The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

Chapter 3 - Live Broadcast Platform – Side B

Ch3 – Live Broadcast Platform – Side B

Ruan Tang was the type who after having decided upon something would immediately take action. So he immediately submitted to Jinjiang the application form as an anchor for a food channel. His personal information was already available on the star network database so the contents of the application form were automatically generated. He only needed to confirm the information, submit and wait for review. Once approved, he can officially be an anchor.

As he waited for approval, he returned to the shopping site and cleared out his shopping cart, leaving only potatoes, vegetables, pork, rice, eggs, oil and salt for a total of 150 GMs.

Items would be delivered right to your door by intergalactic express delivery in 15 minutes.

Looking at the measly 50 GMs left in his account, he felt that it was of utmost urgency to make money.

At this time, his bracelet suddenly made a “beep” sound, and then a pop-up box was sent to inform him that the submitted anchor application had passed the review. As part of the personal channel had he obtained, several tools that he could use for broadcasting were already on their way to him via express delivery. They also sent him a video tutorial.

Based on the video tutorial, it didn’t seem to be very difficult. The functions were very similar to those that he used in his previous life with the main difference lying in the level of holographic technology and upgrades in performance.

The speed of intergalactic express delivery was astonishingly fast. Shortly after, two packages arrived almost simultaneously. Ruan Tang let the smart butler sign for the packages. Ruan Tang personally opened the package from the Live Broadcast Platform while he let Xiao Bai carry the ingredients from the shopping site to the kitchen.

The Live Broadcast Platform sent a pair of live broadcasting contact lenses and a live broadcasting camera. After the live broadcast contact lenses were worn, the audience could watch the live broadcast from the perspective of the anchor, while the live camera was convenient for fixed-point shooting. Both of these camera modes could holographically capture the scene’s data and upload it to the live broadcast platform after encryption, it was very safe and private.

Watching the whole process of food production from the contact lenses could fully enhance the interaction between the viewer and the anchor. The disadvantage was that the anchor’s own face would not appear in the video. The anchor that was broadcasting live in the restaurant yesterday must have used the fixed live camera.

Ruan Tang put on the contact lenses. Not revealing his face in the broadcast was exactly the effect that he wanted.

His current skin and bones appearance was not suitable for appearing before the public. The clothes he was wearing upon his body though still appeared quite good. His face was completely unacceptable. Although his features were quite good, his cheeks had been hollowed out and was completely pale and without color. He looked seriously ill. How could anyone be interested in the food he makes after seeing his face?

The contact lenses were very lightweight and functional. Wearing them wouldn’t case the wearer any discomfort or burden. While wearing them, the user could even see a translucent screen where the comments and notifications would be displayed, making it easy for the anchor to interact with the audience.

At the same time, these pair of contact lenses had been tied to his personal account, so he could directly control them through the light brain.

He walked into the kitchen and found that although the kitchen utensils and tableware were complete, some of the pots and pans were still unopened. It seemed that when the original owner was at home, he didn’t cook much.

He opened the parcel and took out the ingredients. He checked them all and confirmed that they were all fresh before putting them on the cooking counter.

Ruan Tang then, picked out the pots and knives that would be used, and gave them a wash. After the preparations were completed, the live broadcast was turned on through the light brain.

“Hello, everyone, I’m your anchor, Ruan Tang. What I am going to make today is lean meat congee. It’s easy to make and has high nutritional value.” After a simple self-introduction, Ruan Tang started cooking.

Although there was no one in the live broadcast room now, he couldn’t just wait. Besides, the live broadcast room of the star network came with a video recording function. After the anchor ends the live broadcast, the website would automatically upload the holographic video to the personal channel of the anchor. Later, fans could also watch replays in their dashboards, and they could also taste the food in the video.

In other words, even if there was no one in the live broadcast, you could use online posts to promote it. The effect was the same.

He chose a few green vegetables and took off the leaves and washed them. Then he chopped them up.

The pork that he chose was purely lean meat, pork tenderloin. It would make the most delicious congee.

After chopping the meat into shreds, he heated up the pan and poured in the right amount of oil. Stoves in the future were all numerically controlled, there was no open flame and the operation was very convenient. The temperature could be directly set; it heated up very quickly and it maintained a constant temperature so you wouldn’t need to worry about burning your food.

In five seconds the pan was already hot.

Ruan Tang put in the shredded meat and immediately a sizzling sound could be heard. The aroma of fried pork gradually began to spread.

[Miao Miao does not eat fish: Hey, what’s the anchor making? It smells so good! Amazing!]

A translucent live chat comment appeared floating in front, and Ruan Tang saw that the number of online viewers at the bottom left of the live broadcast had changed from 0 to 3, which gave him a little confidence.

“What I’m making is lean meat congee with green vegetables. The green ones over there are chopped up vegetables and now in the frying pan is the shredded pork.” Then he took the cooked pork from the pan and set it aside on a plate.

