The General Loves to Collect Little Red Flowers

Chapter 12

Early in the morning, there was a ‘clang clang’ sound coming from the General’s house. Le Yao had once again occupied the kitchen. CW6PEM

Le Yao was making breakfast. Since he was sure that Xu Yao didn’t have enough dinner last night, he decided to cook more today, mainly because he had something to ask. Intuition told him that he had to follow the rules, or he wouldn’t have any good fruit to eat.

At half past six, it was supposed to be time for Xu Yao to eat at the military cafeteria, but today he didn’t go there. He leaned his body against the corner of the kitchen table, and smelled the fragrance of seafood porridge and vegetable pancakes while watching Le Yao cook.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Since he was seven years old, he had never slept like the dead, as he did last night. And this morning, he got up feeling sore all over his body, as if he had been beaten. What was strange was that he didn’t have any visible injuries.

He thought that Le Yao would know something about it, but Le Yao hadn’t said anything at all to him this morning. AjB58f

Le Yao served a big bowl of porridge with plenty of shellfish and crab meat to Xu Yao. He also cut the round vegetable pancake into smaller pieces, put it on his plate, and added some delicious carrots, peanuts and pickled vegetables.

Xu Yao sat down on the chair like a great master, “Say, you serve me so attentively, did you do anything bad last night?”

Le Yao said, “No, what can I possibly do? I just want to ask you, if I want to buy something on Planet Tarot’s online shop, what do I put as the delivery address?”

“What do you want to buy?”

T Wbat

“It’s just some paper, glue and so on. I’d like to make some handicrafts at home.” When making a house for a best friend, it was supposedly best to make a handmade one. Le Yao said with great confidence, “Didn’t you see the rattle that I made before?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Hmm. Then I suggest you check how much the freight is first. Ask for my address when you are sure you can accept the price.”

“Freight?” Le Yao asked but saw that Xu Yao was no longer paying any attention to him. So he quietly finished breakfast and thought about the issue of freight.

Last night, when he had looked at the materials he wanted to purchase, he was not sure what to put for the delivery address, so he didn’t check out the items in his shopping cart. Today, he took a closer look and found that the express charges from Planet Tarot to Planet Huaxia were divided into three levels: the primary charges were 800,000 yuan with a limit of 100 kg, the intermediate charges were 1.5 million yuan with a limit of 200 kg, and the high-level charges were 2.2 million yuan, with a limit of 300 kg. 5rz68V

That being said, it was better to buy more, but the cheapest one was still 800,000 yuan!

800,000 yuan!

Le Yao thought that these prices were not unreasonable, but he had to put aside this thought due to the shyness of his pocket. His capital amounted to only about 1.1 million yuan. If he bought something and paid for the freight, there would be basically nothing left. But he still had to buy things for the offering.

If he did not buy anything for the offering, he would have no way to bless the brush. If he did not give any blessings to the brush, the effect of the rune wouldn’t be strong enough. If the rune was not effective enough, he would not be able to raise a ghost. His parents were unreliable, and he didn’t know whether he could rely on the prestige of being the General’s wife, so he wanted to raise some little ghosts to do things for himself. sF7kSu

After eating most of the food, Xu Yao turned around and saw that Le Yao was spacing out while looking at his communicator. Xu Yao poked his forehead and questioned, “What are you thinking about?”

Le Yao slapped his hand away and said, “Nothing.”

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Of Tjb jiwbra gbiifv tlr fsfr, “Gbc’a xlv wf, ktb kbeiv yf eqrfa yfmjerf bo atja?” dYZfAn

We Tjb rwlifv, “Qfii, abcluta…”

Le Yao’s heart suddenly jumped up to his throat, “What about tonight?”

Xu Yao said, “Make dinner tonight and wait for me to come back.”

Damn it! You scared me to death! xKiUVs

Le Yao sighed with relief, “Yes.”

Xu Yao saw that Le Yao’s expression looked like he had escaped from a disaster, and the longer he looked at it, the more interesting it became. He put on a large sun protection suit and went out. Before he left, he told Le Yao, “It’s hot during daytime here. Try not to run around. If you have to go out, it’s better to call Uncle Ming. In addition…”

Le Yao asked, “What else?”

