The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

Chapter 26 - Four Seasons Feast – Side B

Ch26 – Four Seasons Feast – Side B

The fifth dish was the most classic red braised pork. As a southerner, Ruan Tang would be making it the way they preferred it in the south — the traditional way, the way grandmothers made it.

Ruan Tang picked out a portion of pork belly with striations of lean and fat. He cut it into small squares, and though each piece was streaked with distinct layers of red and white, it looked nothing like a bloody piece of raw meat. After rinsing the meat with clean water, he blanched it in boiling water twice over to remove the impurities and smell from the meat.

The pan was seated on the stove and when it was hot enough, he used a small brush to apply a thin layer of oil to the bottom of the pan to prevent sticking. He put in the minced ginger and garlic and sautéed until it was fragrant. He then added the pork pieces, stir-frying over medium heat. Slowly, the fat in the pork belly sizzled out, laying at the bottom of the pan. The surface of the meat had turned faintly golden, and the rich smell of meat fluttered out.

[Ha Ha Ha: Wow, it smells so good!! ]

[Benzene: I’ve eaten the boiled pork dish from the Rose Restaurant but I think there wasn’t this kind of meaty aroma!]

[Ira: Not necessarily? I secretly tasted a piece. The smell is great, but there is no taste. It must just be the smell of ginger and garlic. I think the Rose Restaurant’s is still better. ]

[Singing one’s happiness: It’s not finished yet, of course, it has no taste!]

At this point, Ruan Tang took out another pot, into which he put in a small amount of water. A spoonful of oil and three tablespoons of sugar was added and slowly cooked over low temperature.

When it had cooked to a caramel color, he put in the meat and slowly stirred it evenly, so that the white meat pieces were dyed a brilliant reddish-brown.

[Ha Ha Ha: Wow, this time it’s even more fragrant! Can we eat now? QAQ ]

[Little ginger: Visual inspection is still not possible, the anchor has begun to add seasoning _ (: з” ∠) _]

He added hot water to the pan and waited until the amount of water had boiled away to below the level of the meat before putting in the sliced ginger and scallions. Using high temperature, he let it heat until it started to form small bubbles. He then added light and dark soy sauce. He sprinkled a little salt and then covered it with the lid and let it simmer.

[Bone capacity: Ah, ah! How could he cover it already, I didn’t have enough time to eat it! ]

[Initial: It’s estimated to be a while yet… oh…]

Ruan Tang had no idea that the audience had been gazing at that red braised pork until their eyes were strained. He immediately packed it away and started on the next dish.

The next dish he had to make was Three Earthen Bounties. The main materials were potatoes, eggplants and green peppers. Although the ingredients are simple, when mixed together, they had a crisp and refreshing flavor. In his design, this dish represented spring from the four seasons.

The taste of the sauce was the key to the Three Earthen Bounties. He first used light soy sauce and dark soy sauce at a 1:1 ratio. He put it into a small bowl and added a tablespoon of aromatic vinegar, then half a spoon each of salt and sugar. He sliced a bit of red pepper and ginger. After mixing it well together, he set it aside.

Next, he washed all the three main ingredients. He peeled the potatoes, and then cut all the three ingredients into equal sized pieces. The previous dishes didn’t involve any fast chopping and slicing. Now his nimble knife skills were on full display, and immediately the viewers who hadn’t seen his live broadcasts gasped in admiration.

[Qin Xiaowei: Wow, how can he cut it so fast? I can’t see where the knife is. Isn’t the anchor afraid that he might cut his hand?]

When making the Three Earthen Bounties, the potatoes and eggplants must first be fried. Ruan Tang started to heat some oil in a pan. One had to cook potatoes slowly in order to cook it well. This was to ensure that the inside of the potatoes was also soft. When the oil temperature was around 80 °C, he put the potato pieces first. Only when even the inside was cooked did he turn up the heat. The oil suddenly started to bubble, turning the surface of the potato pieces golden and crisp. The color and luster were particularly beautiful. He did the same thing to the other two ingredients, frying the skin of the eggplant and the green pepper until it was slightly browned before fishing it out and allowed to drip free of the oil.