[Can’t stop hugging trees: ah ah ah! It’s hot! ! ! ]

Seeing this comment, Ruan Tang knew that someone couldn’t resist the smell of fried meat and had tried to sneak a taste of the shredded pork. He couldn’t help but smile and said, “Things from the frying pan will be very hot, also this still isn’t done yet, so you can’t eat it yet.”

[Can’t stop hugging trees: OK TAT]

Then he put the rice in a small pot, washed it twice with water, and then put in the right amount of water to start cooking.

Because there was now an audience, Ruan Tang also took the opportunity to explain to them: “Now we start to cook congee, the time required to cook congee may take a while, so while waiting, we can make a simple fried potato cake”

After setting the cooking time, he no longer minded the congee, so he took two potatoes from the side and rinsed them in the sink.

[Miao Miao does not eat fish: Is the potato that new safe food ingredient released a few days ago? The anchor can also make food with it? Great! 】

Ruan Tang saw the comment and realized that the potato was originally a safe food that was just released. No wonder it was sold so cheap. Maybe they wanted to promote it better?

He turned the potatoes in his hand while holding a thin knife in his right hand, and started peeling it producing a long and continuous strip of skin, which suddenly aroused the surprise of these few viewers.

But as another viewer chimed in, a new situation arose.

[Honey Summer: The chef association hasn’t yet researched the way to cook potato. A newcomer anchor dares to use it so casually. Do you have a chef certificate? What if there’s problem when I eat it? ]

Ruan Tang peeled the potato and glanced up at the barrage. He saw this comment but before he could even open his mouth to speak, the audience member who couldn’t wait to taste the lean pork before had already helped him fight back.

[Can’t stop hugging trees: To the commenter above, what’s with you? The Chefs’ Association has always been slow, and the official release of the ingredients is obviously to encourage everyone to try it themselves. Do you have to wait for the chef association before you learn for yourself? ]

When he saw the two people were going to quarrel in the chat, Ruan Tang asked, puzzled, “Chefs’ Association?”

[Honey Summer: From which remote star did you come from? You don’t even know about the Chefs’ Association? ]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: the Chefs’ Association can also be considered an official institution. Usually, the safe food ingredients are researched by the Academy of Sciences. The Chefs’ Association would cooperate with the study of this food and then publish a way to cook it. Generally, only those with chef certificates are able to work in restaurants, but there is no such requirement to do live broadcasts. The government clearly encourages us to study new ways of eating ourselves! ]

“Ah, so it’s like that. Where should one go to get tested for a chef certificate?” He couldn’t help but nod. “After some time, I will go and take the exam.”

Honey Summer suddenly couldn’t help but mock him.

[Honey Summer: Do you think the chef certificate test is so easy to pass? Even if you only want to take the lowest-level one-star chef certificate, you should be able to cook with at least five kinds of ingredients, and the taste should be good. It is even harder to pass a higher star rating. I see what you are! You’re just trying to swindle little kids here, aren’t you?]

Her words were rude and it suddenly elicited dissatisfaction from two other viewers.

Ruan Tang reassured them a bit. He honestly didn’t care too much. After all, there were a lot of keyboard warriors from his previous life. What kind of person had he never seen before? This level was nothing at all.

He cut the peeled potatoes into thick potato chunks, then put them in another pot and boiled them. When they could be pierced through with chopsticks, Ruan Tang removed the potato chunks and used a spatula to mash them into paste.

The mashed potatoes were a little dry, so he added a small amount of milk to combat this. Additionally, it added a little milky flavor to the potatoes.

Ruan Tang added the right amount of salt, and didn’t stop until the mixture was even. He then shaped the mashed potatoes into small balls by hand. A potato cake was about the size of a table tennis ball, two potatoes were enough to make a small plate of potato cakes.

Ruan Tang then used the pan and oil that had just fried the pork to fry the potato cake. This way, the fried potato cakes would also have a meaty taste.

He put the potato balls in, and flattened them one by one with a spatula to become a moderately thick cake. Then he skillfully turned the potato cake over with a spatula. When the potato cakes were fried golden and crispy, they were immediately scooped out and placed on a plate.

Several viewers were raising a ruckus. The aroma they could smell was getting more and more intense. It had a bit of milky sweet and meaty aroma. For some unknown reason it made their mouths water uncontrollably. Their stomachs that had just been filled with nutrient solutions suddenly felt a bit empty and restless, making them want to immediately fill it up.

Their gaze shifted to the source of the scent. The white porcelain plate was covered with a few golden yellow small cakes. The skin was fried and was slightly browned. It was fried in oil and it left a bright sheen. Because it had just been out of the pan, from time to time, small oil bubbles would burst.

