The General Loves to Collect Little Red Flowers

Chapter 2

Le Yao felt that as early as Jiang Xinduo said that Xu Yao was a bit fierce, he should have guessed that Xu Yao was particularly fierce. But when he saw the pictures, he found that the gap between his thought and reality surpassed his imagination.

Fierce, it’s not only a fierce look, but also a burning light in his eyes. He didn't know who took the pictures. It seems that Xu Yao is in the battlefield. His hair is a little bit long. He didn’t cut it or wash it for a long time during the war. It was coagulated with the dried blood on his face. It’s terrible to see. And such a terrible man still holds a sword with cold light in his hand. There’s blood dripping on the sword, moreover there’s a corpses at his feet. At first glance, it seems that you will be killed in the next second.

At the first glance, Le Yao was really scared, but when he looked down again, he found that maybe only such a man could serve as the commander of Flying Wolf Division in the Tarot Empire at such a young age.

Xu Yao is a Major General of the air force of the 12th army of the Tarot Empire. He is now the commander of the Flying Wolf Division of the 12th army.

According to the information on the Internet, in January 275, Huaxia star was attacked by Orc troops from Sarna star. At that time, Xu Yao, who was just the deputy division chief, was ordered to lead the Flying Wolf Division to Huaxia star to resist foreign enemies.

In July of the same year, Sarna’s army was defeated. The Flying Wolf Division, led by Xu Yao, won all the victories and chased after them. At one stroke, it took the two mineral stars that originally belonging to Sarna. His battle style of decisively fighting on the battlefield made his subordinates give him a nickname: The Hell's King of Empire.

In August of the same year, he was promoted to two levels within one year, and became the youngest regular division officer in the history of the Tarot Empire. At a young age, he led more than 30.000 soldiers.

However, when all the star people thought that Xu Yao was going to lead the team back to the capital star, all the officer and his subordinates were stationed in Huaxia star and became the local of Huaxia star.

At that time, there was a lot of speculation about Xu Yao’s behavior: some people said that the natural environment of Huaxia star began to recover gradually after more than 200 years of recuperation, and Xu Yao was ordered to stay to re explore the available value of Huaxia star; others said that Xu Yao found some important secrets on Huaxia star, and could not return to the capital star without finding it; and the others frankly think that they're ready to spread their wings far from their commander and intend to stay in Huaxia star, stand on their own feet as "emperor".

All in all, there were different guesses. Until the end of last month, the Marriage Center of Empire of Tarot announced a special marriage order on the official website, ordering Xu Yao to rush to Tarot star immediately and register his marriage with Le Yao, the eldest son of General Le’s family.

The marriage order came suddenly and urgently, as if with some tentative intention. However, when he received the news, he immediately responded, saying that he agreed.

When Le Yao saw this, he was not sure what Xu Yao wanted to do, but he wanted to know more about it. He found that there was just this picture of Xu Yao in the whole network. Some other places seemed to have photos but needed special permission to view them. He was very sleepy at this time and didn’t want to toss anymore, so he simply put down his light head and fell asleep.

Anyway, he must go to Huaxia star.

“Is Le Yao still asleep?” On the breakfast table the next day, Le Feishan didn’t see the eldest son – that’s right, the eldest son. Although Le Yao is known as the “third young master” outside, it’s because he has two cousins on it. In fact, he is the eldest son of Le Feishan.

“He must have been tired after such a toss yesterday, so I didn’t ask someone to wake him up.” Jiang Xinduo looked like a kind mother and said with a smile, “Let him sleep more.”

“Who said I was still sleeping?” Get up early, take a bath, and change into clean clothes, said Le Yao as he went downstairs.

He saw a lot of bloody pictures last night. He didn’t sleep well all night. Now he has a headache. But he can’t be too weak, speak as tough as the original body, can’t be gentle, and to do cynicism occasionally.

Jiang Xinduo didn’t show the thought of embarrassment at all. He smiled and scooped out a bowl of porridge for Le Yao: “Since you wake up, come and have breakfast together.”

Le Yao sits down opposite to his stepbrother, Le Tianyu. Look at the bowl of porridge in front of him, his spoon didn’t move at all.

Jiang Xinduo saw this scene. There was a flash of anger in his eyes, but it soon dissappeared.

Le Feishan also found that Le Yao didn’t eat the porridge that Jiang Xinduo gave. But Le Yao didn’t get into trouble again last night. He rarely slept well in the night, but he didn’t blame Le Yao for it. It’s his habitual to frowning when he speaks, so there are three deep wrinkles between his eyebrows. He looks unhappy without expression. He said: “Xu Yao didn’t stay in Tarot for a long period this time. In the middle of it, he still had a lot of business to deal with. So this time, you register first and have the wedding later. But he also said that he will make it up for you after finishing his business. “

“It’s ok if we didn't do the wedding.” Le Yao said, “It’s not because I like it either.”

“What’s with your attitude? Is it my fault that you can’t be with the person you like?” Le Feishan’s face turned black. “Don’t you think which Omega outside is like you? Fighting, skipping classes, not disciplined. Xu Yao didn’t refuse the marriage order, so you should be glad."

“Why should I be glad?” Le Yao said unhappily, “That Xu Yao's face is so fierce and frightening. If I marry him, even his smile would be frightening, right?”

