The General Loves to Collect Little Red Flowers

Chapter 25

In a flash of time, Xu Yao has already asked someone to take the fish in his arms, put it into the bucket and told him to throw it at the sea. Then he jumped into the ward easily from the window and pulled two disinfectant wipes from the wipes box on the top of the medicine cabinet.

He wiped his hands slowly and didn’t say any word, but the powerful pressure released from him was enough to scare Le Yao.

It was easy to do stupid things when he was in a panic. So he “cough” to draw his strong courage, facing the thin air and said, “Brothers! Let me introduce you to my husband. This is my outstanding general, Xu Yao!” After saying that, he seemed afraid that Xu Yao would not believe it and told him, “General, it’s a good day today. My hundred brothers of the dead have come to see how I’m doing. Although you can’t see them now, you don’t have to feel sorry. After two days, in the 30th, I can give blessing to my brushes. Then I’ll open your sight and show you what they look like.”

By his own words, he was referred Ji Fengyu as “hundred of brothers”.

Ji Fengyu: "…"

Xu Yao chuckled, “Except for Ji Fengyu, where are the hundred brothers from?”

Fuck! How did you know that?

Le Yao was so stupid that he almost blurted out this sentence. For a moment, he even doubted that Xu Yao could see the spirit directly. But when Ji Fengyu drifted to the other side, he found that Xu Yao did not follow him.

At this time, Xu Yao put his hands in his pockets, bowed his head for a moment, faced Tang Ye in the aseptic cabin and said, “Mr. Ji, although I can’t see you now, you are a friend of Le Yao. Naturally, you are also my friend. If you have any need in the future that Le Yao can’t do it, you can come to me. I think you still have a way to let me know.”

Ji Fengyu looked at Xu Yao in surprise. A moment later, he “pulled out” the wipes in the box and wrote on the sterile bulkhead: Thank you.

Le Yao was so angry on the spot that he shouted, “Hey! Whose brother are you?”

Ji Fengyu said helplessly, “Le Yao, I think you’d better take a rest. How do you want to fight him with your IQ? Hurry up, burn incense to me, I need to eat enough and go back. I don't want to be here anymore.”

Le Yao: “…”

Le Yao reluctantly burned incense to Ji Fengyu, then hesitated for a moment between apologizing with Xu Yao or not, and finally said slowly, “Umm, general, can you let me go this time?”

Xu Yao said, “Hmm? Why should I?”

Le Yao: “Why not? You just looked at me like a trafficker who was going to sell me!”

Xu Yao turned around, raised his eyebrows and took a look at Le Yao, “How could it be? Am I that kind of person?”

Isn’t it? Why do you look like it then?

Le Yao could not help but step back, “Anyway, I told you not to scare me, or I couldn’t help Tang Ye if I couldn’t concentrate. You have to promise me that you can’t bully me or punish me for my teasing just now, so that I can help him, okay?”

Xu Yao said happily, “Okay, I promise you.”

Le Yao’s face was still suspicious and couldn't believe him easily, “…Really?”

Xu Yao said, “Your husband's words always counts.”

Le Yao recalled if Xu Yao had not deceived him. Although he always bullied him and got angry, he seemed to have done almost everything he said. This man's words were quite right.

“That will do.” Le Yao said, “Don’t worry, I’m also very trustworthy.” Then he looked at Tang Ye who was still lying in the sterile cabin and motioned to Xu Yao to turn off the communicator.

When Xu Yao saw that he wanted to recite the spell, he not only asked Leslie to change the communicator to the silent mode, but also specially told everyone not to pass the ward or made noise near them during this period.

When Le Yao saw that Xu Yao nodded slightly, he knew that he could start. He took out the talisman he drew in advance and put it on Tang Ye. Last night, he only put one talisman on the two guards' chest, but today, Tang Ye has three.

