The First Order

Chapter 28 - Caught off guard

Chapter 28: Caught off guard

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As night fell, Ren Xiaosu felt that his life was starting to get better. At this moment, he was staring at the ten gratitude tokens that he had accumulated inside the palace. He was thinking about how great it would be if he could unlock the weapon soon.

Yan Liuyuan was sleeping soundly next to him. During the afternoon class, the students wanted Ren Xiaosu to share more of his stories about the wolves due to the recent incident in town. For example, they wanted to know what they should do or how they could escape if they ever encountered a wolf pack.

However, Ren Xiaosu did not want to talk about this and continued sharing his knowledge of wilderness survival with the students. He felt that if there came a day that these children encountered wolves in the wilderness, they were more likely to perish than anything. The physical differences between humans and today’s beasts ensured such an outcome. That was not something that he could help with by teaching them.

Rather than teaching them how to hunt and kill wild animals, it was better to teach them how to find food and water to preserve their lives if they did not encounter the wolves.

Being killed by the wolves was a kind of helplessness. But if they starved to death, that would be too unworthy.

Most unforgivable was not that the contents of the lecture were not to the expectations of the students, but that Ren Xiaosu held the class behind to give the lesson. This led the students becoming aggravated with him. They even went home and complained to their parents.

But what the students did not know was that while they did not dare to provoke Ren Xiaosu, their parents were also afraid of doing so.

All of a sudden, Ren Xiaosu heard an unusual noise coming from behind the yard’s wall. The person who made that sound seemed to be extremely cautious about something. However, someone like Ren Xiaosu, who had often survived out in the wilderness, had to be alert to any sound or movement. He might die if he wasn’t.

He immediately blew out the kerosene lamp in the room and quietly made his way into the yard.

Ren Xiaosu hid at the bottom of the wall and carefully listened to the movements on the other side.

He heard someone leap onto the wall from outside. That person grabbed the top of the wall with their hands and then pulled themselves up with both hands before finally leaping over the wall and into the yard.

While still in midair, the man looked down at the ground and happened to spot Ren Xiaosu, who was sizing him up with a curious look.

the next second, he saw Ren Xiaosu fall into a squat and draw his arms back. It was as though he was gathering up all of his strength before letting it burst!

He threw a punch that could split a mountain apart, aiming it straight at the crotch of the uninvited guest! The uninvited guest tried to dodge the attack. He was quite skillful and could easily counter the danger by putting his knees together and using them to strike Ren Xiaosu.

But Ren Xiaosu was much quicker than he expected

“Wait… ahhh!” The uninvited guest lost his balance and fell to the ground in pain. He clutched his privates and chuffed in agony.

At this moment, footfalls thudded from outside. It seemed like more than one person had come. Ren Xiaosu looked calmly at the person who was lying on the ground. He could not tell the identity of the person from his attire.

A second later, another two figures jumped in.

“Wait… ahhh!”


Another two people were left rolling on the ground.

Ren Xiaosu frowned. If he had to give an assessment of their skills, it was probably just average. But if he were blunt, these people would not even last one round against him.

Someone knocked on the front door. A familiar voice said, “Open up.”

Ren Xiaosu remembered this voice. It was the officer who had led the private army to search the entire town.

Suddenly, he realized that these people were from the stronghold’s private army. However, Ren Xiaosu could not understand why these people were so weak.

In reality, they weren’t weak. Although the stronghold’s private troops often neglected their training, normal people couldn’t deal with them so easily.

These private troops had heard from someone that Ren Xiaosu was well-known for being ruthless. But from their point of view, how strong could a refugee be?

Xiaoyu and Yan Liuyuan, who were sound asleep in the house, had been woken up. They put on their clothes and came out to see what the commotion was about. “What’s the matter?”

“Get back into the house.” Ren Xiaosu then went to open the door for the officer. He wondered why the private army’s troops would intrude on their property by climbing over the wall while dressed in civilian clothing.

It was quite obvious that they were trying to catch him off guard and had come back to check on the most suspicious person in the “missing gun” case. Perhaps these private troops were eager to answer to the higher-ups but were also afraid of offending Boss Luo.

It would be fine if they could find the evidence. Boss Luo was not the only person who called the shots in Stronghold 113. Besides, he might not necessarily think that highly of Ren Xiaosu. But if they could not find the gun, they might end up facing the wrath of Boss Luo.

Logically speaking, after getting searched the first time, and with Boss Luo’s influence in this matter, most people would not expect the private troops to return again and continue the search.

What if he had brought the gun back with him when he went out to gather medicinal herbs the previous time? Then he would have placed himself in great danger. According to Wang Fugui, the factory manager that he had killed was also from quite an influential family within the stronghold.

Ren Xiaosu frowned. They were trespassing on his property tonight. Furthermore, this was the second time they were searching him. Based on the circumstances, he should be in the right. However, who could he possibly reason with here, outside of the stronghold?

Reasoning was determined by the size of one’s fist, but his fist was not big enough yet.

Ren Xiaosu had beaten up three of the soldiers in a single breath, so he felt that they would not let the matter slide so easily. After this incident, Ren Xiaosu knew that he would have to remind himself to be even more cautious and not underestimate anyone at all.

In fact, the officer who was standing at the door with about a dozen men was also enraged. He could not accept the fact that his soldiers could not even handle a simple refugee like Ren Xiaosu and that he had to come in to save them!

If this got out, his reputation would take a big hit! So there had to be a conclusion to this matter today.

Right when he was about to tell his men to kick the door open, the clinic’s door opened by itself.

The soldiers standing outside the door were confused. They saw Ren Xiaosu wrapped in a large banner that had the words “Magic hands restore spring—From Luo Lan” on it.

The officer fell silent for a while, then laughed in spite of himself. What was this? Using the banner to protect himself?!

Ren Xiaosu was on full alert as he scrutinized the officer’s expression. He was mainly worried that the officer would get impulsive and take revenge even though he saw the banner that was wrapped around his body.

However, the officer skirted around him and went straight in. “Search!”

Ren Xiaosu followed them and said, “Didn’t you already search me?”

The officer’s expression darkened when he saw his soldiers still rolling around in the yard. “Buncha good-for-nothings.”

He turned to Ren Xiaosu. “My name is Wang Congyang. If you want to get Boss Luo to stand up for you, you can tell him my name.”

“How can I?” Ren Xiaosu grinned sarcastically and said, “It’s not like you’ve done anything wrong.”

Wang Congyang sized up Ren Xiaosu. After several minutes of searching by his men, they came out and reported, “We couldn’t find anything.”

Wang Congyang immediately led his soldiers out. Before he left, he turned around and smiled ambiguously at Ren Xiaosu. “If only you were born in the stronghold. That would have been great. You make a much better soldier than this buncha wastes of space.”

Wait a minute! Ren Xiaosu was stunned. The factory manager was named Wang Dongyang. Could it be that this Wang Congyang was related to him in some way?

No wonder this man did not give up on investigating him. It was because he was trying to track down the murderer.

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