The General Loves to Collect Little Red Flowers

Chapter 24 part1

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If just one of the guard woke up after Le Yao performed the soul summoning, they would think it was a coincidence. But both of the guards woke up as soon as Le Yao finished his performance and told the guards to wake up. What was that mean? It meant that something they didn’t know actually existed in the world! What even more shocking was this “subversive imagination” was now around them.

Xu Yao was still fine and could accept the scene in front of him. He has enough psychological preparation before coming here with Le Yao. While the others were a little difficult to accept this fact. Especially the dean, the attending doctor and Yan Jie, who felt that their three views would be overthrow after seeing the magical action.

When the three people back to their sense and looked at Le Yao again, their expression became very complicated. Daze, curiosity, admiration, respect, but there were no doubt.

“It seems that we still have a shallow understanding. I’m really ashamed.” The dean was an alpha in his fifties and became a military doctor for so long. He was so passionate in the medical field and familiar with mecha as well. He was silent for a moment and sighed, “Today, Mr. Xiao Le really gives me more insight.”

“Yes, Dean. Although it’s not the first time we hear this kind of thing, I never felt it existed around us. Now if we think about it, this thing is too much to take.” Tang Ye’s attending doctor also said, “I hope we can talk more about this knowledge with Mr. Xiao Le in the future. Our aim is to help and save the people in the world.”

“I’m flattered with your praise, but in fact, I’m not that good.” Le Yao said with a shy smile, “What’s more, I can’t use this kind of ability very often. Many times, injuries still rely on medical means to treat the problem, so I also have a lot to learn from you two in the future.”

“Mr Xiao Le is very modest.” Who could wake up an unconscious person without any injury with just a paper? You were so powerful ah!

“Mr. Xiao Le, I’m a little curious.” Yan Jie said, “You said that the spirits of the two guards just now had been colliding by the dead. Why does the dead do this?”

The two guards have already gone and back to their house. They have been unconscious for a whole day "without any reason" and were hard to wake up. When they open their eyes, they saw all the leaders in the ward. They were scared and couldn’t accept the terrible information at once. So the dean asked them to go back and understood everything slowly.

Le Yao thought for a moment and said, “This is a long story. But the main cause should be that you offended him first. It’s already evening now. If you don’t mind, I can ask him to come and we can ask the reason directly.”

There was a breeze and no one said anything.

Xu Yao took the lead and said, “Okay, let him come over.”

Le Yao then took the cinnabar liquid and drew a rune on the ground according to the eight characters of his birthday left by Rong Gui yesterday and called Rong Gui out.

Rong Gui was a little hungry. As soon as Le Yao summoned him with incense, he came right away. When he came, he brought a gust of foggy wind, which blew all the pages of a book in the ward. “flap flap flap” Obviously was the most common voice in the hospital or office, but listening to it was extremely scary at this time, and successfully made the temperature in the room drop significantly.

Some unknown and unseen things made the people in the ward tremble inside their hearts. But Le Yao was unaffected and lit a pillar of incense again.

Le Yao said, “Rong Gui, can you tell me why you attacked the two guards? Why do you want to posses Vice Commander Tang?”

When he spoke just now, he subconsciously stared to Rong Gui, but also to Zhang Xuwei, because Rong Gui was behind Zhang Xuwei. Zhang Xuwei saw Le Yao’s eyes pass through his body to see behind him, and suddenly felt that his scalp was numb and his whole body hair stood up.

He moved stiffly to the side, so that the he could suppress the goosebumps and scared feeling in his heart.

Rong Gui “hums” and played tricks on others, then he floated behind Zhang Xuwei again. Although he recognized Le Yao as his mysterious lord, he was still felt hateful in his heart, so he would never be gentle in his words and deeds with these people.

But Le Yao could see his intention well. Seeing him like this, he sat on the bed and did not look at him directly, so as not to make the people felt afraid.

As soon as Rong Gui saw that Le Yao didn’t cooperate with him anymore, he thought it was useless, so he took a deep breath and said, “Who let them dig my house? After I was starved to death, my vicious wife and her little wild seed didn’t find a good place for me to bury. They just wrapped me up in a hemp mat and threw me on the mountain, leaving the wild dog, insect and bird to eat my flesh. I don’t even have a place to live. I’m ridiculed by other ghosts who have families and future generations that still remember them. Later, I managed to find a place where I could rest peacefully. How could they dig it as soon as they come?”