This time, Le Yao’s action was not the same as before. He first dipped some of the water supplied to the gods on his fingers, cleared the balcony, and cleared the way from the balcony to the sterile cabin. Then he held the burning incense high above his head and bowed three times out of the window. He put up the incense on Tang Ye’s head, upper body and lower body three times respectively. Each time he said, “The spirit of heaven and the spirit of earth, please come and take care of the real king of the house. The spirit of the heaven and the spirit of the earth. Thank you for your help to protect the house. The real king will come to take a surprise… ”

After saying it, he quickly swept the three pieces of the talisman, put them away almost at the same time, threw them into the sky and burned them with incense fire. He picked up the little dinosaur’s rattle and shook them rhythmically. “ding ling ding ling” It sounded like some kind of guiding sound, one after another, especially clear in the quiet ward.

Before, the souls of the two guards who were scattered, appeared within 20 seconds after Le Yao burned the talisman, but it took Tang Ye a long time. After burning the incense for more than a minute, Le Yao could vaguely see a wisp of soul in the distance.

It seemed that the soul didn’t want to come back to his body. Then Le Yao stood at the window and continued to ring the bell, “Mr. Tang Ye, please come back, your brother is waiting for you, and your subordinates are worried about you. Come back, please come back… ”

That wisp of soul just slowly drifted over and looked at his real body from the window.

As soon as Le Yao saw that he was still hesitated, he was afraid that the soul would drift away again if he didn’t want to go back. So he quickly drew a rune in his hand, grabbed the soul quickly at the window and “bang” he threw it back to Tang Ye's body!

His movements were simply outrageous! The soul fell down and even though Xu Yao couldn’t see it, the movement and expression were clear.

“Get up!” Le Yao’s three fingers were close together and touched the top of Tang Ye’s forehead.

“Ugh…” The person on the bed suddenly shrank his body and seemed to have a painful appearance. Then he slowly opened his eyes the next seconds.

Xu Yao: “…”

The attending doctor learned from the intelligent assistant connected to the sterile cabin that Tang Ye had woke up and ran quickly to the ward. As soon as he saw that Le Yao was here, he knew that Le Yao was doing his "performance" again. He hurried to the sterile cabin for a simple examination and asked him softly, “Can you hear me, Mr. Tang?”

Tang Ye had a headache, chest pain and back pain. He felt hurt all over his body. He slowly recalled what had happened before and then said in a hoarse voice, “Water.”

The doctor quickly gave Tang Ye a cup of water.

“How long have I been unconscious?” he asked.

His voice was very deep, but it was not as deep and heavy as when Xu Yao was flirting with him, but deep and light. Just like his leader, it was a little chilly.

“Five and a half days.” said the doctor.

“How do you feel?” Xu Yao asked.

It took Tang Ye a little effort to turn his head. “It’s alright.”

Le Yao saw his eyes and whispered, “What a beautiful eyes.”

“I have to draw him another talisman. Otherwise, he may not sleep well at night, which is not good to his recovery.”

Tang Ye frowned. When he woke up, he thought that there was an omega in the room, so he roughly guessed it was his brother’s wife. But he didn’t expect that his brother’s wife talked so strangely. What talisman? He didn’t quite understand.

However, the more strange thing was that Xu Yao and Dr. Zhao didn’t object. Xu Yao just squinted at his wife and hum as an answer, while Dr. Zhao respectfully asked, “Do you think we should go out or stand aside?”

Le Yao said, “Just stand aside and wait. You’d better tell him in advance, so that he doesn’t have any questions and then suddenly make a voice.”

Xu Yao said to Tang Ye, “I know you have so many question, but it’s a long story. I can’t explain it for a while. You keep quiet, and I’ll tell you later when we can talk.”

Without hesitation Tang Ye said, “Alright.”

