arrive already?” Ran Jing heard something astir and came out of the kitchen, eyes shining as she looked at her younger son.

“En.” He Yun Chen opened up his delivery, as expected it was the extra large type of preservation box. Inside was filled to the brim with soup along with a few pieces of bones with meat and white gourd.

“Did you have this box custom made?” He Yun Yi happened to be coming down the stairs and he saw the box in He Yun Chen’s hands. He couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, “Why is it that yours is always so much more that other people’s?”

He Yun Chen threw him a look and the corner of his lips ticked up. “Room manager privilege.”

Ran Jing took out a big soup bowl from the kitchen and poured the plentiful soup with white gourd into it. Afterwards, she took out something that He Yun Chen had never seen before. “A’Chen, here, take a look at this new kitchen utensil your brother’s Academy has recently researched. I used this automatic rice cooker to cook the rice today. I’m still studying how the anchor does it. First, you wash the rice. The rice that comes out of this is especially fragrant.”

He Yun Chen couldn’t help but nod his head. It did smell good.

Seeing her younger son nod, Ran Jing’s face showed a happy expression. “I also bought some soybeans and have them soaking already. Tomorrow, I’ll make soy milk for you all.”

Ever since they ate Ruan Tang’s cooking, the couple and their sons were now willing to eat natural foods and this made Ran Jing very happy. On one hand, eating natural foods really would be beneficial for their bodies and on the other hand she really liked the feeling of being able to chat and eat together with the entire family.

These past few days she has been following along with Ruan Tang’s broadcast to learn how to cook, and her skills have improved. She was certain that in the future there would be more chances for the whole family to eat together like this.

When she had scooped out the rice, He Wei Ye had also just arrived home.

“Lao He, come and eat, the soup today was made by that anchor!”

“En.” He Wei Ye took off his coat and walked towards the table with large strides and sat down.

When everyone was seated they simply started to eat.

Although there weren’t any dishes, just some soup, but the soup was extremely tasty. The white gourd simply melted in the mouth and the bones had some meat on them, you could eat and nibble on it. He Yun Yi even put his rice in with the soup and ate the rice and soup together.

These bones that have been cleaved apart, appeared to have some gelatinous liquid inside. While gnawing on the bones, you could lick it by simply extending you tongue. It turned out to be so exceptionally delicious, you can’t help but want to suck it all out.

Seeing He Yun Yi’s boorish table manners, He Wei Ye immediately furrowed his brows.

“Dad, quick, taste it! This thing inside the bones is also delicious!” He Yun Yi sucked dry one of the bones but couldn’t help getting another one.

Compared to He Wei Ye’s half-believing and half-skeptical manner, He Yun Chen was more straightforward. He had learned from He Yun Yi’s actions and lightly sucked a mouthful. The rich bone marrow entered his mouth and the taste was even more delicious than the soup. It was overwhelmingly rich and it filled his entire mouth with its savory taste. He couldn’t help but to use his tongue to lick between his teeth chasing after the sweet aftertaste.

In short order, the He family’s dining room was filled with sucking sounds one after the other.

One large bowl of soup and one large pot of rice was demolished by the He family.

“Gods, that tasted delicious. That little anchor’s skills are something else…it’s a pity our luck isn’t so good. This would be even better if we got the braised meat noodles.” He Yun Yi leaned against the back of the chair, gently patting his stomach. “Even better than that would be if we could make off with him and make him our family’s chef.”

He Yun Yi said this as he looked towards his mother, “Mom, how about you try and get in touch with him?”

“I can’t do that.” Ran Jing seriously shook her head. Previously when the platform had contacted Ruan Tang it was under the request of the Chefs’ Association and they had followed protocol. However, if she were to contact him for personal reasons, it would be in direct violation of company rules. Abusing her position and invading another’s privacy, these are things that she really can’t do.

He Yun Yi, though, wasn’t discouraged at all. After all, he had just blurted that out without thinking. His face showed a very smug smile, as though completely assured of success.

Since the Chefs’ Association could get in contact with the anchor through the platform, why couldn’t the Academy of Sciences?


The next day, Ruan Tang woke up to his light brain beeping. There was an incoming call. Looking at the number, it seemed to be the broadcasting platform employee that had called him previously.