Making use of the hot oil left in the pan, he put in a little chopped green onion and minced garlic. The garlic was chopped very finely and immediately a fragrant aroma came from the pan. Taking advantage that the three vegetables had yet to completely soften, Ruan Tang put in the potatoes, eggplants and green peppers back into the pan. He poured the freshly prepared sauce with starch slurry over it. After stir frying for a while using high heat, the sauce and oil were all absorbed by the vegetables, leaving behind a brown shiny layer of oil.

After Ruan Tang turned off the heat, he divided the stir fried vegetable dish evenly between two plates.

[Naval Fan: Ooooowwwww, hot, hot, hot! It’s burning hot!]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: my tongue is going to be burned off!]

Just as Ruan Tang had plated the Three Earthen Bounties, the audience couldn’t hold back from tasting the dishes. However, the Three Earthen Bounties was the kind of dish that absorbed a lot of oil, and since it had just come out of the pan, when the audience bit down, the first thing they tasted wasn’t the delicious fresh and crisp juice, but the plentiful hot oil in the dish. Suddenly there were a lot of overly-eager viewers who were burnt and wailing.

[Withered thistles: It’s hot! But it’s delicious!]

[Miao Miao loves to eat all the dishes of the anchor: Hmph, long-time fans would definitely know that a dish with so much oil would be hot. That’s why I specially waited before eating. I really want to give myself a pat for being so quick-witted! The anchor’s craftsmanship is first rate!]

The Three Earthen Bounties was really worthy of its name. It tasted delicious and tender. Although it was oily it wasn’t greasy. It only added a more lustrous color to this dish.The dish was divided into two as per usual and was taken away by the robot. One plate was placed in the freshness cabinet while the other was sent to the judges.

Unsurprisingly, the plate was picked clean after just two minutes of being set down on the table.

[If you eat more sugar, it will hurt your teeth: ah ah! It eaten all up again! ! So annoying!]

[Mu: I think these judges have already forgotten what they came here for. 🙂 ]

This way of making a clean sweep of the candidate’s dishes left several judges a little embarrassed, but the dish that Ruan Tang made was so glossy and savory. They could smell the aroma from a few meters away. They’ve been craving for it for a long time already. With the dish right in front of them, how could they hold back?

A few old white-haired white-bearded chefs stroked their beards and concealed the redness on their faces. From left to right, they each commented, “It smells, looks and tastes great. Salty and savory. Very good, very good.” “With how well he was able to make these delicacies despite his young age, it makes me think that the young really deserve to be treated with respect.” “Yes, yes!”

Live audience: “…”

When they finished their comments, they once again helplessly turned their eyes towards Ruan Tang. At this time, Ruan Tang had taken out a very large fish tail, put it under the tap and washed it clean. He then began to scrape away the scales. The experienced viewers suddenly retreated a bit, so as not to be hit by the scales.

[Twilight Koike: Ah, can fishtails be eaten? There might be a lot of fish bones…]

[Cats over money: I found this fish to be a bit unfamiliar so I went to the shopping site to look for it. This seems to have just been released?? My goodness, I didn’t even know this ingredient was already out and the anchor already knows how to cook with it… [laughing and crying.jpg]

In fact, there were quite a few types of fish recovered by the Academy of Sciences. However, they were unclear about the types, and they weren’t sure whether they would be harmful. So most of them were still in the laboratory and have not been released. Among the unpublished fish, there was the puffer fish, from which they detected highly toxic materials, so they grew even stricter towards the remaining fish.

The Chinese perch was a new product that had just passed the safety test, which was perfectly convenient for Ruan Tang.

What Ruan Tang was going to make was Hong Shao Hua Shui.

Hong Shao Hua Shui was a very typical southern dish. It took its name from how the fishtail always strikes the water. The fish’s tail was constantly in motion, so the meat in this part was very delicious and tender. In consideration for the future citizens who don’t usually eat fishtail, he immediately bought the considerably less thorny Chinese perch when he saw it on the shopping site.

After putting the fishtail on the plate, he carefully applied a small amount of salt on the surface of the fish, especially on the fish skin, to avoid the skin from breaking when deep frying.

