The General Loves to Collect Little Red Flowers

Chapter 8

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“What are you looking at?” Le Yao tried to hold back his tears, but his eyes were still red and teary. Originally he wanted to wash his face, who knew when he just turned around he saw the doubtful look on Xu Yao's eyes.

“Nothing.” Xu Yao propped his arms on the wall and trapped Le Yao between them. “I have to go later. The spaceship will land in 15 minutes. We have to fly back to my place in advance. ”

“Oh. Then you move!" Le Yao looked at Xu Yao’s arms. He couldn't get out unless he could fly.

“It’s hot there. You need to be prepared.” said Xu Yao, but he still didn't move.

“Hot? How high the temperature?” Le Yao stepped back, hoping to embed himself in the wall. He felt that Xu Yao's breath was hotter than the weather outside!

“Today’s outdoor temperature is about…” Xu Yao looked at his communicator, “40 degrees. It’s still spring, and in summer the highest temperature here is close to 60.” He was a little bit surprised when he saw Le Yao's red face. Then he smiled and asked, “How about it? Do you regret coming with me? ”

“No.” I was just upset.

Now, there were many records about human moved to Tarot star on the internet, including many video files of their homeland condition. It could be seen from the videos that when the global temperature rose, the glaciers melted. In addition, large earthquakes occurred frequently, there was no way for people to stay in their homeland. He knewthat it must have been difficult to survive at that time, but he did not expect that the temperature change was so great.

He used to hear this information from other people, but to experience it wasn’t the same.

Xu Yao couldn’t help but wonder whether Le Yao could stay here or not. Le Yao was a delicate young omega. Although he didn't know how his family treated Le Yao, there has never been a shortage of material. In his observation before, none of the clothes he wore was cheap, and the places he used to play were also high class. This person could never bear the hardship of living in this harsh environment.

Le Yao saw that Xu Yao still doubted him. It was very obvious if compared to the original body. He glared at him and said, “Who regrets it?”

Xu Yao looked at his stubborn eyes and pressed forward, almost sticking himself to Le Yao. He said with a smile, “That’s the little rabbit I trapped. Good!”

As soon as Le Yao heard that, he panicked and turned his head away from this wolf eyed man.

Flying Wolf 7 began to slow down at a certain distance from Huaxia star. However, Xu Yao still didn't let Le Yao go even if his ears and face were redder than ripe tomatoes. Felt satisfied, Xu Yao let him go and took him out of the cabin and went to the aircraft that would took them to his house.

Uncle Ming has been waiting by the aircraft. As for Yan Jie, Le Yao didn’t see him anywhere.

The three got on the aircraft and Xu Yao gave orders to fly. After about 20 minutes, they arrived at their destination.

The garrison of Flying Wolf Division in Huaxia star was side by side of a mountain and hill. The main training ground and the command center were at the foot of the mountain whereas the living area was at the foot of the hill. There were houses, supermarket, hospital and so on. The living facilities were quite complete, just like a miniature city.

However, all the houses here were movable buildings, including the one Xu Yao lived in, perhaps for the convenience of moving when there was a war.

Xu Yao’s house had two rooms, two halls, one kitchen and one bathroom. Like all other houses, it was camouflaged green, which couldn’t be seen in a forest. There was also a small yard in front of the house which covered a wide area. At this time, all the neighbors were still in the training ground, so no one was here.

Le Yao asked, “Where are we now, before the disaster more than 500 years ago?”

Xu Yao said, “Almaty. It belongs to a country called Kazakhstan.”

Le Yao thought that it was close to China. But no matter how close they were, could he summon Ji Fengyu? He fanned the wind with his hand and saw Xu Yao took his suitcase into the biggest room. He couldn’t help pulling his sleeve, “I will sleep in your room?”

Xu Yao leaned on the door frame and said, “Otherwise? If my wife doesn’t sleep in the same room with me, are we just get married and split up?”

Le Yao: “…”

Uncle Ming also came to help with the packing and told Le Yao, “Mr. Xiao Le, sometimes someone comes here to visit the general. If you are seen sleeping in separate rooms, it may not be good for you.”

Le Yao soon understood. This was Xu Yao’s territory, and Le Yao was infamous here. If he came and did whatever he wanted, he was afraid that people wouldn’t be able to accept him. In other words, only by letting these people knew that he was really had a relationship with Xu Yao, they could accept him more quickly.