“The Academy of Sciences?”

Once again, he has received a call from the broadcasting platform employee letting him know that the Academy of Sciences want to talk to him. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The Chefs’ Association was one thing, but what did the Academy of Sciences have to do with him?

Although he thought this way, Ruan Tang didn’t refuse. Back when he had made Shrimp Xiao Long Bao, although the Academy of Sciences did it unintentionally, they did help him resolve a troublesome matter. Moreover, the standing of the Academy in the Empire could be considered both above and cut from all the rest. For the sake of each and everyone in the Empire, they out their utmost effort in their research. Including the ingredients and utensils he used in his broadcasts, all of these were things that the Academy restored. Ruan Tang had a favorable opinion of this institution.

Very quickly, there came a call from an unfamiliar communication number.

As soon as it connected, he heard a voice that seemed to carry a smile, “Hello, Ruan Tang. My name is He Yun Yi, the current president of the Academy.”

The president personally called him? Ruan Tang felt quite flattered, he couldn’t help but ask, “Good Morning. May I know why you are looking for me?”

“You see, it’s like this.” He Yun Yi pushed down his smiling expression and in a deadly earnest manner said, “I think that you already know but the Empire is currently vigorously pursuing natural ingredients and the food industry is in its most crucial stage. We need someone with consummate cooking skills to lead the advancement of the gourmet profession. Evidently, you are an extraordinarily suitable candidate. Are you willing to lead the Empire’s culinary delicacies to glory?”

Ruan Tang, “…” What is with this 2nd Year Middle School kind of dialogue?

He felt particularly embarrassed by the other’s words and reminded him. “I think the Chefs’ Association would probably be more suitable for this role that you’re proposing?”

“Yes, but only if you’re not willing.” The corner of He Yun Yi’s lips hooked up and he quickly followed it up with, “Truth be told, I’m actually a fan of yours. My whole family loves your broadcast and your food. I believe you have very innovative ideas regarding food and your use of cooking implements if simply outstanding. If you would be willing, we would love to have you as an advisor for the Academy.”

“You won’t need to appear personally, nor would you need to participate in the research. You would only need to provide your opinion and correspondence. If there is any food ingredient or utensils that you’d like but isn’t in the market yet, you can suggest them and we can help you research them. This would be a win-win situation, don’t you think?” Seeing that Ruan Tang gave no reaction, his voice suddenly turned sad, “it couldn’t be that you’re going to reject me, right?”

Ruan Tang was a bit hesitant. He indeed didn’t want to associate with these official institutions. He was always afraid that it might bring about some sort of trouble. If the other side directly raised this requirement he might possibly directly refuse. However, he had already just refused the other and the other had also professed to being one of his fans, making him embarrassed to refuse again.

He had always been very indulgent towards his fans.

Moreover, compared to the first option, the second option seemed a lot easier to accept.

If he could join the Academy of Science and not have the burden of responsibility, it would be beneficial and of no harm to him. Moreover, he could draw support from the Academy of Sciences, enabling the restoration of a few food ingredients that weren’t available in this future world — like oyster sauce or chili bean paste, these kinds of condiments; century eggs which he wanted to eat before but couldn’t; or tofu or even possibly a rice cooker, oven, a noodle maker and other implements like these. Just as He Yun Yi said, this was truly a win-win choice.

After considering it for a moment, Ruan Tang nodded and said, “Ok, but for the time being I would like to keep our communication via online means, is that ok?” After all, if he were to appear in public, as a film emperor, it is likely that his identity would be recognized. If he were to be recognized it could being trouble.

“Of course, that would be ok.” He Yun Yi was sat down in his chair in his office in the Academy, his body leaning against the soft backrest, looking as though he already has a well-thought-out plan in mind. Then, he said his actual objective, “In order to be have a better interaction and raise the efficiency of our food research, when we at this side manage to restore an ingredient and deem it safe we will immediately send you some. If you manage to research a way to cook it, could you also send us a portion or two?”

Ruan Tang didn’t doubt his words, and straightforwardly agreed, “That’s fine.”

“In a moment, I will give you my address.” The smile on He Yun Yi’s face grew even bigger. “In that case, to a delightful partnership.”

“To a delightful partnership.”

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