Heat the oil in the pan, and tipped in the onions, ginger, garlic and red pepper slices. He stir fried over low to medium heat, and when the oil started to form small blisters, put in the fish and topped it off with boiling water until the fish was submerged. He added in light and dark soy sauce and sugar. He first boiled it at a high temperature, and then changed to low temperature to boil slowly.

At this time, the braised pork from before was almost ready to be fished out of the pan.

As soon as the lid was opened, a mouth-watering aroma immediately gushed out, making all the viewers very spirited. The pork belly was interspersed with layers of lean and fat. The shiny pork belly in the pan was completely wrapped in the thick red sauce, making the unique flavor of the meat was even more enticing. The fat meat was coated in oil and looked very alluring.

Ruan Tang began to plate the dish and the audience knew that it was time to eat. They were afraid that if they were even a little bit late they wouldn’t be able to grab any. They couldn’t even be bothered with just having a taste. Chopstick after chopstick — only when they had filled their mouths did they stop.

[Can’t stop hugging trees: Fuck! ! ! ! ! ! ]

[Miao Miao loves to eat all the dishes of the anchor: It’s! too! Delicious!!!]

[A tiny flower: Who am I? where am I? I seem to be flying …]

[Point ink treading: I really want to rush to the scene to grab a piece of meat! This kind of data that you can taste but can’t swallow it — It’s pure torture…sob…sob…sob]

[Ink dyeing: From today, I am Ruan Tang’s great brainless fan! I would like to ask Ruan Tang where your broadcast is! Can you give me a room number? ! ]

[Drinking plain boiled water in the middle of the night: The more I eat, the hungrier I get. I got my nutrient solution but I can’t seem to drink it! ]

The braised pork immediately captured the taste buds of the live audience. As expected, no matter the era, the majority were meat-eaters who loved meat. Even vegetarians wouldn’t be able to deny the unique aroma and temptation of meat.

The pork belly that been slowly boiling for a full half hour was completely cooked through. As soon as the meat entered the mouth, the rich and savory taste bursts inside. The oil from the meat was all cooked out, leaving only the meaty juices. The lean meat was chewy while the fatty part was soft and tender. When the two textures combined together, there simply wasn’t anything more delicious!

A plate of red braised pork was taken by the smart robot to the judges’ seats. This group of esteemed elders from the culinary sphere all squinted and looked at the dish with their chopsticks ready to go. Two or three meters felt so far, they couldn’t wait to rush straight to grab the meat!

When the red braised pork was finally placed on the table, President Gu quickly nabbed the biggest piece of meat with his chopsticks and stuffed it into his mouth. He couldn’t help but close his eyes.

The tasty, savory, tender and sticky streaky pork — it simply melted in his mouth. With every chew, the rich and flavorful meat juices flooded his mouth. It was simply heaven!

“This is the real charm of good food!” President Gu sighed, and when he opened his eyes and tried to get another piece, he found that the meat on the plate was almost gone.

He immediately turned his head and looked at his old companions. Every one of their mouths was stuffed full, sauce unknowingly staining the edges. He didn’t know how many they had already eaten.

President Gu was so angry his beard stood on end. He was very distressed. Afraid that these scoundrels would snatch the even the few remaining pieces of meat, he quickly reached out with his chopsticks to snap up a piece of meat. As a result, his chopsticks clashed against another’s. Ge Lao also extended his chopsticks, obstructing him.

“President, there’s already a piece in your mouth. It would be better to let me have this.” Ge Lao smiled as he said this but the strength behind his chopsticks was strong enough to scare people.

“No, no, I just–” President Gu wanted to explain that he had only eaten one piece, when he saw the old man next to him, taking advantage of the stalemate between them, quickly pinning the last piece of meat on the plate. It was all gone.

The two men looked at Wang Lao with disbelief, but Wang Lao simply put that last piece into his mouth without batting an eyelid. He even critiqued seriously, “It’s delicious.”

President Gu and Ge Lao were both dying to pounce on and beat up this stinky old man who had forcefully snatch away the last piece of meat, but they had to think of their image before the audience and they had no choice but to temporarily press down on their resentment. They glared hatefully at him and then heaved a sigh.

Don’t be angry! If you get sick there’s no one who can substitute for you!

