The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

Chapter 18 - Eggplant Three Ways - Side B

Ch18 – Eggplant Three Ways – Side B

There was no pause in the anchor’s stir-frying, no matter what the live chat was discussing or guessing.

“The Yuxiang Eggpplant is done, you can come and taste it.” Ruan Tang ladled the Yuxiang Eggplant unto a porcelain bowl and sprinkled some chopped green onions on top. He called the audience to come and taste it.

The attention of the arguing audience was immediately drawn to the steaming hot Yuxiang Eggplant, and the sweet and sour aroma was extremely tempting.

[Miao Miao loves to eat meat: My God! It’s so so good! ]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: To the above commenter, I think you may have to change your name again… [laughing crying.jpg]]

[Liu Ye Bai: It’s delicious, it’s better than the steamed eggplant in the Rose Restaurant! 】

Chinese cuisine paid particular attention to smelling, looking and tasting great. Although these interstellar viewers didn’t understand this, but with the food’s visuals, smell and taste, the stimulation and enticement from these three aspects, they nevertheless could indulge in it wholeheartedly. The taste of the fried meat dish was already tempting, and the rosy-brown minced meat was placed in a bowl with a strip of eggplant in between. It only looked soft and tender, and the whole bowl was orange-brown. The oily light, together with the green chopped green onion, is even more oily but not greasy. Put a bite in the mouth, the eggplant strips are fried and tender, and the eggplant still hot is incredible, even if the teeth are slightly numb, it is reluctant to let go. The sweet and sour taste is mellow, especially with the addition of meat, which adds a meaty flavor to the eggplant.

[Bang and Chirp:/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ I was wrong, the anchor’s cooking gets full marks! Rose Restaurant? What’s that? 】

[Clear and Cold: Hey, it seems very delicious… Should one desire to sing, one would amaze the world with his first song. This crystal flower is my deep love for you! 】

At this time, Ruan Tang had already started to make stuffed eggplants.

He first poured the remaining meat into a large bowl, adding salt, soy sauce, minced ginger, minced scallions and flour, stirring vigorously until the seasoning was fully integrated with the meat.

Then he took another bowl, poured a little flour, added eggs and pepper, and a small amount of water. He stirred it into a uniform batter.

Ruan Tang picked up on that the eggplant pieces that he had sliced. At this time, the audience discovered that each of these eggplant pieces had a portion that was still stuck.

[Seven treasures: Hey, it seems that a lot of the eggplant slices weren’t cut through, did the anchor do this intentionally? ]

[Small transparent: It should be intentional? The anchor is so powerful, it’s impossible for him to make such a low-level mistake. ]

[ID27791075: Haha, it’s obviously a slicing mistake. You brainless fans are still shooting your mouths off. Hilarious! ]

[Vivian Feng: Isn’t the commenter above one of the previous professional sunspots? This familiar ID really makes me want to laugh. ]

[The scenery from my hometown: (づ ●─●)づ]

“Everyone should remember that when slicing, it should be one deep cut followed by one shallow cut. So that you get these pieces that are still connected. If it is completely sliced through, it will be easily separate when your fry it.” Then he picked up a piece of eggplant. He spread the meat in the middle and dipped it evenly in the batter.

He waited until all the eggplants are stuffed with meat and wrapped in the batter before taking out a clean pot and filling half the pot with cooking oil. When the oil started to bubble he lowered the temperature and then put in the eggplant. The stuffed eggplants were placed one by one along the side of the pot.

“When putting in the eggplant, it is best to slide it down the side of the pot instead of directly putting it in. This is to prevent the oil from splattering.”

The eggplant sizzled in the pot, and the batter slowly turned yellow. A strong aroma slowly began to spread.

After the eggplants were fried golden on both sides, they were taken out one by one. The stuffed eggplants were drip-dried of oil and then placed in a white porcelain dish. They looked a little unimpressive, just a small cakes of yellow, wrapped in an uneven surface . But it did give off the sweet smell of meat.

Thinking of the eggplant and minced meat wrapped in it, everyone looked forward to it. They even began to feel that outer covering had some meaningful implication.

“This is the stuffed eggplant, everyone can have a taste but be careful not to get burned.”

[Miao Miao loves to eat meat: My God! I’m in heaven! How can there be such a delicious thing! ]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: My tears are falling, will this be used in the lottery? I am willing to offer my half my month’s salary, anchor, please open a back door for me…]

[16 nights: In your dreams! Anchor, look here, look here! Give me a back door, QAQ]

The newly deep fried stuffed eggplants had an outer skin that smelled faintly of egg and had a bit of crispiness. The eggplant wrapped in it was tender and juicy and the meat was exceptionally delicious. With one bite the flavor and texture combined in their mouths. It had a deliciousness that could make people ascend to heaven.

Ruan Tang took out a small dish of ketchup. “If you want to taste to be richer, you can try dipping them in a bit of ketchup.”

He was a native of the south, and his taste preferences leaned towards the sweet. Therefore, he always liked to add some sugar when cooking. He also liked to eat the stuffed eggplants with a little ketchup or sweet and sour sauce.

“The simmered eggplant is also done, let’s take a look.”

When the lid was opened it gave out an enticing aroma. The audience was completely impressed by the previous two dishes and they were even more hopeful for this third dish.

