The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 1196 - Alone?

Chapter 1196: 1196: Alone?

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Although the butler knew that it was useless, he was still trying to beg for mercy. He didn’t want to die. He would grab onto any opportunity that he had!

However, at this moment, he felt lucky.

He felt fortunate that he had already built a family of his own before he joined the royal family. His family was living a peaceful life in Country I.

“A lone man?”

Di Jingxuan’s words caused the butler to shudder in fear. He looked at the man on the screen in fear. This man may look nice, friendly, and gullible, but he was able to torment his own twin brother into such a miserable state. The butler started feeling frightened because of this cruel man.


“From what I know, your family is now in Country I. There are about 16 of them. How are you a lone man?”

Di Zhong was surprised as he asked the butler, “You have a family?!”

Why didn’t he know about this?

For the past 50 years, the only reason why he allowed the butler to act as he wanted was because Di Zhong thought that he was a lone man! He had no family, and this meant that the butler would have no other intentions.

However, he was now told that the butler had a family?! There were 16 people in his family?

The butler had a bad feeling about this.

He started screaming at Di Jingxuan like a beast stuck inside a cage, “Di Jingxuan! I’m warning you! If you dare to go after my family, I will come after you, even if I become a ghost!”

Di Jinqian started laughing instead, “Oh my! Then, you can battle it out with my grandparents to see who’s stronger! However, my grandparents have been dead for so many years, so they should be able to win you!”

The butler turned speechless.

Di Jingxuan spoke instead, “Oh? Well, I’ll be waiting for you then since they are all with me now. They have heard everything that you’ve said earlier.”

Suddenly, the screen was split into two. One of them showed Di Jingxuan’s family and the other was a scene of the prison.

“Di Zhong, look! Take a look at the family of your most loyal servant. He had his first son at the age of 16 and joined the palace at only 17 years old. He started working for you when he was 20 years old. His son then gave birth to three more grandchildren separately at the age of 36, 40 and 43. Then, they gave birth to more children and now he has 8 great grandchildren.”

With that said, Di Jingxuan turned towards the large group of people who were crying in the prison, “Do you now know why I’ve captured all of you? I never thought of capturing you earlier, even when I’ve known about all of you for a long time.

“However, after speaking with your father, I realized that your fathers and grandfather have been involved in how my mother was killed. I have always been a petty man who will get the revenge that I deserve. Although I would be merciless, I have not captured your children. They will all become orphans and will be taken by the social services in Country I. I will not know what lives they may have after this, but as the descendant of the butler, you have already benefited from the things that he gave all of you. You will also now have to bear the consequences with him. After witnessing his death, all of you will be witnessing your own as well.”

The butler stared at how his family were shivering in fear.

He finally understood what Di Jingxuan told him earlier.

Di Jingxuan was not lying.

He mentioned that he would be too lazy to deal with his enemies, but if he did, none of them would be allowed to live.

Previously, even if Di Jingxuan found out that he had been playing the king, Di Jingxuan may only have taken him as a clown and ignored him.

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