Fortunately, this time, the Hong Shao Hua Shui was almost done. Ruan Tang divided the fishtail in two and place it on the center of a white porcelain plate. He poured the sauce from the pan over the surface of the fishtail and sprinkle chopped green onions..

[Gold coins fall down: Ah! Delicious, so tender and delicious! There’s no fishbones at all! ]

[The scenery from my hometown: the anchor is so amazing, too bad there’s no lottery. QAQ]

The perch was soft and had no small bones. The taste was extremely tasty. The tail was plump and tender. The rich juice already permeated into the fish meat, giving the viewers an appetizing mouthful. Compared with the dense meat of red braised pork, the Hong Shao Hua Shui was slightly lighter, but there was a refreshing flavor to it, which was very popular among the audience.

Learning their lesson from when they ate the red braised pork, when the Hong Shao Hui Shui was laid down, the table turned into a battlefield. The sound of clashing chopsticks rang out. Several judges were blocking the others while trying to nab a piece for themselves. While some displayed their ambidexterity by brandishing another set of chopsticks in their left hand. This was met with unanimous glowers from the others. In an instant, only the thin soup was left on the plate.

“What a pity, if we could come back with a bowl of white rice, these sauces wouldn’t have to be wasted…” Ge Lao stared at the red sauces on the two plates, he looked as though he wanted to pick them up and lick them clean. It’s a pity that it’s being broadcast live on the whole star network. He was determined not to kill his image that way.

– Truth be told though, the entire judging panel had long ago lost any sort of face.

Now that the hot dishes were more of less done, all that was left was soup, a main dish and an after meal dessert. Afterwards, the Four Seasons Feast was complete.

An hour and a half had already passed, he needed to hurry.

If it’s soup, Ruan Tang was going to make a light and refreshing radish and pork ribs soup.

He took out a piece of pork spareribs and cut it into small pieces. He blanched it twice in boiling water and used warm water to wash away the scum. He then put it back into the pot to let it boil slowly together with the chopped leeks and sliced ginger.

While cooking the ribs, he took a white radish and peeled it, then used the rolling cut to chop it into pieces before putting it in together with the soup.

Since the ribs needed to be boiled for about 30 minutes, Ruan Tang started making the last main dish.

The main dish he chose was the four-colored dumplings. Because it was made up of four different segments, once the different fillings were put it, it would be as beautiful as a flower, and completely suited for the theme of the Four Seasons Feast.

The first thing to prepare was the ground pork. He chopped the meat into a paste and put it in a bowl. Then he peeled off a few shrimps and chop them together with the onions. They were all mixed into the pork stuffing. He then add the soy sauce, salt, sugar, pepper and other seasonings to the stuffing. While stirring the mixture clockwise, he slowly poured in the scallion-ginger juice until it all clumped together.

He soaked the wood ear fungus in warm water to plump it up and kneaded dough for the wrapper, setting it aside in a preservation box. He waited 20 minutes before taking it out for use.

Of course, this twenty minutes couldn’t be wasted, so he took the milk and poured it into a small pot to heat it. When it was about to boil, he poured it into ten transparent glass bowls. This was also something he had troubled the Academy to make.

He was going to make a double skin milk pudding with mangoes as an after-dinner dessert. It was also a representative of “winter”. The snow white color of double skin milk pudding was very similar to that of winter snow. Topped with a few bright yellow mango slices, it looked very colorful and pretty.

He took five eggs, separated the egg whites from the yolk, and evenly beat the egg whites with a whisk.

At this time, the milk had also cooled down. A thin layer of milk skin had condensed on the surface. Using a small knife he cut a small slit at the side of the milk skin and tipped out the milk from all ten bowls into one big one, leaving the milk skin intact in their original bowls.

The poured milk and egg whites were mixed together. White sugar was added and the mixture was then filtered through a small sieve to complete the most fundamental step. All that was left was to slowly pour back the milk mixture into the small bowls, put the plastic wrap over the bowls, and then put them in the steaner for 10 minutes. With that, the double skin milk pudding would be finished.

Of course, the small sieves and cling film were also provided by the Academy of Sciences.

At this time, the pork ribs soup was nearly done. He poked the pork ribs with chopsticks and seeing that it was soft enough, added salt and pepper as seasoning. He poured the pork ribs into a soup bowl.