Xu Yao didn’t continue his sentence. He only looked at Le Yao thoughtfully and left. 2diqy7

Why didn’t you finish what you were saying!?

Le Yao looked at the pants that a certain General had just taken off and casually dropped on to the floor, before proceeding to step on it several times. This lazy bastard!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The express fee between the planets was too expensive to bear for the time being, so Le Yao went to find Uncle Ming after Xu Yao had left. He carried his bag on his back, wore the communication device that Xu Yao had given him, and put on the special camouflage sunscreen suit. After opening the door, he didn’t directly close it. He shouted towards the yard, “Uncle Ming!”

Uncle Ming immediately came out and asked, “Mr Xiao Le, how can I help you?” 1uo0sf

Le Yao was struggling to endure the heat wave outside, “Can I close this door directly? Don’t you need a key or something?”

Uncle Ming said, “Yes, you can. Let the General enter your biological data later for easier access. Do you want to go out?”

Le Yao said, “I want to go shopping. Is it convenient for you to accompany me, Uncle Ming?”

Uncle Ming replied, “Yes, please wait for me for a moment.” Then he went back into his house. T Rfbu

Le Yao looked around from the yard. It was like a large village here. There were many intelligent mobile houses besides the one that Xu Yao lived in. But at the moment, there seemed to be no one present. Every house was closed and quiet. It seemed that no one had come back since the previous day.

“Uncle Ming, do people stay here at this time of day?” Le Yao casually pointed to one of the households and asked Uncle Ming who was also wearing his sunscreen suit.

“Sometimes they don’t go home. Some people go out on duty, and may not come back for several days. But at this time, they mostly go out for training.” Uncle Ming said, “What would you like to buy?”

“I want to buy paper and glue to make handicrafts at home. I also want to look at some clothes and shoes.” cjxZuF

Uncle Ming also needed to look at clothes and shoes, so he took Le Yao to the biggest shopping center on Planet Huaxia. The store was about one kilometer away from Xu Yao’s house. The store was supposed to be a combination of three mobile homes. The area was quite large, and the things inside were quite encompassing.

The owner of the shop was a beautiful Beta sister. When she saw that Uncle Ming had brought a person, she first called out “Uncle Ming” with a smile, and then her eyes fell on Le Yao, “This is…”

Uncle Ming said, “This is the General’s wife, Mr Xiao Le. He arrived with the General yesterday. He wants to buy some paper and glue to make handicrafts.”

Of course, the owner knew who Le Yao was. Like others, she had a bad impression of Le Yao. But since it was the General’s decision to marry him, there must be some valid reasoning behind it. So whether she liked him or not, she wouldn’t show it on her face. She simply smiled and said, “I don’t have any paper for handicrafts here, only napkins and printing paper. As for glue, there are glue sticks and tape. They are all on the shelf over there.” zvCaMu

Le Yao went to see it after saying thanks to the Beta sister. Unfortunately, nothing there caught his attention except for the tape. However, this could also be understood as the soldiers in this area were either training or out on duty every day. They didn’t have time to make any handicrafts. Napkins and printing paper were definitely no good either, because they were too soft. He had once made a three-story villa for Ji Fengyu in the past. It had been very firm, spacious, colorful and good-looking.

Seeing that Le Yao only took two rolls of wide tape, Uncle Ming asked him, “Don’t you need anything else?”

Le Yao shook his head. At this time, he accidentally saw a cardboard box on the cash register. It was colorful and appeared to be a snack box. He took the tape and asked the shopkeeper, “Can I have this box?”

The shopkeeper was dumbfounded, “This carton?” UCYz0u

Le Yao nodded, “Yes. It would also be nice if there were more.”

The shopkeeper took a look at Uncle Ming and didn’t seem to know whether this thing could be sold or not.

Uncle Ming said, “Mr Xiao Le, you can just take the cardboard box directly. You don’t need to pay for it. We just collect these kinds of boxes and sell them directly to the recycling center when we return to Xingdu. It’s not worth a lot of money.”

Le Yao asked, “In that case, who will get that money then?” KRtBDE

Uncle Ming replied, “Of course, it’s our division.”

“Then, it’s better to buy it according to the recycling price. I can’t take advantage of the General’s wife position,” said Le Yao.