Then Le Yao took a deep breath, relaxed his body, and burned three incense sticks. He held the incense high above his head, knelt down to the window devoutly, and said, “Please worship Guanyin and be merciful. A good woman is on both sides, holding nectar in her left hand, willow in her right hand, five Buddha’s crowns on her head, reading amitabha in her mouth, stepping on thousands of lotus leaves, sitting in a lotus flower, wearing a hundred leafy clothes, and sitting in a circle of praying mat, a thousand hands and a thousand eyes… One more please, for second times, for three times, respectfully invited the great compassion and inspiration Guanyin Buddha, the boundless Buddha Dharma, the miraculous talisman, the disciples of Le Yao pay respect."

After that, Le Yao kowtowed three times, and then put the incense into the rice bowl he brought. His backpack was full of props.

After he put in the incense, he dipped the brush in cinnabar liquid, drew a rune like flowing clouds and water, and recited the spell of sending Buddha all the time. Then he put a bit of the blessed water in his mouth and “poof!” he sprayed it to the talisman! Then the paper was folded into a small triangle. He gave the little triangle to Xu Yao and said, “Just put it under Vice Commander Tang's pillow.”

Tang Ye: "I don't need it."

Dr. Zhao said with a smile, “Mr. Tang, it’s alright. Don’t be nervous. This is the good thing madam give to you.”

Tang Ye looked at the doctor who has always been an atheist without a word. His eyes seemed to say: What a fart! He spits on it!

Xu Yao took the little triangle talisman, whether Tang Ye wanted to put it under his pillow or not and said, “This time, it’s not the same as the previous talisman. What’s the difference?”

“The purpose is different. Naturally, I draw a different rune and invite different deities and Buddhas.” said Le Yao.

Tang Ye: “…Who can explain it to me?”

Xu Yao was a bit hesitant to say everything. So, Le Yao told him, “You’d better go to sleep and rest first, Vice Commander Tang. He can’t explain it to you and now you will be sleepy.”

Tang Ye felt that this little sister-in-law was quite mad. Could he feel sleep after this kind of strange thing? But when he just wanted to refute, a strong sense of sleepiness hit him. He finally said something that he didn’t even remember himself, and the whole man was fell unconscious.

Dr. Zhao: Is this magic? Hypnotic?

Xu Yao: “Is he sleep?”

Le Yao: “Well. This is better. When I see his face, he used to be a bad sleeper. He should be able to have a good sleep tonight, which is good for his recovery. Don’t worry, he is sleeping normally and he’ll wake up in the morning.”

When Xu Yao saw his little wife still staring at Tang Ye, he fished him out and locked him in his arms. “It seems that you have to work hard tonight, Dr. Zhao.”

“It’s not hard. Since he wakes up now, it'll be better.” Dr. Zhao said.

Xu Yao nodded, and directly cleaned up the things for Le Yao and was about to left the ward with him.

Le Yao said quickly, “Why don’t we stay here and guard him tonight?”

He always felt safer here than at home! Le Yao dare not to say that.

Xu Yao didn’t want to hear his excuse and directly carried Le Yao on his shoulder, “Who are you want to guard, huh? Go home!”

"Ahh" Le Yao was slapped on his buttocks, and he said “Xu Yao! Put me down!”

Xu Yao let him keep struggling. He laughed and carried Le Yao all the way home, and throwing him on the bed.

Le Yao was beeping and struggling all the way, but at this moment he was as frightened as a chicken. After a while, he whispered in a timid voice, “General, you promised me not to punish me or bully me for my teasing, right?”

Hearing the soft voice, Xu Yao’s heart was tickling. He said like coaxing a child, “How can I bully or punish you? I don't want to hurt you.”

Le Yao: “Then… if I’ll tell you the truth, can you stop teasing me?”

“Hm? Say it.”

Le Yao: “Your pheromone taste seems to have change to the smell of salty fish!”

Xu Yao: “!!!”

The author has something to say:

Xu Yao: My wife repeatedly jumps between being beaten or being killed!

Le Yao: Let me die in peace, thank you!

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