[natty: It’s delicious! ]

[Yangui: The radish was so soft and it had a meaty taste. The soup was especially refreshing, it’s so delicious!]

The white radish had fully absorbed the oil from the soup, and the ribs were also stewed until they were falling off the bones tender. The soup carried the clear and sweet flavor of the radish. Once again, the audience and the judges were full of praise. Even if you weren’t used to the taste of radish, you couldn’t bear to put down the soup bowl, only picking out the pork ribs.

Ruan Tang cast his eyes towards the preservation box. He took out the dough and kneaded it into a long strip. He cut it into slightly larger pieces, sprinkle the flour over it, and rolled it out into thin round dumpling skins using a rolling pin.

He spread the dough on the palm of his hand, filled it with half a spoonful of the meat filling, then pinched the dumpling skin together in the middle. He then pinched the corners, and opened the resulting segments. The dumpling skins became like flower petals. .

The processed corn kernels, carrots, spinach and fungus were filled into the four segments. The red, yellow, black and green colors were contrasted against the white dumpling skin. It increasingly began to resemble a pretty little flower. The Four-colored dumpling was a famous part of the Manchu Han Imperial Feast; although their fillings might be different, their exquisiteness was always the same.

[Can’t stop hugging trees: Wow, this thing looks so beautiful, it must be delicious! ]

[Miao Miao loves to eat all the dishes of the anchor: Yes, yes, I can’t wait any longer! qvq]

Ruan Tang placed the wrapped Four Treasure dumplings into the steamer and covered it with a lid. It would be ready after steaming for ten minutes. Soon after, he took out the steamed double skin milk pudding and put it in the freezer to cool. When the Four-colored dumplings finish cooking, they could be presented together.

Seeing Ruan Tang no longer continue to prepare other ingredients, but rather stand still and wait, the audience knew that this assessment was almost done.

[Mu Mu: My god, it’s is only nine o’clock, and even the ten dishes are almost finished!]

[Xiao Yan Xiao Xiao Qi Bao: That’s right! Our anchor’s famous cooking is fast and delicious!]

[Small transparent: I am looking forward to the final feast! I am sure to be in for a good meal! (ˉ﹃ˉ)]

[Lucy: Yes, finally, we won’t need to scramble for time against the judges. [Distressingly hugs my plump self.jpg]]

Ten minutes later, the steamed Four-colored dumplings were taken out of the steamer and placed on a white porcelain plate in a multi-layered flower pattern.

The sliced ​​mangoes were then placed one by one on top of the ten white-skinned double-skinned milk puddings.

Amidst the viewers’ ardent anticipation, the last two dishes, Four-colored Dumplings and Double Skin Milk Pudding with Mangoes were finished at long last.

[Falling Sakura: Hey, this white petal thing is so beautiful! I’m a bit reluctant to eat it!]

[The anchor’s little tail: stupid, eat now, watch later! If you don’t eat now, once it’s set on the judges’ table you won’t be able to eat it!]

[Falling Sakura: Oh, that’s right, I have to hurry!]

[Tiny little fox: It’s delicious, both are delicious…]

The Four-colored dumplings were quite soft. With five kinds of fillings, it had both meat and vegetables. In addition to its good looks, the taste was also quite rich. The various delicious flavors collided in your mouth. However much you ate, it never seemed to be enough.

Double skin milk pudding with mangoes has a very unique texture. It’s a dessert, but the taste was not very sweet. The rich milk carried a hint of clear sweetness. It not only appealed to girls, but men too can appreciate the taste.

After all the dishes have been completed, Ruan Tang started to present the final feast. He let the smart robot take out the dishes from the freshness cabinet and arranged them on the table according to their appearance.

The cold cucumber salad and the Three Earthen Bounties were presented together. The verdant green represented the vibrant spring. The Red Braised Pork and Hong Sao Hua Shui are placed near the Three Earthen Bounties, their bright red color was also in line with the blazing and fiery impression of summer. Next was the mostly yellow potato salad, pineapple shrimp balls and scallions chicken, representing a cool autumn; while mango double-skin milk, radish and pork ribs soup and the four-colored dumplings represented a snow-white winter.