Can’t stop hugging trees had reached out a hand to grab one when the anchor, as though he could see her movements, suddenly turned back and reminded them: “The potato cake is still hot, and you should wait a little longer before you take a bite.”

He turned back and no longer minded the potato cakes. He reached out and opened the lid of the small pot. When it was almost finished boiling, he put the vegetables and cooked pork into it, and seasoned it with the right amount of salt. He then covered it and let it continue cooking.

“It’s almost done, just another five minutes.” His turned back to the potato cakes, smiled and said, “Now you can eat it.”

He had just finished speaking and Can’t stop hugging trees couldn’t wait. She reached out and grabbed a cake. Although it had been cooling for a while, the potato cake was still very hot. She could only juggle it between her hands before taking a bite.

A viewer with fast hands had already tasted it and couldn’t help commenting in the chat.

[Honey Summer:! ! ! ! ! 】

The golden skin was very crisp, and when you bite down on it, it makes a crunching sound, followed by an inner core of heat, which was incredibly soft like cotton. It was mixed with the taste of seasoning salt and meaty oil and instead of overwhelming the taste of potatoes, they instead served as backdrop to the potato’s own flavor.

Though the tongue and teeth were scalded numb a bit, the brain was already a step ahead. The potato cake was stuffed into their mouths bite after bite. People couldn’t help but open their mouths to let out steam but they were unwilling to spit it out.

This feeling… It just won’t stop! !

[Can’t stop hugging trees: I’m already getting addicted to this cake!!! Why can’t my hand eat? ! 】

[Miao Miao does not eat fish: Really delicious! Crisp outside! I think I can eat a hundred of these! 】

[Honey Summer: Roses bloom in September, these two crystal flowers are for you! 】

Two beautiful crystal flowers bloomed on the screen, and a translucent system prompt appears in the center of the screen. “User Honey Summer gave the anchor 2 crystal flowers.”

200 GMs! Ruan Tang’s eyes were almost literally twinkling!

“Thank you for the gift from Honey Summer. As a present to the viewers of this broadcast, I will choose at random three lucky viewers and give me the potato cake I made.” Then he asked Xiao Bai to help put the potato cakes in food preserving boxes, preparing them to be sent out by intergalactic express.

He originally intended to send these potato cakes as gifts. After all, they were very cheap and it would gain him a lot of public praise.

“Congratulations to Miao Miao does not eat fish, Can’t stop hugging trees and Honey Summer. The packages have been sent, please confirm that you’ve received them.”

[Miao Miao does not eat fish: Wow! I never thought I would be able to eat real potato cakes! Mr. Anchor, I love you! ]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: Anchor, I also love you! ]

Honey Summer was obviously still a little embarrassed, and couldn’t help but mock him a bit.

[Honey Summer: Well, there are only three people here, after all… The potato cake tasted good, thank you. ]

After saying that, she had cast several more crystal flowers, and the other two people also followed her and sent some. A few crystal flowers bloomed on the screen in turn, apparently they sent it to thank him.

Ruan Tang couldn’t help but smile: “While you wait for the delivery, let’s take a look at the lean meat congee with vegetables.”

When he said that, he opened the lid, and the fragrant aroma spread along with the heat. The thick white congee was dotted with the vibrant green vegetables and the rosy shredded meat. It looked very tempting.

[Miao Miao does not eat fish: Smells good, smells so good! I can’t help drooling!]

Ruan Tang used a ladle to scoop out the congee into a large bowl. He let it remain on his hand and he stared at it a bit to better let the audience taste the congee.

With the potato cakes having come before this, the viewers no longer doubted the taste of this congee. They immediately put a spoonful into their mouths.

[Can’t stop hugging trees: So delicious! But it’s hot! 】

[Miao Miao does not eat fish: hot, but so good! 】

When he had estimated that everyone had already had a taste and the congee had cooled at bit, he put down the bowl, smiled and said: “Today’s live broadcast ends here. See you all tomorrow.” After which, he shut down the broadcast and went to the living room to eat his congee.

[Miao Miao does not eat fish: Ah? Wait a minute! What time will we see you tomorrow? 】

However, the live room had already turned black.

With a warm bowl of congee, Ruan Tang felt a lot more comfortable.

Xiao Bai cleverly cleaned up the dishes in the kitchen, making Ruan Tang even more satisfied with this smart butler.

He opened the light brain and checked the live broadcast platform. He found that today’s live broadcast revenue was 800 GMs, and 600 of them came from Honey Summer who was skeptical in the beginning.

Half of the revenue from broadcasts were to be given to the platform. Even so, Ruan Tang still got 400 GMs, not only earning back the cost of ingredients, but also doubling the original funds!

“It’s a great profit…”

Ruan Tang couldn’t help but smile a little, then he closed the star network and feeling a bit tired, slept. He didn’t know that at this time on the star network, his live broadcast video was spreading at an amazing speed.

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