After listening carefully, Le Yao turned to the people present and said, “He said you dug his house.” Then he asked Rong Gui, “Where is your house?”

“It’s just a cave. I heard that they called the place 'Kulun mountain'”

“He said that in a cave at Kulun mountain.” said Le Yao.

As soon as Le Yao’s words were finished, the atmosphere in the room suddenly became a little bit sluggish, and Xu Yao continued to frown after heard this.

Rong Gui kept "eating" the fragrant "food". When Le Yao saw Xu Yao’s reaction, he knew what Rong Gui said was right. He asked Rong Gui again, “Where did you stay last night?”

“Where else can I stay? Just find an empty grave for a night. It’s hard to find empty graves these days. After the disaster, there’s almost nothing left. But I’m an old ghost and I’ve learned more about empty places than the others.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll burn a house for you and set up another grave in the future.”

Rong Gui was surprised, “Are you serious?”

“Yes.” said Le Yao.

Rong Gui's fierce eyes were sour, but he remembered that he already shed no tears. So he just took another deep breath.

He saw clearly that Xu Yao could not see him, but he accurately figured out his position. His thin hand scratched several times in the window. He seemed wanted to tell Le Yao something, but in the end he didn’t say anything. When the incense was about to completely burn out, he said, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first.”

Le Yao nodded.

After Rong Gui left, Le Yao found that the people here were silent for such a long time.

It seemed they were petrified, except for Xu Yao.

“What did you say before about burning the trouble house? It seems that it’s also a place for them to stay?” Xu Yao was sharp and thought of the paper house that they burned by the sea.

“Ah, it’s for Ji Fengyu. He has already stayed there. In fact, it should be a better house…” said Le Yao. “But I was too poor at that time, so they just cope with it. He he.”

“About the dead man just now, you said you were going to burn paper house for him. Since his house was dug up by my people, I will give you the money.” Xu Yao said, “Make him a better one.”

“Well, I thank the general for him.” Le Yao said, “And… Ah, general, I suggest that you help Vice Commander Tang to summon his spirit as soon as possible. Because there are so many uncertain factors outside, his spirit has been dispersed for several days, and the longer it takes, the harder it will be.”

“… Is that right?”


Others were afraid to make a sound. They felt that the general’s expression seemed to be surging, as if he was calculating something. His eyes fell on his wife’s face and looked at him in a wrong way, while his wife held his head up and looked at the general’s eyes like he was being reviewed.

In fact, Le Yao could hardly hold on, but when he thought of the picture of Xu Yao holding the fish, he must not laugh now.

In the end, Xu Yao told Uncle Ming, “Let the kitchen keep a live fish, and when to use it, just ask Le Yao.”

Uncle Ming said, “Okay, general.”

“I think, it’s better to do it tomorrow.” said Le Yao. He counted two times on his fingers at will, “I’ll count them. Tomorrow is a good day for everything.”

Xu Yao looked at him but didn’t answer. He turned to the others and said, “That's all for today. If you have any questions, just send me a message.”

All of a sudden, such a big thing happened. Except for Le Yao, everyone in the room had to take some time to digest it. Naturally, he had no objection to Xu Yao’s words. Then he went with Xu Yao to see Tang Ye next door and left the ward.

Le Yao followed him, shook the dinosaur rattle in his hands and the "ding ling ding ling" sound was heard in the corridor. The people left behind looked at his back with complex expressions.

For a while, Zhang Xuwei, the head of light mecha division, said to his vice-head, “Ke Yang, it seems that there is something wrong with the temperature control system in my house these two days. It was so uncomfortable there. Why don’t I squeeze on your house tonight?”

Ke Yang said right away, “Okay! No problem!”

At this time, the two heads of heavy mecha division also exchanged a tacit look.

For those things that could be seen, no matter how powerful they were, they would not be counseled, but this unseen thing was bottomless.

“Dean, you are still calm.” The doctor was on duty, so he couldn't go back. He was the one with the most scared feeling in his heart, because he has to observe Tang Ye’s condition from time to time, and Tang Ye's ward was next to the ward where Le Yao has just “performed”.

The Dean wiped the sweat on his hands silently and he did not speak.

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