Ten dishes, twenty ingredients, and a rich and beautiful Four Seasons Feast was completed.

Compared with the formal banquet, the specifications of the Four Seasons Fest was much smaller, and the dishes were simpler and more relaxed, but it was very suitable for summer. Eating this during the scorching summer would definitely bring about the greatest satisfaction.

Once the table was all set up, it was officially time for the audience’s tasting and evaluation.

As the judges for this evaluation, their votes counted for no more than the ordinary viewer’s, but as the authority in cooking, what they say could also affect the judgment of the audience. If they were satisfied with the candidates’ dishes, it was a strong appeal for support for the candidate.

Although they had just been scrambling for these few dishes until they were red in the face, their attitude towards Ruan Tang was surprisingly consistent – what a joke, if this level wasn’t enough to pass, then wouldn’t those four-star chefs be so ashamed that they’d need to commit suicide?

After slowly finishing off the double skin milk and letting the audience have a taste, Gu Le Ji coughed lightly and regained his imposing manner as president of the Chefs’ Association. His eyes fell to Ruan Tang who was standing before them. In a voice full of admiration, he said, “This Four Season’s Feast, although the selection of dishes seem very much like light snacks, it matched the theme very well. Like its name, the color of these dishes matched the four seasons. This idea is very interesting. “”

“Yes, and these dishes gave us a pleasant surprise.” Next to him, Ge Lao chimed in, “Although your method of cooking cucumbers seemed quite trifling, given the current practice in the empire of cooking cucumbers until it’s soft, today you showed us that cucumbers should be eaten raw lest it lose its natural flavor.”

“Not to mention that this dish is very simple to make. Even people who can’t cook can make this for themselves.”

“Indeed”, Gu Le Ji said with a heavy heart, “In the past, we have always believed that we should be fastidious with our food. Ingredients will be processed back and forth many times, and then we would play with various shapes and designs. However, this simply raised the threshold for cooking so that it couldn’t gain wide acceptance. This was our dereliction of duty.”

“In two and a half hours, he made ten dishes that all looked, smelled and tasted great. He used twenty different ingredients — cucumbers, wood ear fungus, eggplant, potatoes, green peppers, eggs, corn, peas, carrots, pork ribs, fish, pineapple, prawns, chicken, mango, milk, white radish, red pepper, spinach and flour. It may be said that his ingenuity is unparalleled. The candidate has an astonishing talent for cooking.” President Gu paused and continued on, “I believe that such talent should not be buried anyway. It is time to cast your votes. I ask everyone in the live audience to cherish the votes they have in their hands and to cast this vote according to their true feelings.”

After President Gu finished speaking, a prompt box appeared before every viewer. It had three options — agree/disagree/abstain — and the time limit was 30 minutes.

[Can’t stop hugging trees: Is there still a need for this? Must agree! Anchor, anchor, please open a store! I’ve suddenly remembered the complaint that I have forgotten for a long time…]

[Miao Miao loves to eat all the dishes of the anchor: vote! It’s so delicious! Thinking how there can be such delicious dishes makes me want to cry in happiness! ]

[Fly little swallows: I think the strength of the anchor already exceeds that of a four-star chef’s, he can be promoted directly to a five-star chef. Wasn’t every dish he made for the Four Seasons Feast innovative dishes? ]

[Liu Yebai: It makes sense! Not only during this four-star assessment. The anchor seemed to have been making new dishes since the first time he started his live broadcasts. ]

[Fly little swallow: +1, and many of those that he used were new ingredients, right? Some haven’t even been out for two hours but the anchor already knew how to cook with it… This ability to innovate, isn’t it simply unnatural!? ]

[Fantasy Purple: Aside from delicious, I really don’t know what else to say…]

[Rashomon 1942: Explosively delicious! Ah ah ah ah ah!]

Almost everyone was conquered by this gourmet feast. After the voting was opened, the votes in favor of Ruan Tang passing the assessment began to grow at a rate visible to the naked eye. In less than five minutes, it quickly broke through the 100 million mark and it was still growing at an incredible speed.

There are also some people who disagree and abstain from voting but these were just two or three kittens and not at all worth mentioning against the huge number in favor.