He had just taken out the simmered eggplant but there was already someone in the live chat sighing about how delicious it was. Looks like some viewers just couldn’t wait.

The simmered eggplant was cut using a rolling cut. Because there was no beef powder, Ruan Tang included a little bit of meat inside. The eggplant was not peeled and now, when it was scopped out of the pot, the eggplants looked like snare drums, floating in gleaming broth. The drum surface is clean and slightly wrinkled. With one glance, you could see that it had been braised until it was delicious.

Impatiently taking a bite, the first to hit the tongue would be the meaty-tasting oil and broth. The tongue would suck all the juices from the vegetable and it would slide down the throat. The teeth would then lightly bite into the vegetable. The faint fragrance of the eggplant mixed with the dense tastiness of the meat would conquer your mouth in an instant. Especially when you bite down on the ground meat interlaced with fat and lean portions lyring on the surface of the eggplants. The meat was soft yet springy, and yet it didn’t overwhelm the star of the show. It was truly a hard to come by delicacy.

[Miao Miao loves to eat eggplant: Starting from today, eggplant is my favorite vegetable! ]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: It’s so delicious, these three dishes are all so delicious! ]

[Following broadcasts to learn cooking: The simmered eggplant is soft and tender, super tasty, extremely delicious! If there was a pot of fragrant white rice next to it, I would definitely be able to finish it all! ]

[Joyful Yulin: Agreed! I have decided to buy the rice cooker! What if I win the prize and don’t have any rice! ]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: To the commenter above, shameless! that prize is mine! ]

Three ways of cooking eggplants, each with its own distinct flavor. That Ruan Tang’s cooking skills were good need not be mentioned. For a time, various crystal flowers and colorful fireworks bloomed across the screen. The audience seemed to feel that this was all they could do to vent their excitement. These were delicious dishes that were even better than the empire’s most exclusive Rose Restaurant! They felt even more proud to be stanning such an anchor.

[Honey Summer: Praying to win a prize. ]

[Barely Passing: Praying to win a prize +1]

[Drinking plain boiled water in the middle of the night: Praying to win a prize +2]

The daily prayers have begun again, which seems to have become a regular phenomenon in Ruan Tang’s live broadcasts.

“Now I am going to draw five lucky viewers and give some stuffed eggplant that I made myself.” He said that as he opened the lottery function and quickly pulled out five IDs.

“Congratulations to The scenery from my hometown, Sixteen nights, Yu Nian, Empty words, and Jiu Ye Liu Li. The packages will be sent later, remember to check and receive it!”

The winning rate was too low. The viewers who failed to win the prize were disappointed. But he was also helpless. After all, he was only a single person and couldn’t meet the needs of every viewer.

“Today’s live broadcast ends here, everyone, see you tomorrow.”

The live broadcast was closed off, and with the help of Xiao Bai, the fried stuffed eggplants were put into the preservation boxes. At the same time, he did not forget to leave a portion of each dish to be sent to the dean of the Academy of Sciences.

Today, the other party had sent a rice cooker, and this was his way of returning the favor. In addition, he also wanted to reflect with the Academy of Sciences regarding the restoration of tofu, preserved eggs and other such ingredients. After all, those needed brine, amino acids, lime or other such things, that were not convenient for him to handle.

Sending things out in turn, he stretched out his arms. Feeling sleeping, he decided to take a nap.


He Yun Chen came home from work, and found a courier package on the table. It seemed to have been received by the smart butler. Looking at the familiar packaging and “food” labeling, He Yun Chen couldn’t help but reach out and tear open the package. After seeing the fresh and hot eggplant dishes inside, his face couldn’t help but smile.

The address associated with his account on the platform was the military headquarters. Although he doesn’t know how the other found out his home address, he subconsciously overlooked this doubtful point and felt happy having received Ruan Tang’s special care.

He still really is a little jellybean ,he couldn’t help but think sweetly.

At this time, He Yun Yi had just walked downstairs and saw that his younger brother was holding the preservation box with a captivated smile on his face, he suddenly realized what the other must be thinking.

Pretending that he hadn’t found out anything, He Yun Yi slowly walked downstairs and solemnly inspected the dishes in the preservation box. He nodded: “Today is eggplant. There’s actually three dishes and rice. Not bad, not bad.”

He Yun Yi had interrupted him, and he hadn’t paid attention to the name of the recipient on the delivery label. He said in a slightly flaunting tone, “Of course it’s good.”

“Yes, I think so too.” He Yun Yi’s smile widened. “Now, let me see who the recipient is -”

He Yun Chen spoke without thinking, “Who else could it be f-…”

A black and white delivery label was nastily shoved in his face. He Yun Yi, in a sing-song voice, said, “Oh, yes, who else? Of course, it can only be mine.”

“Oh no! You couldn’t have thought that the anchor sent it to you, right? After all, he doesn’t even know you.”

His constantly expressionless little brother’s face couldn’t help but to slightly distort. Seeing this, He Yun Yi couldn’t help but laugh. “Ha ha ha ha ha, my silly brother – you still don’t know? This morning, your darling little jellybean become a consultant to the Academy of Sciences~”

He Yun Chen sat down without saying a word, waiting for the Ran Jing and He Wei Ye to come back for dinner. However was completely unwilling to even glance at He Yun Yi’s direction.

Hmph, so angry.

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