Le Yao released Xu Yao’s sleeve. At this time, Xu Yao put the suitcase in front of the wardrobe, “Put your things and clothes here. You can clean up this half part of the wardrobe and use it for yourself. I have something to do, so I'll go out first. I suggest you don’t run around. If you have any questions, you can ask Uncle Ming."

Uncle Ming looked at Xu Yao in surprise. Le Yao’s back was facing Uncle Ming, so he didn’t notice his expression. Le Yao nodded, “Ok.”

Xu Yao took a look at Uncle Ming and went out. Le Yao looked at the furnishings in the room and found that they were clean, although he was not sure who was cleaned them up. He didn’t see any smart cleaning equipment in the room.

At this time, Uncle Ming said, “Mr. Xiao Le, you can pack up your belonging first. I’ll find you a special sunscreen and suit here, which you'll wear when you go out. The ultraviolet light here is too strong. Otherwise, it will burn your skin easily.”

“Thank you, Uncle Ming. Sorry for the trouble,” said Le Yao.

Uncle Ming smiled, “You are welcome, Mr. Xiao Le. This is all I should do.”

It was obvious that Le Yao was not used to the word “Mr. Xiao Le”, but it was actually better than he imagined. Although the temperature outside was really high, the room was relatively cool. For the time being, Uncle Ming was also a good person to get along with, compared to Xu Yao who liked to flirt with him from time to time, but never did anything meaningful.

Gently relieved, Le Yao thought to put the clothes in the wardrobe first. He opened the wardrobe door, and who knew that suddenly…

“Whoa! Ding bang!”

Something was falling out of it and almost buried him. It was some kind of coats, underwears, socks, hats, belt… No wonder that Xu Yao said he could ‘clean up’ half of it for his own use. It was really necessary to clean up all of this after a long time. This guy just knew to clean himself, and he didn’t care about the other things! Ugh!

Needless to say, this room was certainly not clean up by Xu Yao.

Le Yao looked at the clothes all over the place and laughed directly. Xu Yao this bastard!

It could only be said that people had to bow their heads under the eaves. Resisted the impulse to throw all the things on the ground into the garbage can, Le Yao began to fold the clothes.

Fortunately, he used to live in a Buddhist shop with his master. His master wasn't good at doing housework, so he did it for him. He could do all the things well at home included folding clothes, otherwise he would have to cry at this moment.

Looking at the thickness of the clothes, Le Yao found that the clothes that should be changed from season to season were all piled up in the cabinet carelessly. He was not sure whether to use it or not, so he simply stacked it up and put it aside. After finishing these things, he put his own things in the cabinet and occupied as few place as possible, because there were so many things that belong to Xu Yao. He also found that he couldn’t reach the highest one, so when he put Xu Yao's thick clothes, he went to move a chair and put things in the cabinet with a little effort.

He didn't know if Uncle Ming was going to get him a sunscreen or doing something else, but he hasn’t come back until now. Le Yao felt a little thirsty after packing, so he went to the fridge and got a bottle of water to drink. He sat down on the sofa and did nothing. Then, he took out the small dinosaur’s rattle kit and tried to make it.

He used to sew fubao for his guests. Although it was small, it was not a problem to sew more stitches now. Moreover, the materials in the bag were all cut, which was made it easier to stitch.

So when Xu Yao came back, he found his little wife sitting quietly on the sofa while making something. The head of the little dinosaur had been sewn out and stuffed with fluffy cotton. But he didn’t know how, the dinosaur's mouth lacked a tooth. So, it didn’t look fierce at all.

Le Yao felt someone was there, looked up and said, “You're back?”

Xu Yao raised his chin to the dinosaur: “How can it miss a tooth?”

Le Yao felt a little embarrassed: “I sew it in the wrong place, so one tooth is missing.”

Originally, the teeth were even numbers, the upper and lower half was pairs, but he counted them wrong and resulting the wrong sewing position. If he matched the original tooth one by one, the lower half would be longer than the upper, so it was better to look like one was missing.

Xu Yao didn’t make a sound. He went to the bathroom and took a bath. When he went out before, he walked steadily and powerfully, but now somehow, every step seemed heavy.

Le Yao looked at him closely for a while, and saw the lingering grievance aura on his body. He couldn’t help but surprised. What happened to him?

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