[The April turtledove flicks its feathers:? ? ? ? Why are there even any votes against it? Even if it doesn’t suit your taste, can’t you see how well the anchor made it?]

[Folding: I don’t like it but I still have to vote in favor for? Just how wonderful do you think you are? Does everyone have to like the dishes your anchor made?]

[Jue Xi: I’m an S-class warrior. My senses are much more acute than the average person’s. I don’t usually eat natural food. But the dishes that this gentleman made were free of fishy taste or odor. It made me understand why it’s called fine food. For that, I am extremely grateful!]

The chances of S-class warriors appearing were very low. With a population of hundreds of billions, S-ranked people numbered only close to a million. It wasn’t that they were unwilling to accept natural food, but the peculiar smell in natural foods made them unable to tolerate it.

Now, with Ruan Tang’s appearance along with the cooking methods that he provided, these S-class warriors could finally appreciate the pleasure of good food. Thus, the best fighters of the empire had a favorable impression of Ruan Tang.

As a double S-class fighter, He Yun Chen was even more restricted than them and thus he felt an even greater appreciation for Ruan Tang.

[HE: Thank you.]

At the same time, on the star network’s Weibo, several movements attracted the interest of numerous people.

“@He Yun Yi v: The very best food from the ongoing four-star chef assessment, please cast your vote. [link address]”

[Little Fairy: Wow, it’s enough to make the President issue a call. The assessment this time must be really wonderful! Votes must be cast!]

[Cold water light rain: vote! vote!]

“@He Yun Chen v: Support. // @He Yun Yi: The very best food from…”

[@Wind&Breath:Σ( ° △°|||)︴My god! Is this the marshal himself? Looks like the marshal also likes to eat natural food! ]

[@This cat doesn’t cry: Vote! Vote! Vote! Must vote! ]

“@Xia Mi v: Support. // @He Yun Yi v: The very best food from…”

[@Xiao Qiu: Give the goddess a like! Give the anchor a like! It’s so delicious! ]

“@Bai Che v: Awesome! @@Xia Mi v: Support. @He Yun Yi v: The very best food from…”

[@Yue Zhi Xin remembers snow: Wow, what a front row photo! Dashing away to vote! ]

The marshal of the empire, the President and Vice President of the Academy of Sciences and the flower of the empire, the empire’s most powerful and influential figures unexpectedly, all came out at the same time to show their support for one person. What’s more, their posts were all linked. How could this not make their followers ecstatic? Their fans almost included nearly half of the empire’s population, and as these fans mobilized, the number of online people in the live broadcast room once again ushered in in an astonishing surge.

In the end, nearly 10 billion people participated in this voting. 95% of the audience voted in favor. Regardless of whether in terms of the number of participants, or the proportion of favorable votes, they’ve never had such amazing numbers since the inception of the four-star assessment. In the future, it would be very hard to break this record.

As the audience voted madly, the judges also paid attention to the comments and trends from the audience, and they noticed that the viewers raised questions regarding Ruan Tang’s coming out with innovative dishes. The brows of these judges wrinkled slightly and they discussed it in whispers.

“The five-star chef’s assessment requirements are to master 25 ingredients and require more than ten innovative dishes, but from judging from today’s four-star assessments…” Ge Lao’s face showed a complicated expression. “His performance already exceeded the five-star assessment criteria…”

In these four assessments, Ruan Tang had used a total of 32 ingredients to make 21 different dishes, including desserts, soups, meat dishes, vegetable dishes, appetizers, etc., and all 21 dishes, all of them were new dishes! This ability, let alone a four-star chef, even if a five-star chef might not be able to do this.

In the end, President Gu had the final say, “We’ll pass him for the level assessment that he tested for. As for the evaluation for the five-star chef, the agreement of more than half of the elders is still needed but the assessment itself can be exempted.”

Having said that, there were only 20 people in the council of elders. Eight of them, including President Gu were on the scene and have been completely conquered by Ruan Tang’s exquisite cooking skills. That is to say, only two of the remaining 12 people needed to agree. It seemed that Ruan Tang’s promotion to a five-star chef was a done deal.

They looked at each other and saw the final result on the screen. President Gu stood up and said to this young man with boundless prospects: “Congratulations to our new four-star chef, Ruan Tang.”

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