The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 1078 - We Can't Continue the Conversation

Chapter 1078: 1078: We Can’t Continue the Conversation

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Jinqian was a little surprised but she continued smiling while she asked, “Who’s Z from the Sanctuary? Someone powerful?”

Zhan Lichuan didn’t know how to continue.

“Dear, if you’re doing this, we won’t be able to continue the conversation.”

Suddenly, she felt someone pulling her arm and she ended up sitting on top of Zhan Lichuan. Both her hands were placed on the sofa and she had the man within her control.

Di Jingkun thought that this was disgusting!


So, this was how Di Jinqian got to where she was today.

This must be why she was married to Zhan Lichuan before she was found by the Di family.

Zhan Lichuan, who was trapped by his wife, smiled even harder.

“Dear, what are you doing?”

Zhan Lichuan’s voice turned harsh.

Di Jingkun felt that these two were being disrespectful towards their elderly. They were too much. How could they be publicly doing this in front of him, as if he was someone dead?!

“Did you say that we couldn’t continue with the conversation? Why don’t we change the topic then?”

“Sure,” Zhan Lichuan nodded his head.

“Whatever you want.”

Just when Zhan Lichuan thought that his wife was going to teach him a lesson, he didn’t move at all. He just wanted to stay where he was and enjoy.

However, Jinqian whispered in his ear, “How did you know that Du Yanzheng was Z from the Sanctuary?”

Zhan Lichuan, who was already prepared to just lay down and do nothing, realized that his wife was truly only focused on changing the topic. She wasn’t going to do anything to him and he felt disappointed.

Then, he reached out and grabbed his wife’s waist with both his hands.

Jinqian felt electricity moving up her body when she was touched. She poked Zhan Lichuan on his chest and said, “I’m asking you something. How did you know about it? He would never tell anyone this.”

“I would know about it since I’m good at it. Don’t you think that I am an expert in searching up other people’s backgrounds?”

Jinqian smiled as she got closer and asked, “Then… Why didn’t you tell me that you knew how to fight?”

Zhan Lichuan chuckled, “You didn’t tell me either. We have been sleeping on the same bed for so long, when have you ever told me that you knew how to fight?”

Jinqian was humored as well.

“Just because I sleep next to you, does that mean I have to tell you that I can fight? Did you think that I would harm you?”

Zhan Lichuan moved forward and kissed her, “Why would I? My life is yours. You can take it away from me whenever you want.”

“Then, why should I tell you about it when we’re in bed?”

Zhan Lichuan smiled and said, “Well, then I can guide you better in bed, and teach you more difficult movements that no one else can do!”

Jinqian was always someone who wanted the upper hand when it came to an argument. She scoffed and said, “Well… You didn’t tell me as well. If you told me about it, you would still be able to do those things with me lying still on the bed!”

Zhan Lichuan watched as she continued arguing with him and was pretending to be an arrogant woman. Then, he thought of how she was actually a very shy girl in bed and he could no longer hide his laughter.

Jinqian also noticed that she was exposed and started punching him.

Although it wasn’t done with force, it was still painful.

Zhan Lichuan felt the pain and knew that his wife was angry at him and wanted to get off his lap, but he quickly grabbed onto her so that she couldn’t leave.

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