He did this mainly because he didn’t want to take advantage of Xu Yao’s kindness each time. In case that guy were to charge him with interest later, it would be very bad. Xu Yao looked similar to a wolf, but in Le Yao’s opinion, he was more like a fox. So, he should be careful.

“Uncle Ming, where can we get vegetables?” Le Yao didn’t see any when he went into the shop just then. He wondered if there were any other food markets in a different place, so he asked Uncle Ming. fX1PI

“We can get them from the cold shed.” Uncle Ming added, “The temperature is too high here, so the vegetables are all planted in the cold shed. Which ones would you like?”

“Can I have a look?” A cold shed! This was the first time he had heard of such a thing. But if the highest temperature could be as high as 60 degrees as Xu Yao had said, it really should be used. Otherwise, what else would they eat when all the vegetables ended up burnt?

The cold shed was placed between a mountain and a hill, exactly between the command center and the living area. It was also a camouflaged shed. According to Uncle Ming, there were not only all kinds of vegetables grown here, but also some fruit trees, and so on.

When he heard this, Le Yao was surprised that there were so many plants on the mountain, especially in this high temperature. They must have evolved in order to adapt, as they were no longer looked like the common plants of Earth. Uncle Ming said that many of the woody plants here would hibernate during the summer and grow again in the autumn, their growth lasting until the next spring, and then they would enter a new dormant period in the summer again. gj14iA

Because the cold shed was next to the command center, Le Yao saw several soldiers along the way. When these soldiers saw Uncle Ming, they would all salute and greet him. Le Yao discovered that Uncle Ming had quite a high prestige here.

“There it is.” Uncle Ming pointed to the shed that seemed to be no different from a greenhouse, apart from its color and function.

“Can I pick whatever I want?” As soon as Le Yao went in, he saw that it was filled with almost all the vegetables he had seen on Earth, their vibrant colours bursting throughout the room, including some which he had never seen before. There were also two staff members stationed there, one who was watching the vegetables whilst taking notes on their condition, while the other one was standing guard at the door.

“Yes, but you need to pay for every vegetable that you pick from here. You can have a look at the price beforehand,” The Beta aunt at the door answered him. Qz4w9y

“Well, I’ll pick the vegetables first and ask you later. Thank you.” Le Yao carried a basket towards the raised rows of vegetables, while Uncle Ming stayed at the entrance to chat with the beta aunt.

Le Yao didn’t ask for much and just took a look at the vegetables. He saw that the price of the vegetables here was not that expensive, just about ten to fifteen yuan per pound. He only picked enough vegetables to eat for a meal and didn’t buy too many. When he saw the eggplants, he picked five eggplants, and then went to pick some beans. He also chose three succulent tomatoes from the tomato vine as he passed it. There were only two people he needed to make food for, and there was already so much seafood and meat in the refrigerator. He decided that he had picked enough vegetables.

Le Yao put the basket on the check-out counter and said, “Auntie, please help me check these out.”

The Beta aunt smiled, “Okay, please wait a moment.” Vnq7UT

Maybe there were not many people who came here to buy vegetables on their own on weekdays, so the Beta aunt didn’t process the check-out fast. Le Yao was not in a hurry either. He thought about the house that he would soon build for Ji Fengyu. He had to find a way to burn it by the sea, however, so that it wouldn’t attract too much attention.

After a while, the aunt finished calculating and said, “It’s 110 yuan in total.”

Le Yao took out his communicator and brushed it against the payment barcode. At this time, there was a loud ‘beep beep beep beep’ sound.

Le Yao was confused, “What happened? I could use it just this morning.” He had more than one million yuan! So, this 110 yuan should just be a small amount. How could this be? AsyUBI

Not believing in evil, Le Yao tried it again, but the response was still the same result, “Sorry, your balance is insufficient, please confirm and pay again.”

Uncle Ming said, “Is it because of a bad signal? If so, I’ll pay for you.”

Le Yao glared at his communicator and didn’t say anything.

Damn it! The original body had actually borrowed a huge sum of money from a credit company three months ago! Three million yuan! Now that he was due for repayment, it had deducted the only one million yuan in his account. He still owed more than two million yuan, including interest. V0usXH

How would Le Yao live now?!

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