“… He doesn’t make a living with his face! What do you want him to look good for? “The fire in Le Feishan heart is growing bigger, “I’ll tell you, Le Yao! Your suppressant medicine effect is too fast. You must be together with Xu Yao in recent months! After the marriage registration, you will go to Huaxia star with Xu Yao. At your school, I’ve gone through the formalities for you to suspend school. After half a year, if you want to go back to school, you can resume your study. But before that, you must be obedient and don't make trouble! Do you hear me?! ”

Le Yao chewed the food hard, not speaking.

Le Feishan stared at him.

At this time, Lee Tianyu said in a warm voice, “Dad, brother will be with someone he doesn’t like. He must be very sad. Besides, you don’t know that he likes beautiful things since he was a child. That General Xu is so… Just give him some time. ”

Le Yao sneers: “Le Tianyu, is this anything related to you? So considerate, just for whom to see”

Le Feishan said, “What are you speaking?”

“Enough” said Le Yao. Then “bang!” Kick on the table, get up and go.

Le Feishan shouted, “Where are you going?”

Le Yao shouted louder than him: “Register!”

His arrogant attitude almost made Le Feishan’s got a heart attack, but when he saw the stubborn figure, he thought of his late wife again. She is also such a tough character, but when facing him, she will become very soft. It’s not like his stinky son Le Yao. He’s always fight against him.

At the thought of Le Yao's attitude with him, Le Feishan felt a pain in his head. He saw Le Yao disappear in his sight completely and shouted: “Old Chen!”

Chen Bo came in from outside. He was about fifty years old and a little fat. He looked very happy with a smile on his face, especially with his big ears. He looked like a Maitreya Buddha with long hair.

He used to be the Le Feishan's guard, but later he became ill. He was not suitable to stay in the army, so Le Feishan called him home to help with the stewardship. He went to the opposite side of Le Feishan and said with a smile, “General, the third young master is gone. Wang Hao already follows him. ”

Le Feishan pinched his forehead and said “Mmm”.

At this time, Le Tianyu got up, with red eyed he bowed his head and said, “Mom, Dad, I’m full, and I have to hurry to school. Take your time. ”

Jiang Xinduo waved: “OK, go. Be careful on the road. ”

When Le Tianyu walked away, Jiang Xinduo sighed: “How good do you think these two children can get along? Le Yao is too strong, and Tianyu is too soft. I’m worried about Tianyu being bullied outside. ”

“Who will bully him?” said Le Feishan. "He is also the son of Le family. You're thinking too much. ”

Jiang Xinduo said half serious and half-jokingly, “Why not? You see, he’s afraid of his brother even when he’s at home. I'm not sure how he’s doing outside. ”

Le Feishan's face, which had just calmed down, turned cold again. “You’re just not used to his attitude.”

Jiang Xinduo looks aggrieved: “I don’t want him to hate me, who knows that he still doesn’t accept me after all these years.”

Le Feishan was in silence for a moment: “Forget it, anyway, Le Yao won't live here anymore. Today, he finished his marriage's register with Xu Yao. It is estimated that Xu Yao will bring him here to meet me then take him away to returns to Huaxia star. ”

Jiang Xinduo said with a smile, “That's true.” She asked Chen Bo, “Old Chen, did they arrive at the marriage center?”

Chen Bo said, “They’ll be right there.”

The speed of the aircraft is too fast. In a blink of an eye, Le Yao flies to the marriage center.

There are civil affairs bureaus and marriage centers in Xingdu, both of which can handle marriage registration procedures. However, those with prominent genes such as Xu Yao and Le Yao who have been designated for marriage must register at the marriage center.

Due to the early arrival, there was no one in the office hall at this time. But it has nothing to do with them. According to Wang Hao, Xu Yao has a special identity, so the staff will deal with it separately, as long as the person comes.

So right now, Le Yao is waiting for the general with Wang Hao. They sat at the corner of the hall on the first floor. There was no one here. Le Yao asked Wang Hao, “Wang Ge, have you ever seen General Xu Yao?”

Le Yao seldom talks to people in such a friendly way. Wang Hao is a little shocked and says, “I met him ten years ago. He is my senior brother.”

Le Yao calculated that he was less than ten years old ten years ago, so Xu Yao might not be able to know Wang Hao. But since he is Wang Hao’s senior, Wang Hao should be able to recognize Xu Yao. Le Yao got up and said, “Wait here. I’ll go to the restroom.”

Wang Hao also stood up: “I will accompany you.”

“No, I can go alone,” said Le Yao.

Wang Hao’s face is expressionless: “I’m afraid you will run again.”

Le Yao: “…” Can you leave some dignity for me!

When going to the restroom, Le Yao is so angry that he looks like a puffer fish which robbed of food. When he went to the restroom area, he saw six independent restrooms in total, five of which were under maintenance, only one was working and it's closed. The door said “Share during maintenance period, please forgive us for the inconvenience”. There was someone else that already here, he was even angrier.

He waited for a while in front of the restroom door, then he heard the sound of water coming from inside, so loud.

A moment later, there was a sound of zipper pulling again, and soon a man came out. The man was wearing a black cap with sharp eyes under the brim. He came out with a cold wind. Le Yao looks up. The man is over 1.9 meters tall. It’s just like a big pine tree standing there. No wonder…

The man suddenly asked, “What are you looking at?”

Le Yao was startled by the low voice, and the thought in his mind just came out without being filtered: “Nothing, man, you're really big.”

Man: “…”

When Le Yao saw the man squinting slightly, he suddenly reflected what he had said. He was so scared that he hurriedly went into the restroom and closed the door behind him. Pat his chest: Damn it, I’m scared to death!

Little opera:

Xu Yao: It will be more frightening in the future, do you want to see?

Le Yao: Go die! Thank you!

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